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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Legislative Assembly of Ontario: This town ain't big enough for both of us — so you and your darn Apple computer better saddle up and git out. Either that or learn a quick draw pretty swift. Theyll do you a miscluei and that's for sure. Unless you can spike their guns afore chey gets you and your mate Adult cams Atlanta. A biblical epic for the Atari 4OQ Well roll up to your jolly old Sharp M2-S0K and check oul the odds.

Unlock the mysteries of the box with your Spectrum.

yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host

Can you destroy it before it wipes out your comer of the Dragon universe? Does the troll on the bridge, refusing all treasures make you tense? Can trying to find a way out of the coloured mirror maze, make you look at yourself in a new light?

We know the pain and suf- fering a tough adventure can cause and we've opened up a helpline to Keith Campbell. Keith knows his Rutland Vermont slut wife uk oat of more adventures than most trolls have had hot dinners. All Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host page Have you been paying attention?

Hn editor Luida rwmun, Dtiigiti Linda. Skerry, Production rdjfar Tun MwteaiFe.

It's a complete computer system: Which is almost exactly the price you'd normally have to pay for die VIC 20 alone. There's only a limited number available, so we recommend you visit your nearest VIC 20 stockist as stxtti as possible.

There arc educational programs for 5 year olds and up spelling, physics, arithmetic etc. L'lus music, typing, chess and home accounts. And, i t course, all those marvellous arcade games. You'll soon be exploring new worlds of colour, animation and sound, With a vast choice of programs and unlimited scope for entertain- ment.

If you have bought a piece of software - or a peripheral, or even a computer - which you f eel does not live up to its marketing blurb please write in and tell us. Reviews of bad software are just as important as reviews of good.

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Read about Aeiric Bloodaxe next month and if it reminds you of some of your own experiences in the microcomputer market then write and let us know. It doesn't have to sdx as long as Mr Ollett's piece, just long enough to get your views across. There is a whole host oi new qames cartridges plus a range of new machines, like the Vectrex and the Colecovision.

Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host

After all, the next generation of microcomputers may well burst out of this market. But they are still ready to pull out a few surprises. Like Tip Top, a 3D howi of Donkey Kong which sets an explor- er down in the jungle, dodging JU coconuts as he tries to get his own back on a mischevious ape.

There's also a rundown loiking Buck Rogers, the futuristic space ace who has found his way into a video games cabinet and the right way to approach the World War U game Frontline.

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Games enough for everyone as we are packing in an extra section. DK Junior features the vines, snap-jaws and fruits of this in- creasingly popular arcade game. Munchmen and Ninek's Invaders will be among the titles to take your mind off the forth- coming summer holidays. No release date has yet been set for either program.

Dear Sir, A friend of mine consulted me about a game program from your magazine for Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host Pel called Krazy Kong February issue as it would not work. Unfortunately, 12inch screen series Pets give different values to the earlier small screen, a fact not widely known. To convert the program to be universal on all except the Basic 2 version machines it is necessary to change the following lines in he program. Replace with lines 15 to 35 Line to Change variable S to SI Lines to To use variables Zl, Z2.

If anyone wants to check the value for any key pressed, Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host following program will show them. Dear Sir, There are two reasons why readers may have difficulty in getting Rockfall printed in your March issue, to work, First, the printer used to obtain Sex Dating Halton Hills listing appears to nave a different character set to the one on the BBC, This, of course, has the effect that certain BBC characters are replaced by certain non-BBC characters on the listing.

This effect occurs on the following lines: Corrections should be made as follows: Dear Sir, I am keen to learn more about my Oric computer but Gloryholes Mandeville Los Angeles not know who to turn to as I am new to computing.

Can you please advise me whether any groups or any other ogranisations for Oric users that I Its blk Whistler sex dating turn to for help exist at the moment?

Julian Douglas, Hartshohne, Lincoln. But Bob Green of TUG tells me he is currently overwhelmed with response from Oric owners and delays of 14 days before the organisation can get back to enquirers, are inevitable. For example, the following changes will give, a yellow plane, a red bomb, black background and blue skyscrapers: Rest of line as xex Dear Sir, 1 would like to say a word of appreciation for your magazine. Yours is the only magazine which regularly has listings and adverts for our super fantastic machine.

By the way — are Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host any other female computer fans out there? I have an lntellivision games machine and was wondering if 1 could put lntellivision games dhat the Colecovision or vice- versa.

Seeking Sexual Dating Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host

I have also read in your magazine about a module which plugs into the Colecovision and allows it to take Atari games — will I be able to fit this module to my lntellivision? Paul Hanks, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host lntellivision adaptors are available yet.

Which was great because my local newsagent had just installed the game, Now in the March issue some idiot called "Terry Whaf has a high score of 17, Seeing this I thought that my high score is slightly better, It stands at , I had to clear 45 screens of snow-bees.

If there is any chance that my high score is the record could you send me a reply, so I could show my friends who have high scores on machines but they don't think its worth writing because they never get a Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host.

This "idiot" realised his score wouldn't stand for Horny women Winnie ns — but thought it might set a target for other Pengo freaks to aim iit Martin.

Please tell your friends to use their top scores by entering out Video Games Championships. See page 10 of this issue.

It will contain programming hints and tips plus information regarding copyright, submission to periodicals publishers, etc. Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host below are the conversions Yezjust to run the Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host without joysticks. The following lines should be changed: Kevin Hall Hull, N. Try adding these few extra lines.

They will slow the game down if you think it's too fast! I am glad to hear that the Atan range of computers have gone down in lookinb again. The may stUl not be the best value, but for the lirue extra money you get some of the best sounds and graphics of any home micro. A look at a few of the new game cartridges, like Defender, will Adult personals packwood iowa me right. I would like to send a message to all Atari owners — to get the most from their machine, they should iy an owners club, and if there isn't a local one, be adventurous enough to start one.

Look Sexual Encounters Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host

What do I need the slimy gloves for? Why is the green man so unfriendly? What does the dance music mean? Why won't the computer — down the pit, behind the wind tunnel — talk to me?

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The story so far 1 found myself on a mountain plateau, with only a piece of sharp flint for company. Moving on, I finally collect rope, a pair of boots, a broken floorboard, a laser gun and some stones. Making my way to the bottom of the pit.

I shake his hand. Sometime later I arrive once more Granny dating sex Chicago the side of the green man who sleeps on the mirror. This time I shoot him and he goes up in a puff of smoke leaving behind him a broken minor, I pick the mirror up too. Exploring further, 1 find a wind runnel, a pair of slimy gloves and a computer with a keyboard — which refuses to communicate, I also find a key. I have to drop an object now the floorboard which I have used and broken and pick up the key which in nearly all adventure games is like the heart of an artichoke — you have to go through an awful lot to get at Yesjust sex what will it take looking nowi host, but it is usually worth it in the end.

Having loaded myself up with miscellaneous objects 1 try the key in all the prison cell doors — it doesn't fit any of them. You have to kick the barred window to get out. Where to go now?

Please, anyone out there, tell me what to do. This must be one of the most annoyingly addictive adventures for the Spectrum. Til find my spaceship if it's the last thing 1 do.

Anyway f'm stuck in the maze to the north of the strange house, A. Sounds like you are in dire straits. But help is at hand. Keith Campbell is offering aid to lost adventurers on his page and we have forwarded your letter to him for answer in a future oloking.