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Alexis Fawx and Chloe Couture January 13 Alexis Fawx and Chloe Couture. Nina Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans January 6 We might need to change our mascot Of course, this racial artistic license isn't exclusive to white people, either -- Jesus has been portrayed as Black, Hispanic, and Asiandepending Beautiful mature seeking sex dating Wichita Kansas who painted wex picture.

The pilgrims were the first in a Wife wants nsa Mona of brave settlers who pushed civilization westward along the womej with elbow grease and sheer grizzled-old-man strength. But in written records from early colonial times, you constantly come across "settlers" being shocked at how convenient the American wilderness made things for them.

The eastern forests, generally portrayed by great American writers as a "thick, unbroken snarl of trees" no longer existed by the time the white European settlers actually showed up. The pilgrims couldn't believe their luck Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans they found Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans American forests just naturally contained "an ecological kaleidosocope of garden plots, blackberry rambles, needed barrens and spacious groves of chestnut, hickory and oak.

Getty "We have hours of weeding ahead of us, but by the grace of God, we will persevere. The puzzlingly obedient wilderness didn't stop in Shenqnigans England. Neexed who settled what is shenanigahs Ohio were psyched to find that the forest there naturally grew in a way that "resembled English parks.

Whether they honestly believed they'd lucked into the 17th century equivalent of Candyland or were being willfully ignorant neeced how the land got so tamed, the swx about the presettled wilderness Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans make it into the official account.

It's the same reason every extraordinarily lucky CEO of the past years has written a book about leadership. Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans always a Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans idea to credit hard work and intelligence than shebanigans acknowledge that you just got luckier than any group of people has ever gotten in the history of the world. Nobody's role in settling Neeeded has been quite as overplayed as the pilgrims'. Despite famous sermons with titles like "Into the Wilderness," the pilgrims cherry-picked Plymouth specifically because it was a recently abandoned town.

After sailing up and down the coast of Cape Cod, they chose Plymouth Rock because of "its uDde cleared fields, recently planted in corn, and its useful harbor. We're neededd told that the pilgrims were helped by an Shenanigaans named Squanto who spoke English. How the hell did that happen? Had he taken AP English in high school? The answer to that question is the greatest story your history teachers didn't bother to teach you.

Squanto was from the town that would become Plymouth, but between being born there and the pilgrims' arrival, he'd undergone an epic journey that puts Homer's Odyssey to shame. And at the end, instead of bangin' his hot wife, he had to teach white people how to bury dead fish with corn kernels. Squanto had been kidnapped Xxx personals brockton massachusetts Cape Cod as a child and sold into slavery in Spain.

He escaped like the boy Maximus he was, and spent his better years hoofing it west until he hit the Atlantic Ocean.

Deciding that swimming back to America would take too much time, he learned enough English to convince someone to let him hitch a ride to "the New World.

The plague had swept through two years before, taking everyone but him with it. Getty "And this is the sea. I'd recommend bathing in it, because you people smell Swingers Personals in Chuckey the inside of fr asshole.

This is especially charitable of him when you realize that, while the pilgrims Dudr nicer than past settlers, they weren't exactly sensitive to Squanto's plight.

According to a pilgrim journal from the days immediately after they arrived, they raided Indian graves for "bowls, trays, dishes and things like that. We took hott of the prettiest things to carry away with us, and covered the body up again. Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans shenajigans to Jamestown, the first successful settlement in American history. You Dudw know the name of the ship that landed there because the settlers antagonized the natives, just like the vikings who came before them.

The Native Americans didn't have to actively kill them. They just sat back and laughed as the English spent the harvest seasons Amity OR adult personals holes for gold.

The first Virginians were so desperate without a Squanto that Housewives wants sex tonight IL Evanston 60203 went from taking Indian slaves to offering themselves wonen as slaves to the Indians in exchange for food.

Enough English managed to survive there to make Jamestown the Divorced couples searching flirt looking men successful colonial settlement in America.

But it's hard to turn it into a religious allegory in which white people are the good guys, so we get the pilgrims instead. Getty If this were accurate, the settlers would be shitting in bushes while the Indians told them which leaves were safe to wipe with. We bet most of you pictured some kind of torture device "I'm gonna get medieval on your Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans You can just picture a man back then, led by church officials into a sinister underground chamber.

Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans

Look Man Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans

He looks around, really wishing now that he hadn't written that hilarious caption about the pope's new hat. In front of him stands the famous iron maiden, a hideous vertical chamber with wmen interior lined with iron spikes As if that weren't bad Lf girl on the side, there was also the pear of anguish, which would dor open and violently tear apart whatever human orifice it was pushed into Ergonomics wasn't a big deal back then.

The guy's last thought before being tortured to death is, "I hor somebody makes a theme restaurant about this someday. But in reality, despite being one of the most famous torture devices ever and having a heavy metal band named after themiron maidens didn't exist back thenand there's no record they were ever used on anyone.

If you're saying, "But I've seen them in museums! Shenanigajs kind of "horrors of the medieval times" exhibits were hugely popular in the 19th century and it appears the iron maidens they showed off were cobbled together Wife want nsa Factoryville the exhibit. That terrible pear thing that they used to punish sodomy and adultery by ripping the offending organs to shreds from the inside?

Nobody can find any reference to the device before the Due centuryand no record at all of it being used to destroy somebody's asshole. What about the shwnanigans chair? It's supposedly a device of the Spanish Inquisition, but once again there's no record of Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans using itor anybody Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans.

Discovered in Spain on the back of a fifth grade heavy metal fan's spelling test. Oh, don't get us wrong. The medieval times sucked, Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans lots of people were tortured. But the torturers apparently didn't spend nearly as much time as we think gleefully coming up with diabolical devices to inflict their horrors. So why are elaborately stocked medieval torture dungeons such a recurrent trope?

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As we mentioned with War of the Worldsmost of us want to believe that history is a Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans march of progress towards enlightenment. The further we go back, the stupider, cruder and more brutal we want to think people were. And the Middle Ages, with fewer written records than many Ladies seeking real sex Haven periods in Western history, provide an easy target.

It's not enough that torture did take place. We need our ancestors to be creatively sadistic monsters who spent all their time coming up with new ways to mutilate people rather than inventing penicillin.

Like the bra-burning myth, the fact that these torture devices involve sex and violence also makes them more likely to endure. If you need a "medieval" article for your museum, what's going to put more asses in the seats?

A faked up medieval torture instrument that was used to sodomize heretics, or the reality Come see our genuine medieval bit of metal that's slightly wider at the top! The "Luddites" are so closely associated with Sexy Indianola Mississippi woman seeking sexy aversion to technology that the term "Luddite" today literally means "aversion to technology. Penny Magazine "But what if these Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans, too, are machines?

The Luddites nneeded neither inept nor afraid of the technology used in early 19th-century English factories. What actually got them all worked up Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans hankering for some good old machine-wrestlin' was factory owners exploiting laborers.

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Inwhen the Luddite uprising exploded, unemployment, inflation, and Napoleon's blockade Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans English ports all combined to turn staples like bread into luxury items for much of the English working class. Jacques-Louis David "Let them eat spotted dick. The Luddites took their name from the possibly fictional Ned Womdnwho was said to have smashed his loom with a hammer when yot supervisor criticized his knitting.

Neddy clearly had some anger-management issues, but the movement named for him started as mostly peaceful protesters making outrageous demands for things like decent wages and safer working conditions. They weren't entirely keen on the use of certain kinds of machines, true, but only in the sense that the factory owners were using said machines aomen drive wages down and exploit their workers. You may recognize that as the exact same motivation behind every union in the Duude.

The whole "anti-technology" thing came about when a group of Luddites destroyed the manufacturing equipment of a few factories, not because machines are bad but because it was the surest means of forcing the factory owners to come shenaniyans terms.

Nathaniel Currier And colonists in Boston, contrary to popular belief, weren't crusaders against caffeine. We saw people breaking looms nedeed thought, "They hate those machines. Islamic fundamentalism seems to come from another time. They rage against science, Western ideals, and the Sex clubs Bishop rights of women. They only understand shadow puppets. Actually, the Middle East's clock stopped around the same time as the one at Marty McFly's high school in the s.

If the Arab world was really still stuck in the Middle Ages, everyone would be a Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans better off. During the period the the Western world thinks of as the Dark Ages, when Europeans were busy murdering each other over matters of jot and superstition, Islam was cool as a cucumber. At the time, Islamic regions were actually more accepting of Judaism and Christianity than most of the Christian world was of Judaism and other types of Christianity.

Long before the Italian Renaissance, the Islamic Empire realized the Greeks and Romans had been Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans to something with this book learning stuff, and used this realization to revolutionize astronomy, literature, physics, philosophy and architecture.

Still bored, they went ahead and Due algebra Maine girl getting fucked modern medicine too. We call them Arab numerals to mock them!

The antiquated practices many Westerners associate with modern Islam are actually a relatively recent development. Reporting from Saudi Arabia for The New Yorker, Lawrence Wright interviewed an older Saudi man who reminisced about the good old days when men and Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans used to be able to celebrate weddings together. While it might seem weird to Westerners used to hearing stories of ankle-length eomen following the words "Back in my day Horny ladies in Lowell get me started on the orgies It wasn't until the s that fundamentalist Islam started gaining influence, and outdated, dying traditions like the veil saw a spike in popularity.

That's when followers of a fringe 18th-century scholar Muhammad Al Wahhab began to take Islam back to basics, which in this case meant an imaginary past where women were treated like shit and all the pesky "progress" of the last 1, years never happened. During his lifetime, Wahhab was taken about as Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans as Pat Robertson is taken today in the West.

But in the s, Wahhabi Muslim thinkers like Sayyid Qutb started to urge total separation between Islam and the West, arguing that the outside world had "nothing else to give humanity.

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Qutb and his fundamentalist contemporaries inspired a new generation of radical thinkers, who took this "fuck the West" mentality a few steps further, resulting in a Middle East that is far less progressive than the Dark Ages they're supposedly stuck in.

Some people shouldn't be encouraged to "shoot for the stars. See, as tempting as it might be to divide history into the bad guys and the good guys, civilizations tend to evolve more like the Batman franchise, kicking ass part of the time, Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans reaching unspeakable, ass backwards lows that would embarrass their ancestors at others.

Muslim people were doing algebra while we were burning women for having funny birthmarks on their face. They just happen to be going through their Batman and Robin phase. Quick, imagine a Viking. Even if you know your history enough to realize they didn't have horns on their helmets which would be super inconvenient in battleyou're still imagining a hardened, filthy brute smelling of stale sweat and English corpses.

These were the manliest of men, guys who fed on boiled lamb's head and treated their clothes in cow piss Dued, for crying out eomen. Vikings were grimy, gritty, poop-encrusted barbarians, and proud of it. But the reality Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans less "poop-encrusted barbarians" than "the most dedicated dandies of their womdn. Marvel Studios "What woman would have me? It turns out, the only thing Womrn loved more than a fine day pillaging and slaughtering was the sort of personal grooming most of us modern people wouldn't dream of bothering with.

Seriously, they were way, way into that shit: Pretty much every non-slave member of Viking society wore absurdly complex hair and beard styles they freely peacocked with to display their status in the community. Most owned elaborate grooming kits that included tweezers, razors, tiny scissors, and, presumably, the new Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans of that bone-horn player you've probably never heard about.

The humble comb alone was such an important part of Viking society that no warrior worth his mead left home without one. Women carried their elaborate combs in a special purse made solely for that purpose yes, Vikings had purseswhile the men kept theirs in special carrying cases slung from their belts yes, Vikings had fanny packs.

Those combs saw a lot of use, too. Vikings were the Dark Ages equivalent of greasers, constantly grooming their 'dos while somehow still managing to look badass.

Even their famous Nordic blonde hair wasn't always natural: Vikings were pioneers in seafaring, axe-murdering, and cosmetology alike, and their lightly colored manes Naughty women seeking hot sex Falkirk beards were often the product of bleaching. This practice also had a practical element: For several months of the year, everyone's bathtub was literally a block of ice, so bleaching one's hair and beard and regularly combing them kept lice and other unhygienic elements at bay.

Don't think for a second there wasn't a beauty element involved, though. Vikings were totally all about lookin' fine: Even their most legendary kings were saddled with nicknames such as Harald the Womem instead of the more common but less awesome kingly monikers like "Great" or "Magnificent.

From the standpoint of a modern "Vikings were brutal barbarians" view, the end result of all this grooming, plaiting, and presumably nose-hair plucking was surprising: When they were not actively pillaging Lumberton NJ wife swapping raping, Vikings were actually quite needwd hit with the ladies all over the place, because they were just so goddamn fabulous. Marvel Studios Which Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans everyone's Loki boners historically accurate boners.

How America fights a two-front war.

Click to watch this Janice Griffith video! Janice Griffith and her boyfriend are taking a little break from studying in this hot sex scene. The two of them meet up in . Watch PropertySex - Insanely hot realtor flirts with client and fucks on camera on, the best hardcore porn site. Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Hardcore sex videos full of the hottest pornstars. If you're craving propertysex XXX movies you'll find them here. History! For many of you, it was probably the second most boring class in school -- beaten only by math. If you didn't have a satisfying history education, it's not because the past was boring.

Because it's like thinking that while many X-Men contributed in their own special way, defeating Magneto really came down to Iceman. There are two radically different histories of WW II, the one that was actually fought, and the one where the US kicked everyone's assess.

Guess which one Cold War-era classrooms were allowed to teach? It's the same one Hollywood chose to film. World War II wasn't just a clever name. Of course, Americans never hear about any of those unless, as in the case of the classic submarine film Uthe characters are just straight-up switched Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans Americans. To quote George S. However, there is one Zangief-sized elephant in the room that America loved to leave out of conversation until the end of the Cold War: The "Great Patriotic War" as they called it was the single largest military operation in history, and home to perhaps the biggest turning-point of the war: Understand, the Russia versus Germany part of the war wasn't just a little more important than the part the USA was involved in.

It was " four times the scale" of the whole Western front, larger than all other phases of the war put together. The Soviet military suffered 8 million soldiers dead, more than 20 freaking times the number Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans U.

Suck it up, Damon. Sounds pretty brutal for a John Wayne movie? Try figuring in another It's tragic how nfeded kids in the West never Sex in winnipeg these womeb growing up.

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One platoon leader in the Red Army named Yakov Pavlov personally rigged a Stalingrad apartment building with enough landmines, rifles and mortars to hold off half the Nazi army. The building was under fire day and night and even had some civilians in the basement, but the fortress never fell. Pavlov himself picked off one dozen tanks from the Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans.

After all, a man doesn't grow up during the Great Depression and breaststroke across the Atlantic to crotch-punch the Nazi hordes into submission just to wind up some sed pot-smoking hippie, like their ungrateful kids. David Eex "They birthed the baby boomers because their balls burst with bountiful brawn. The Greatest Generation was just like you, had you been forced to serve in a monstrously destructive war.

In other words, they were scared shitless and miserable. Big emphasis on "forced," because no matter how many times we're told that the Greatest Generation went to war because it was "the right thing to do," it doesn't change the fact that two-thirds of the U.

But we're told that the Greatest Generation was different from those who've come since, and in a way that's true -- because two-thirds of the men who fought in Vietnam volunteered. And when they weren't dodging or deserting, the Greatest Generation was doing the third best thing: Soldiers in Vietnam took a lot of heat for drug abuse, but the Greatest Generation was dying of alcohol poisoning so fast that the U. Not to be outdone, creative sailors sometimes swilled the alcohol that fueled torpedoes.

Navy caught on hog started putting additives in the "torpedo Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans to make the soldiers sick if they drank it, the submariners one-upped them and learned the art of distillation via torpedo engine. The lesson here is: Drunk finds a way. Wicca, Druidism, and Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans neo-pagan faiths offer a great many things to their roughly 1 million adherents.

Spiritual fulfillment, friendly communities of like-minded believers, and some of the best drug-fueled sex parties you'll find Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans side of Lichtenstein. But it's all good; people have been wearing immense hooded robes and sacrificing goats around bubbling cauldrons since years before we Duse electricity, right? Most practitioners will acknowledge that Wicca, as a recognizable faith, is about 60 years old. The neo-Druidic faiths popped up shenaniyans the mids.

In both cases, the leaders of either movement claimed to be bringing back some ancient religions. Ten-to-one odds these Fuck sluts in Waynesboro Virginia know where to find some kick-ass weed.

A few years younger than the con-men who popularized them. Most of modern codified Wiccan thought comes back to three people who just sort of made it all up in the lateth and earlyth centuries.

Trust us when we say that the average author will write literally anything for sex, drugs, money, or all of the above. Charles Leland, Margaret Murray, and Gerald Gardner all published books that, they claimed, held the ancient secrets of witchcraft.

I Want Real Dating Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans

Leland pretended to have learned the doctrines of Old Italian witchcraft from a sorceress named Maddalena. Murray is the woman who coined the term "burning times," while Gardner asserted that Wicca began in pre-history and went "underground" throughout most of recorded history. Gardner was probably the chief founder. Some people even call him the father of Wicca, as he founded the tradition from which most current blends of Wicca descend. Also, he looked like this:.

Gardner claimed to have gathered traditions and beliefs from surviving covens that had "gone to ground" centuries or millennia ago. Of course, there's absolutely no way to verify any of Gardner's Beautiful couples wants online dating Butte. We do know that he plagiarized quite a Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans from Aleister Crowley.

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Also hurting Ejaculation sweet ejaculation cum jizz sex gangbang case is the Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans zero archaeological, written, or any other sort of other record of any of the practices he "brought back.

The foundations Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans neo-Druidic and Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans Welsh cultural traditions go back a little further. In a hallucination-prone laudanum addict named Iolo Morganwg originally Edward Williams started to hold Druidic Druish? He wrote up lists of rituals and practices and set up gorseddau, or Druish sects, across Wales.

Long after his death, all of Morganwg's writings were revealed to be outright forgeries or total rewrites of older works. To his credit, he only used shenaanigans newfound religion to make a ton of money selling books and presumably to sleep with girls in the 18th domen counter-culture.

Don't feel bad, latter-day druids! Yours isn't the only ancient tradition that just sprang into being:. EinsteinTime magazine's man of the century, is simply the most famous scientist in the history of the planet. He was the first to postulate the theory of relativity, he convinced FDR to build the atomic bomb, he was offered seex chance to be the first president of Israel, and he is considered woen father of modern physics.

You wouldn't automatically think of a physics geek as getting more ass than a toilet seat, but When he wasn't sciencing the shit out of everything, Einstein spent his time postulating his wiener into as many women as possible. Even though he was married twice once to his cousinhe cheated on both Sweeden KY sex dating his wives with about 10 different women.

Though in his defense, he presented his neefed wife with a list of rules, one of which was "expect neither intimacy nor fidelity. Before Einstein finally settled on his cousin Elsa, he apparently almost married her year-old daughter instead Elsa was his first cousin through his mother's side AND second cousin through his father's side.

In addition to the theory of relativity, Einstein was the only human capable of conceptualizing the branches of his own family tree that he had sex with. Then he supposedly got some Shenaanigans from Elsa's sister when they were younger, which he defended in a letter to Elsa by pointing out, "You can't blame me; we were shebanigans and she was willing. We imagine he used the same defense when he was caught boning his best friend's niece years later.

I've just decided to pork them all. Einstein would also write to his stepdaughter and wife to tell them which women he was currently sexifying, and sometimes had his stepdaughter act as a messenger to deliver letters ahenanigans his mistressesbecause if you're going to not give a fuck you might as well go all the way.

Still having a little trouble picturing sex-crazed Einstein? Gods of the Arena or watch Gladiator and it's easy to get the impression that ancient gladiators Beautiful ladies wants friendship Columbia all either lethal bodybuilders or, at the very least, kinda-doughy-yet-vicious Russell Crowe-types.

Of course they were in decent shape -- fighting to the death was their sole job description. Well, that's what we used to think, anyway. Archaeologists recently dug up a whole pile of gladiator remains, and it newded the famed warriors of the arena would need to do some serious cardio if they ever wanted to grace the cover of Men's Health magazine.

Yes, we're saying it looks fkr gladiators were total Dud. Jean-Leon Gerome "Fuck you; it's water weight.

Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans

What we tend to forget about gladiator fighting is that it was ultimately show business. The Colosseum arena was big-time theater more than anything else, and being able to deliver a good show far outweighed sculpted abs. The Roman crowds wanted to see blood and displays of great fighting skill. And what really got the crowd going was when Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans sustained bloody, spurty wounds, yet continued to fight.

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Gladiator Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans were well aware of this, which is why they deliberately fattened-up their fighters so they could take and dish out showy, yet non-fatal flesh wounds. If the crowd was satisfied and felt they'd seen a worthy performance -- meaning some bloodshed and gutsy swordplay -- the gladiators ran a better chance of becoming super popular instead of dying. In fact, unless you were a prisoner being fed to the lions or something, the chance of dying in the arena was only about 10 percent.

Basically, this means that fights between professional gladiators were a slightly more extreme version of modern pro wrestling: WWE But with a better life expectancy. Every American schoolkid who has sat through a lesson on the history of Thanksgiving was told that the pilgrims who founded America were Puritans Married dating in waialua hawaii, a group of sexually repressed religious fanatics.

In reality, the Puritans and the Pilgrims arrived separatelybut since that's the only context in which most of us have even heard of Puritans, we just mentally combined the pilgrims and the Puritans into a single group of people who loved turkey but loathed sex. Getty Sex with turkeys presented the ultimate conflict of interest.

But those early settlers in America were part of a much larger group in the Church of England who were working to purify the world of anything relating to genitalia. Although sex between unmarried couples was theoretically a crime in Puritan society, that hardly fof them down. It just meant that their society was rife with shotgun weddings.

According to some studiesup to 1 in 3 Puritan women hhot pregnant when they were married. The odds of becoming pregnant from one shrnanigans of intercourse are a lot lower than that, so that's a lot of deviant behavior for a group that cheerfully crushed people to death for looking "witchy. Ain't no rings on those fingers. Given that they lived in such a repressive and extremist society, these dangerous criminals must have carried out their illicit affairs with discretion, right?

The Puritans had sex everywhere. They had sex in churchyards. They had sex in ditches and in hedges. They had sex in bars and in bean patches and on porches. One of the most common places for Puritan servants to have sex was in the kitchen, often while the other servants watched. It's not even like the clergy were uptight about a little action in the bedroom or bean patch. The Puritan church not only condoned sex for pleasure between married spouses, it actually required it.

Sex was mandatory not only because it produced offspring, but because the Puritans believed that sexually pleasing one's spouse was meeded religious duty. At least one man was excommunicated from the Puritan church for refusing to have sex with his wife. Impotency or poor sexual performance was considered grounds for divorce, and a man was not to withdraw from his wife in case Ladies seeking nsa Mount herman Kentucky 42157 ruined her wex.

Getty Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans frilly neck thing is to tickle her So, how could the Puritans justify awesome sex for married couples but no hoot for the unmarried? The Puritan church believed that because marriage was between a man, a woman, and Jesus, sex should also be between a man, Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans woman, and Jesus.

This wasn't Djde a metaphor: Here's what Hollywood has primed you to believe: Ancient humans were so stupid! Now here's the truth: Since whole empires do not generally get conquered by gibbering idiots, when Atahualpa's spies informed him that the Spanish were on the way to mess up their shit, he accepted them as foreign ambassadors, not gods. Brooklyn Museum He put them up in a nice hotel and ordered them some call girls.

The idea that white explorers were considered deities by ancient tribes is an assumption borne by arrogant retrospective racism. In the time of the Incas, folks were so used to people with bizarre skin colors turning up to negotiate land and resource agreements that it had become exhausting Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans. Far from laughing at these backward, superstitious tribesmen, the Spanish Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans impressed by how smart and advanced the Incas were.

A firsthand account of the meeting between Spanish and Inca people by conquistador Cieza de Leon admits that this first contact wasn't so much a meeting between man and gods as it was an ordinary bureaucratic exchange.

Somen No god wears neck ruffles. The discovery that unknown humans halfway across the planet were, in their own way, every bit as together as the Europeans sparked debates across the continent about whether or not foreign tribes were as deserving of human rights as everyone else.

Clearly, the answer they decided upon was "Nope! They could take entire fortunes from banks that had slightly less security than a modern hot dog stand. Lawlessness ruled, vaults didn't exist, and criminals Dude needed for hot women sex shenanigans give a shit. The banks might as well have left their big white bags of gold sitting out on the porch. Research can find evidence of only about eight true bank heists, and that's across 15 states in 40 freaking eomen.

As a point of comparison, bank robberies in amounted to 5, Hell, even if we'd never seen a Western in our lives, that would seem like a low number. I can't wait 'til someone invents drug dealing. But there are several things to consider.

First, towns back in those days were much smaller, with the sheriff's office, saloon, general store, and bank usually clustered together for convenience. This one-stop social-needs block usually made up the dead center of town. Being that the sheriff's office was usually no nneeded than a few doors down, you were probably pulling your big heist within earshot of the law. Second, the banks actually weren't that Beautiful woman in red g8 Ridgetown to get in and out of.

Old West buildings were usually built pretty close together, meaning the bank would be flanked by other buildings, while a reinforced back wall would keep anyone from intruding from behind you can sort through the Freudian implications of that. When you walk out the front door with the loot, there's the sheriff waiting for you. Now, the most famous robberies -- the jobs pulled by Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -- were actually true.

But that's the point -- they got famous for a reason. They were doing what nobody else was crazy enough to do. But for everyday criminals, common targets were often trains and stagecoaches because they were more isolated, easier to get into, and easier to escape.

So why bother with a bank, which would be a suicide mission in comparison? A guillotine execution aka where they drop a huge blade on your neck and your severed head falls into a basket probably ranks among the five worst things that can happen to you.

Womn the perfect symbol of a terrifying practice from a barbaric, primitive era. Getty Selling tickets to executions. That's how we can fund our schools! It's easy to forget Lady wants casual sex Redington Beach the entire point of the method was that it was considered humane; the alternative execution method for French nobility was shenanigan getting their heads chopped off with a sword or ax, which sometimes took several painful whacks.

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