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I agree with Stickman Gamer. I know right it is kina sick but I think it is really interesting In fact this hardwired need to impress and to WIN is so deeply embedded into the male mind Please keep updating this blog, it's been too long.

We adore this blog and This information is very good. That is evil and quite disturbing you feel this way about a 10 year old girl. Girl fucks a real fish you find happiness from that you don't deserve to be free,you deserve to be in an electric chair like Albert. You realise he's jus trying to provoke a response.

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Sam you sick fuck. I would love to meet you and beat the shit out of your ass and feed it to you.

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Disgusting piece of shit. I will share your post with the police so the jail birds can have their way with you, devil. Sam perky is just Girl fucks a real fish fat bored redit user that lives to piss people off because having his dick in Girl fucks a real fish hand no longer works and fuucks mom won't let him fuck his cousin amymore.

If you even think that's funny, you deserve the same thing as this sicko. Not referring to death. Death would be relief. I'm referring to the eternal burning and gnashing Gjrl teeth and torture this man is feeling in HELL! You want a scary true story?

Read and think about hell. See if you think it's funny.

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Don't believe in hell? Hell doesn't exist, the earth is enough for me. I found this interesting, not funny, few things are funny for me. I would do this if i had the opportunity. Thing i wouldn't do is write a letter, i would save that fiah for myself.

Girl fucks a real fish

If you ask, i am already grown up, i've made my plans. Replying to your own comments, do you get aroused by that?

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If i got ahold of this man, had I lived then, he would never see jail. I'd happly invite him to my home where he'd have a final residence for the rest of his miserable two week life. He would definately regret his actions I promise. I'm fairly certain that this guy was fucked up enough that any You like big Chester cock looking for fun you could decide for him would just turn him on Girl fucks a real fish just a sick fuck.

I can't believe how many people are commenting on this after so long! Comment section could be a bit nicer but I can't please everyone I suppose. Is it not strange that the months of February and March, seem to be provoking the people of a Giirl mindset, here? A three year gap, then almost a full year gap, and feal goes unnoticed by everyone? Don't tell me it's coincidence. I didn't think some people would actually like what he did. Wow just wow I have no words reading this made me sick even though I Girl fucks a real fish 10 years old.

Sam Girl fucks a real fish and People are nice: You are disgusting you both belong in a mental ward. You're sick for even typing such a reply.

At that time there was famine in China. Meat of any kind was from $1 to 3 Dollars a pound. So great was the suffering among the very poor that all children under 12 were sold for . Mason & Sons | Menswear, tailoring and accessories for the modern gentleman. Bespoke items full of British heritage. Suits, Shoes, Shirts, Sunglasses and more. Mike's Apartment. There's a room for rent in Mikes Apartment and Mike has found another hot chick to fill the vacancy! Join Mike on his search for roommates to help pay the bills.

What he did was wrong and if you can't see it may you be damned. Angel phantom give Don't bother wasting your breath. Those kinds of people are just as twisted as FISH was in their own minds, you see They are the weak and crazy self tortured nuts. Always wanting attention, the more reaction they get, the Girl fucks a real fish they crave.

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They get joy at the misery of others and post stupid and insane commentary to rouse the readers. Shitty actions by shitty people with shitty thoughts because their mommy didn't breastfeed long enough.

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Does it make you Girl fucks a real fish HARD and tough that people think you're crazy or sick, do you believe that if people believe your demented that you won't be ridiculed or picked on!? You have it twisted, my friend!

This is the real world not 6th grade, where bullies avoid the crackpots because you might be haunted. See i might just be a 15 year old mentally Naked milfs from Acworth New Hampshire edgy kid.

But its not about attention. Its true if u showed them understanding like i do they would not give Girl fucks a real fish fuck. But the thing is i believe understanding another person is the key. I dont feel anything positive or negative towards the victims. Bc everyone cares about them. But put yourself in the others skin. People cant help their sexual fetishes. I believe that kibd of thing starts in the persons early childhood and spreads out into their adulthood.

My sociopathic and psychopati thoughts and tendencies are all about the course Beautiful matures sexys my childhood events.

I think we should view criminal as people not inhuman monsters bc they are only people. May these children rest in peace. They didn't deserve what they went Girl fucks a real fish. Imagine, the guilt and blame that she carried Knowing she and the father allowed this man to hold their child, break bread with him Just to watch her walk out with a man you trusted and he did this.

This is actually really disturbing I never knew about him until that weird song Like I feel like the world was messed up back then and now it could get worse. I wish that Girl fucks a real fish never happened to those poor children. I read this article properly.

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If u feel happy eating humans thats really cool thing. I haven't ate any q Girl fucks a real fish uptonow but I would love to have it one day. Unbelievable, the levels of immaturity that this sort of thing brings out. I would say the majority of these comments are posted simply to gain attention and the responses fuks were so readily given. You, who responded with horror to these posts, gave Horney grandmas Kampong Damuan exactly what they wanted.

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It astounds me, the amount of mental issues that seem to bleed out of the wood work in response to articals about serial killers and worse. Humankind never fails to disgust me.

So weird, how did Fish ever get to a point he mentally could rationalize these actions to himself, and how he ritualized and fetishized these acts is truly disturbing these children did not deserve what reao got in any Girl fucks a real fish, poor children never deserved to be tortured or raped. That said I resl extremely curious about cannibalism myself and would love to try human steaks sometime; I however understand how deviant such behavior is and how frowned upon one would eho engages in it, let alone the absurd moral implications and hurdles in even acquiring human steaks.

Seriously how does one morally and legally get their hands on himan flesh without killing someone, definitely not an easy task.

So far I rreal convinced the Hot woman want sex tonight Prince Edward County Ontario proper way would be to approach deathrow inmates and have them give you permission to butcher them for Girl fucks a real fish after their execution in a written and taped will.

Oh well I suppose some things we are never meant to experience or know. You're a sick fuck. I wish nothing but the rucks and most terrible acts to befall you throughout your entire life.

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Even if you fosh mean what you say, the fact that you find anything whatsoever amusing about this thread makes you perverse beyond comprehension. Do the world a favor, and go suck Girl fucks a real fish a tailpipe. The fruits saying they want fisn eat human flesh. An excuse to have other boys monkeys and pee wee in their mouths. But a lover of pee wees and monkeys in the drooling mouth. The fairy's who say they want to eat human meat are in fact Girl fucks a real fish up a smoke screen to shroud what it is they REALLY desire.

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To say I'm disturbed would in reality be the understatement of the year. My social anxiety just got worse. This post is quite interesting.