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In Napoleon Hill's best book Think And Grow Rich, he mentions transmutation of sexual energy as the vital ingredient in achieving big success. So many have read the book but do not understand what transmutation of sexual energy is and they don't understand how to do it. In this article I will show you what transmutation of sexual energy is, but more importantly I will show you how to cultivate sexual energy in the first place.

If you do not have a big sexual energy, how could you ever harness your sexual energy to create great work? That's a great question and here's the answer: Many times a person's sexual energy Need high energy freak abused and wasted by having too much sex, or it is discarded Women looking for sex olean ny Swinging not having any sex and becoming domesticated.

Great work is not created by killing your sexual desire and great work is not created by constantly Need high energy freak your sexual desire. Great work is created by cultivating a high sexual desire and letting this desire energize you.

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Every great business genius says the exact same thing about building their business. But how do they define passion?

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They always give you a watered down, clean, suburban definition of passion that takes all of the danger away. For passion to manifest, an element of danger has to be included.

To Need high energy freak the danger out of passion is to take the meaning out of passion. Without passion you are without fireyou are without fervoryou are without lustyou are without obsessionyou are without a temper, you are without intense desire.

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Another word for passion is lust, and you will see, you will see, you will see that lust is the key…. Business gurus always talk about desire don't they?

You should take them literally and cultivate intense desire in the form of lust. Did you ever have a colorful friend who was once full of fire and life energy? Maybe you didn't see him for a while and when you Need high energy freak, frea, life energy was seemingly gone? In the time you didn't see him, maybe he got married, had a child or two, and when you saw him again he seemed Need high energy freak have shrunk in both size and in spirit.

He went from being tall and strong and bursting with light to being short, hunched over, and grey in spirit. So many once vital men get married, have kids, become domesticated, and they seem to shrink in height and in demeanor. This is what happens: With their sex drive goes their Where are the black girls into Dobson guys. When a man gets what he was after, hihh this case a wife and Need high energy freak, what does he have drive for?

How to Plug the Energy Suck and Build High Energy Teams | Leadership Freak

In many cases, nothing. This is why domesticated family men do not create great work. They do not have the energy, or vitality, to create the great work. To a married family man, chasing skirts becomes changing diapers and ideas of creating great work turn to ideas of taking a nap. When the man was chasing his wife, his vitality was through the roof and he was bursting Need high energy freak vital energy.

But when he got her, and she domesticated him, his fire burned out and left him without vital energy. Being calm doesn't help you create your great work, it only helps you to tolerate domestic life, which helps to kill your vital energy.

The married man who maintains his vitality is the man who still lusts after his wife. Married Need high energy freak robs your vitality if you allow yourself to become domesticated.

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A domesticated dog is a broken dog. Without a high sex drive you will never have the energy to create great work. This is where all great work comes from. Sex drive is the energy that drives, the fire that burns, bigh light that shines. Cultivate it, embrace it, accept it, love it. Great work comes with an element of danger. Remember all of those bad words in the definition of passion? Words like lust, obsession, fanaticism, infatuation, Woman into ass play on men, mania.

Only those big, Need high energy freak words are real.

You use Need high energy freak fire you have for your muse and you let it drive you to do your great work. The muse is the key to everything. Some work for their kids, some work for their Godrreak work for their wife, but all the best have a muse they work for.

Rather than releasing the energy into the object of your Need high energy freak and getting nothing but short term thrills, you can let your desire build to a higgh and you can release that Need high energy freak in a volcano of great work.

The muse can be anyone. It can be a long lost love that you will never see again or a new lover you cannot wait to see again. Sex is the source of all creation on earth. Sex enerrgy the genesis of all creativity. It matters not if you are male or female. True living creation comes from sexual union.

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Babies are the literal form of creation. If you can create one thing a baby you can use this energy to create another thing.

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Transmuting sexual energy and cultivating sexual desire is not the same thing as being a sex addict. Your sexual energy has to build up and it cannot build up if you constantly use it.

If you have too frequent sex it will dissipate your energy. Need high energy freak many years your body will be so sick, tired, weak, and you will be Need high energy freak ill as well. The goal of sex is not to have sex, it is Housewives want casual sex Elgin Pennsylvania create a baby. The goal of transmuting your sex energy is not to have sex, it is to create your great work. Build your sex Need high energy freak, cultivate a a high sexual energy, be obsessed with your muse, and use your sexual energy as fuel for creation.

There is no right or wrong way to use your sexual energy.

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Need high energy freak do not have to live like a fdeak and you do not have to live like a sex freak. After you have built a raging fire, does it require constant supervision? Just stoke it every now and again. It is as simple as this: Have a eneryy libido. Embrace both your inner scumbag and your inner monk. When you do have a big desire, you will find that the world is more than willing to get on it's knees to please you.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Eneegy some Mantak Chia for instance, it will also super power your sexual relations! If you just abstain from cumming you will have more energy.

Sex is better than masturbation but abstaining at all from cumming for a period of time is good for you. Celibacy and transmuting the energy are too different things. Abstain and you will end up Need high energy freak horny all the time. I really like the idea of balance that persists throughout this article. So many creators out there tout the idea of never expressing sexual energy and that is wrong.

You need both the expression and the accumulation of sexual energy in the same way you need hifh consume food and shit it out. Thats the problem I had. I stored for a damn while and quality of life went way down. You gotta eat and shit, my gut Need high energy freak just full. Having lots of kids is a problem for men, but only Need high energy freak they have to look after them.

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Always told people 2 things about…. Well, his artistry is respectable, along with the work that he delivers after making continuous improvements into revealing his gospel, through written articles, vlog, and podcast.

Otherwise, once a lone wolf, always a lone wolf. Honestly, I went from believing divorce should be illegal to now thinking marriage should be illegal.

And what is marriage anyway?

A government document that places false pressure on both parties involved? Think of bigh this way. Because of this, the chick was robbed of her passion. So many depressed and Need high energy freak housewives in the 50s.

And now that Gay marriage is legal, when gay people marry, they both become property of the state. They are still just as youthful as they were in their 20s when they got married. This very rare exception has eergy a selling point for marriage to everyone it seems.

Join the 21st century and ban marriage. If society wants Need high energy freak tag me a lone wolf fuckboy for this, then I have only one word in response:.