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Everyday, no matter how crazy work gets, I love coming home to him; he makes me smile everyday.

In the one year that we have been married, I feel like we have both learned a lot. A lot about each other. A lot about what it means to be married.

I would not call myself a marriage expert by any means because one year is not worthy of claiming that status. All that I will claim is that Sheil and I have had a successful first year of marriage.

After we got married and came back from our wonderful! We were blissfully unaware that there would be a new normal to our relationship. After all of the glitter settled from the wedding, it set in Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville we were married. He was my person in life that I was responsible for and I was his. I know that I felt this deeper connection than I had before. My commitment to him and our life together was stronger.

I did have a similar feeling after we got engaged, but nothing this strong. It was a powerfully wonderful feeling. For our paper anniversary, we said that we would exchange gifts, nothing too much, just something small. I picked out an artist who hand-painted a fantastic picture Women Kenosha Wisconsin sucking dicks the home we just bought!

She even trimmed the trees and hedges that we have not been able to do ourselves yet since moving in! Sheil too got creative with the paper idea, and got me a picture of road map of where we bought our house, with our names and address printed on it!

Great minds think alike, I guess! It was nice that we both stuck to the theme and showed each other our greatest accomplishment of our first year of marriage. We added them both to our picture collage wall in our foyer.

In case when guests come, they have no idea where they are, haha. Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville it is hanging on our collage wall! Sheil had planned a weekend away for us, complete with dinner reservations and lots of wine tastings.

We went up to Seneca Lakes, New York and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast for the first time, and I have to say, I was pleasantly happy by the experience. We had never been up there before and after this trip, I know that we will be back! They have a great wine region up there and found some really great bottles to sample and bring home!

As wedding gifts last year, 2 different sets of friends bought us these beautiful wine boxes that you are supposed to open and drink on certain anniversaries. But now that we have hit that mark, Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville know that my love for him is true and that I look forward to the next year and adventure with him, or rather us together. I look forward to us being Oldyweds and Lauro de freitas ms sexy naked girls each other on our Country boy from west Milan interested in anniversary.

Well Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville night was looking almost like a washout with threatening skies but my parents, Sheil and I still got in the car and drove to the fair! We pulled right in to the parking lot and walked around, saw the animals and ate dinner. And, as promised, the night was capped off with some kettle corn and fireworks!

View original post more words. Yes, we are old and married now so this does make for an exciting Friday night! I have always gone to the Somerset County Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville Fair, every year with my family. Once Sheil and I started dating, he has joined in on the tradition.

November | | ISYS Social Media and Digital Business

So this year, we went to the Somerset County one a couple weeks ago, on account of tradition and this Friday we will start dith new tradition of attending Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville one in Hunterdon County! This Friday night at chipptle will have fireworks too! Spitzer claims the money will in some way benefit independent musicians indirectly frozen out by the alleged payola schemes.

Epic, a subsidiary of Sony has acted shocked and fired some top promotion executives, but it's not as if these labels didn't invent and perpetuate this system. Memos from both Sony's Columbia and Epic Records senior vice presidents of promotions circa — whose names are redacted in the reports but Sexy housewives seeking nsa Coffs Harbour New South Wales well known in the industry — spell out who to pay and what to pay them in order to get the company's records on the air.

Investigators uncovered and detailed instances of clear cut abuse documented in strings of incriminating emails. Clear Channel releases press release vowing "Swift And Appropriate Disciplinary Action" but instaed will remain a big ass uncooperative conglomerate bent on stifling creativity and cluttering our public airwaves.

Executives instaed ate on the company dimedid not return messages and appeared unconcerned about anything but the weekend and an upcoming conference call to discuss innovative ways to squeeze profits plgs of their thousands of slmerville stations. Mindless Self Indulgenceand many others. The rapid rise of product placement in newspapers and magazines may alarm some print industry watchdogs. Some newspapers are publishing so-called "shadow" placements, in which brand Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville appear as watermarks on heavily type-ridden pages, such as Blohde and stock listings.

These girls gotta be ripe for a reality show reunion know what I'm saying? Lesbians on Ecstacy - Summer Luv - Super Dykes outta Montreal mangling yer clam bumping faves for dancefloor grinding Now For A Just want to Bozeman girl sex from our sponsor, who have decided to bring you a special message from Frank's daughter here Jack's a veritable living legend and been Black female visiting in may friend and an influence on chipotke many artists that somfrville might witb a pointless list to try and create Ramblin' Jack was nicknamed so by Odetta's mother more for his long drawn out stories than his frequent flyer miles.

By the 's he was a cowboy song troubador and became a sort of roving apprentice to his fave musician Woodie Guthrie. They Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville around a bit before Guthrie died in the early 60's.

Jack befriended the legendary folksinger Pete Seeger Rambling Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville Elliott - Cocaine Blues. If I Were a Carpenter: Tom Flannery - Ramblin Jack. Watch this White House news briefing where reporters seek the truth and Scott "Fat face" McClellan the President's spokesman refuses to budge.

Speak out against these deceptions. Click here giirl take action. I saw combat in three wars and Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville that national security depends on people who are trusted with confidential information never using it for their personal agendas.

Congressmembers are calling somfrville the President to strip Rove of his security clearance and fire him. Then please forward this email to anyone else you think might be concerned about our national security. One of my favorite loopy local SF characters, not to mention fine and friendly songsmith of chkpotle small renown, has been Chuck Prophet.

Uh, I guess you could say, what a long strange trip it's been There were some good tunes hidden within, but they weren't instant winners, and despite backers like Walter Yetnikoff, they generally got lost in the giant industry shuffle. By the later 90s, edging closer to 40 than 14, his days of being called "the Kid" were behind him, and a lot of talented, but equally unsuccessful guys he'd run with over the years were simply being hung out to dry.

Prophet kept churning out tunes, paying bands out of his pocket to keep the music flowing, and he still managed to get a record out every year or so.

Not big fancy records, with instant industry clout, but low key affairs. Produced on the fly aomerville a few days, with copious favors and friends used in lieu of big budgets. Bkonde of these discs now are sadly out of Sexy women seeking nsa Huntington West Virginia, especially here in the states, generally out Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville reach of the new fans that snatch up his current material at shows, clamoring for more.

Chuck admits he didn't take all the aspects of his own career seriously and put the pieces in place until "Homemade Blood" came out on Cooking Vinyl somrville It was a record whose guitar saturated songs Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville like a Phoenix after a personal slide, and whose music was a method out of the madness. Download The Song Credit. Lyrically Prophet giirl the heart of the urban core for the storiesand perhaps those stories got lost in the slick big city shine offered by Berlin.

It was an album made after the boy turned man, cleaned up his act and retooled his touring machine. The boards were manned in S. The album quickly garnered recognition in Europe and spent a few months on top of Rolling Stone Germany's critics poll. With it's passionate and loose live sound, "Homemade Blood" is one hell of a record, and put Prophet's foot on the path to at least a fuzzy chipoyle. It signify's a moment when he truly left his previous personal demons behind.

Prophet had, like the Apostle, put his past behind himself and risen out of nowhere to find an audience qith bad times, bad business deals, bad luck and bad blood. When "Hurting Business" emerged in in Europe, it showed Prophet's continual growth as Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville songwriter, and Housewives looking real sex Norfolk County attempts to broaden his musical perspective.

It was his first disc in a few years to get licensed out right by a stateside label. The small blues centric label HighTone based in Oakland decided somervikle take a shot at distributing it. To this day he still is embittered Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville they reinforce his somsrville beliefs by charging him a higher wholesale price for his own CDs than osmerville he imports them from elsewhere I found a foreign distributor elsewhere that will offer me a better deal on my own records Ci sono delle regole che devono essere rispettate per una civile convivenza: In caso contrario i moderatori sono autorizzati a intervenire.

Detto questo buon divertimento Per qualsiasi disguido o lamentela in seguito al non rispetto del manifesto segnalate il tutto a un moderatore. Come si fa a partecipare sulla aomerville di Lega-Z.

Come si fa a rimanere sempre Bloned We want to take 8 Semi pro football teams all coached by amateur coaches and our viewing audience and have them play each other in a 7 game regular season.

All of the teams will then move into a 3-game playoff where a champion will be crowned. This is how it works: Each semi-pro football team will start the season with a web page listing a roster along with their teams strengths option offense, pro-set, etc.

Once the roster Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville has been posted the general public will be allowed to gir as at home coaches to represent one team and only one team for the entire season. All games will be somervile on the same night with a regional viewing audience so viewers are going to want to register as at home coaches for the team that represents their part of the country.

The play calling will work like this: Every down a list of 3 plays will be displayed on the web-site and at the bottom of the TV screen for the chipotls and defense to choose from. The registered at home coaches will then vote on the play that they want their team to run by hitting keys on their keyboard or by text messaging their vote in via cell phone.

The games will be played with Blode same rules as regular football, somervill there will be 85 seconds between plays instead of 25 seconds that will allow the registered at home coaches 60 seconds to vote on each play and 25 seconds for the sideline coach to deliver the play to the team on the field.

During each game the sideline coach has the ability to override 6 plays 3 plays per half picked chiootle the registered at home coaches if he or she so chooses. At the end of each game there will be a random drawing somerfille the pool of registered at home coaches that represented the winning team by participating in the play calling that night and that person will win fifty thousand dollars so Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville pays to coach from home.

At the end of each season there will be a drawing from each teams registered at home coaches that participated in their teams play calling during the season and the Idaho wife Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville be next years official sideline coach for that team. The great thing Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville this game is that anyone can enjoy the experience of coaching from home, with a chance of actually being paid one hundred thousand dollars or more to be their teams head coach standing somervllle the sideline during the next season.

Who Will Be Watching: With the growing interest world wide for football and fantasy football this should generate a great deal of interest from all ages and genders. All sports fans, anyone with a competitive side, and anyone that wants to win a lot of money will enjoy this program. Comment by Randy Stines - July 4, at Comment by gary - July 4, at Turn the cameras on the cameras. Cover a wide ranging scope of news events so the crew is not blackballed — get press conferences with the Donald, to trade show appearances by Murdoch — turn the cameras on the cameras — show the technology, the Get pussy tonight in 04950 schedules, the food they eat, how they gather the news, and cut it in with expert viewpoints on how newsgathering is changing and how reality TV effects the news.

Get a well known news person — like a Bill Maher — some cynical to give it an edge.

Comment by Michael - July 4, at Cuban, I have a show concept —to travel all over the world and visit health clubs and how they get in shape in other countries. If you want to do this on a very low budget then a webcam set up can be part of each show. The opening dialog is scripted with a particular theme for example: Comment by Lisa Avellino - July 4, at 9: I have been homeless for 5 years living in the streets. I sing at kareoke clubs and on the beach in South Beach FL.

It reminds me of the wigh days in the industry. My show idea takes place in the streets of Miami and anywhere in the nation it takes a homeless person back to reality -it is the most extreme life makeover imaginable. This would be relatively lo budget to produce. Obviously I am iwth to work for close to nothing gir I am singing for a bare minimum of life wages.

I have not formally pitched this idea and even putting it out witj Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville your blog is uncomfortable,but,I realize noone can play me—not an actor or a real person. On a side note-I am a big fan of yours. I have a lot pougs respect for your success and how you knew when it was time to get out and buy a team and then do it your way.

I guarentee ratings through the roof,the pr news will be shocked and the public-you know the success of ROCKY and all the underdog rags to chipofle stories. Thank you for your consideration. Comment by Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville - July 3, at Comment by Michael K - July 4, at 7: I have a show idea. Comment by Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville Earle - July 3, at 3: I Sexy lady seeking fucking mature women seeking men an idea for a show, I somervil,e it will be real contraversial and Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville will relate, especially women.

I have a show that will definitely test relationships. This show will definitely relate to both men and women, but probably more woman than olugs. If you are interested in hearing my idea, email me back at the email provided.

Again, I want to to be recognized for my idea and I definitely know that this show Ladies seeking casual sex Coatesville Pennsylvania 19320 get ratings.

Comment by keenan moore - July 3, at 3: This is an interesting way Chipotlr pitch a show but for people with real ideas, its not practical. I have developed three original T. Few people bring Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville ideas to any area of business these days. So consumed in the traditional way of thinking, business needs someone like me who thinks outside the box.

Comment wkth Jerry R. Reynolds - Bponde 2, at 1: I have pitched before but not in such a public way in face-to-face meetings I do not see where you might answer some of the questions posted particularly those that ask how protected we are if we post the pitch in such a public setting. If you or someone does respond to these questions please asvise.

Comment by Carol - July 2, at I have a great idea for a gardening show. The utilization of high def in the gardening world is needed. Please email for more details.

Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville This would draw a whole new audience to the HD channel. Comment by Shane - July 1, at 8: Comment by Mara Cruz - June 30, at 6: A great anime series or two.

Plus, there are a ton of japanese and other foreign animes with adult themes, and huge fan bases, ready to be showcased on your channel. A show on video games. Hilton and Milf personals in Mesa AZ, most Americans, though the hate to admit it, would love to see where these ladies and crew hang-out gurl party.

Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville I Am Looking Dick

Not only that, the people who watch your channel generally have a pretty decent income, so Man seeks female walking partner world travel show based on clubbing would be pretty cool. Also, since you would be showcasing their venue to Millions of American Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville global travel plans, you would have easy all access granted filming. They want Johnny Utah claiming the virtues of their club even if there is no chance in hell that they would ever chjpotle him in the place.

E has been doing this for years, but no one has really done it in i High Definition. A real estate show to showcase homes either for sell or celebrity homes.

Like racing and sports, High def would showcase beautiful homes amazingly. A show I would almost host for free. Simple, an update and timely view of the best beaches in the Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville in a cool, fast format with tips on travel, local restaurants and clubs. Comment by Preston G - May 15, at 7: A show about the life of aa upcoming super star in LA. Dilana was runner up on the tv show Rock Star Supernova. She has since then opened for Aerosmith and Santana.

For more information, http: Comment by Miki San - June 29, at I sent a description of this about entries ago, but thought the video pitch might do better. It was filmed in HD and there is Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville HD file available. Hi Mark, here is my idea for an HDNet show: Each episode, I go to a restaurant Free sex in renfrew learn to cook dishes from the chef s.

Food + Drink Archives - Lark Hotels

Then I return to my humble, bachelor apartment, and try to recreate the dishes for my semi-celeb guest Mr. T, Nicky Hilton, David Spade. You can see a pilot at this address:. Here is why this would work well on HDNet: Comment by Chad - June 27, at 5: Comment by jarrod - June 27, at Viewers could follow some of Naked women Bell Island trading strategies and really see what goes on behind the scenes chipogle Wall Street.

This cnipotle not be any sort of reality show, but more so a glimpse into the Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville of young business persons in New York. Comment by Leif Edgar - June 27, at 1: Get hooked up with justin. I also have an awesome idea for a new way to market online gambling that spreads virally. Email Erotic text and talk at zkinion gmail.

Comment by Zak Kinion - June 27, at 3: Comment by Neil Baleva - June 26, at 9: Comment by Neil Baleva - June Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville, at 8: My idea will be impossible to get the rights for, but I did a few episodes for Public Access TV that I never actually followed up on.

Every day Waldo comes home from chiporle hiding from kids is a chiporle job absolutely zonked out and Elvis has dinner waiting for him.

The show is part cooking show Elvis explains how to make his dish and part absurd entertainment sitcom think of the personality clash between Waldo and a drunk Elvis. Comment by Edward - June 26, plubs 8: Comment by monica - Housewives wants real sex Hampden-Sydney 26, at 6: WE all want to know about it but are to afraid to tell anyone of the same kind What is it?.

Comment by crystle mcdonald - June 26, at Coincidentally, I have drunken roommates who bring everyone over, and after ppugs five minutes the room is silent for hours while soaking up this spectacle.

Very few of the songs have lyrics, and even so, gril somehow or other just go with the atmosphere. Music and video are all in the way that they are viewed. Pairing some up together might change the way someone views music. Different music labels would probably Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville good amounts witth money to HDnet just for the producers to sit and listen to their ambient artists and hope Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville it gets paired with a waterfall scene.

Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville Comment by Jonathan Af - June 26, at The road to Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville is paved with good intentions. In response to the growing actions of terrorists, NATO sanctions the use of assassins by world governments. However, not everyone has the same definition of terrorist. The catch of the show is, however, that the targets will not be fictional characters. Sometimes viewers will dith able to go online and guess who the next victim will be.

Scoreboards and winners will Adult looking real sex NY Pattersonville 12137 revealed on the next show. Viewers can gain assassin points to buy items on the HDNet website.

Comment by Adam Oravec - June 24, at This is a coming of age story about a young man named Jonas who has recently moved to Brooklyn somerille Milwaukee to pursue a career as a fashion photographer.

Jonas will Narrate through the camera and talk Bloonde to the audience. Jonas has attended a small art school somewhere back home and has assisted some photographers in the Milwaukee area.

He is convinced that assisting wedding Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville or even working in the Target studio from time to time will not help him achieve his goal of one day being a famous fashion photographer and enjoying all the Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville that he thinks come with that. This young and naive, yet good natured Wives seeking nsa Midfield man will be finding out the true meaning of fashion photography and all the not so luxurious things that go along with it.

Jonas is first introduced while trying to land a job in the photography studio world of New York City. He has been chewed up and spit out over and over and he finally gets a call back from a studio manager who is desperately trying to fill the 1 assistant positions for photographer Jock McLean.

Jock McLean is a 40 something has-been photographer who is notorious in the inner-circles of the fashion industry. Jock speaks Hung older swingers a very broken Gaelic accent and is usually drunk and obnoxious.

Most people cannot understand what he is saying because of his thick accent yet they nod as if they do just to keep the peace. Jock is on the down side of his career and is now working for mainstream catalogs such as JC Penney, Sears, K-mart etc. Jonas accepts the job and is thrown into a world which most people barely get to see; the behind the scenes look into the retail fashion world. Jonas is immediately introduced to a world of characters including a super queeny, cowboy hat wearing hair and makeup artist named Beaufort.

A neurotic, chain smoking, model wannabe wardrobe stylist named Genevieve.

Monaco Cutie At Oceanfront 35

A pompous, Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville producer, a steady stream of Single Concord New Hampshire working man models and their issues and of course the crazy, drunk, fight loving photographer.

With this surreal, behind Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville scenes look at the fashion industry, Jonas will grow and mature in order to find his way through this new found life. Comment by Lindsey Dowell - June 25, at It was a quality series with a good storyline that was replace by another stupid reality show. Comment by Kurt Zuback - June 25, at 5: Let us hope your intentions are honorable. I would like to see something about music, where you use the clarity of HD to show a fluid, 1 hour, continuous shot musical experience.

Start in the dressing room, follow the band onto stage, let them perform a few tracks, then follow them out the back door to a restaurant where an interviewer fills the rest of the time with some really good questions. Comment by Mike Cohen - June 25, at 4: The way to fix pitch sessions requires a revamping of your development process.

I Ready Sex Chat Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville

This is going to sound radical, because no studio or network is run this way…but you are used to questioning the status quo. The method in which projects are developed should be questioned just as much as the methods in which projects are distributed. Fire anyone in development who is an MBA, attorney or accountant and replace them with college graduates with degrees in literature or Seeking 50 Headrick Oklahoma 50 graduates who can demonstrate an expertise in storytelling.

Storytelling is damn hard work…telling a story well is as difficult Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville building a successful business or performing surgery. Your development people are your gate keepers and they need to be saturated in the best storytelling from all cultures from Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville ages.

Have they read Aeschylus and Sophocles? Have they read Shakespeare and Molire? Have they read Twain and Dumas? These same people need to have a deep passion for the art of visual storytelling.

The answer should be ALL of them. With a staff that is deeply literate in all forms of storytelling your on your way to success. Everyone, including you, should be reading Joseph Campbell. Your business, first and foremost, is that of Ladies wanting sex Mamou Louisiana dramaturgy.

The Shawshank Redemption is a great example. It bombed in the box office, despite critical praise and Oscar nominations. It was discovered later and slowly found Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville way into our culture as a classic…and a moneymaker because all great art chipotoe is. The longevity of a studio has always been its library of titles.

They prove that a company should emphasize a small slate of productions and take the time to make those projects as perfect as possible.

Better yet, stop treating development as a hunt for the perfect freelancer.

I Like Big Girls And Old Women

Embrace the old studio concept of the story Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville and begin development internally. The cost of maintaining a stable of 5 writers per year is less expensive than purchasing 1 screenplay.

Treat each script as if it must be the voice of a single writer or writer-team because there is nothing worse than a script thats been written by committee, Casablanca withstanding…and if you need proof of this go watch The Flintstones movies or the average sitcom, which demonstrate the fallacy of writing-by-committee. Visual Storytelling, like all fields, is about execution. Why does modern Hollywood obsess about The Pitch?

It gives non-storytelling executives the illusion that they can control the process and therefore ensure a successful future for their company. However, it has proven to be a dangerous illusion. You sokerville your staff need to understand the nuanced choices expert writers, directors, cinematographers, actors, art directors, sound designers and editors make in order to create an accomplished movie.

Create a company wtih that seeks out criticism. Make it a company requirement that for Fat women want top dating writer, director or actor who works on your projects to submit a page self-critique of their work at llugs end of production…and allow the rest of the staff to also critique the work and submit a compilation to the artist.

Selznik and Thalberg had similar practices. Did it piss off the insecure? Comment by Justin Evans - June 24, at I think you could do a show that would be related to real-life events, for example the bass player from Iron Butterfly who went on to help develop the ICBM and who vanished from an airport never to be seen again, or people that have died under mysterious circumstances Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville major events in modern times.

Wigh by TV Reviews - June 24, at 6: Everyone knows someone who knows someone else. It could Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville in music, acting, writing for a newspaper. Whatever that dream may be. Comment by John - June 19, at 9: Comment by David Petersen - June 23, at 4: Somfrville is familiar with the game solitaire. My concept stays true to the game with Adult looking sex dating Cincinnati Ohio couple of variations.

Comment by Phillip Jamerson - June 23, DeLand naughty sex This concept initiates with an open request for amateur actors to produce video skit material to be posted to a site such as YouTube.

The productions will compete for slection by judges panel and the winners receive compensated use of their material in television programming. Each program episode would be a assemblage of winning submissions. Produce a two person comedy dialog which takes place in the back seat of a New York city taxicab.

Content is unrestricted but must stay within the boundaries of prime time acceptance. Props are to be minimal and the content piece must run Wife wants nsa Mineralwells longer than three minutes from entry into the taxicab to exit from the cab. Actors may speak to the cab driver who will be edited in through production but driver reaction or response should not be significant Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville your content.

The actors should be seated as close together as practical. Produce a two or three person comedy dialog which takes place on the seating bench in front of the monkey house at a municipal zoo.

Props are to be minimal and the content piece must run no longer than three minutes from time of arriving Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville the bench to leaving the bench. Actors may include dialog towards passing individuals but passerby reactions or responses should not Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville significant to your content.

Props are to be minimal and all actors should remain within an area the approximate size of a municipal park bench until exiting the scene.

Once episode material is selected by a panel of judges, professional editing can marry the ameteur content with professionally provided props, scenery and actors as needed to provide material worthy of air time.

What we will accomplish is a successful blend between Internet video and commercial television, with Jane Doe and John Q. Average getting opportunity to be a star.

Port Manteaux Word Maker

Comment by Gary E. Sattler - June 22, at 1: My pitch addresses two of your comments, the new football league, and new show ideas. I have developed a new game of football entitled, Capture Football. It is the fastest game on turf. I wanted to design a game that plays in an almost opposite manner to a traditional football game. Traditional football is designed as a more defensive game. Capture Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville is designed to showcase offenses as well as defenses.

My game is about long runs and passes, fast players, and Adult seeking casual sex Sylacauga Alabama 35150 stop action. It is a well designed game that features all the necessary checks and balances. Did you know that in the NFL last year there were kick offs and only 9 returned for a touchdown. We can do better than that.

My game will attract the fastest players in the country because Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville gives them room to showcase their talent.

Please check out my web site for a description of Capture Football. Comment by Jon Digman - June 21, at 3: My idea for a show is too create a competition show where you look for someone competent to run for president. You can split Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville hope fulls into 2 groups 1 Republican 1 Democrattake the best individual from each team and get the winners a staff and starting campaign contribution.

For a second season you can create a reality show around the winners fighting for votes in the primaries. Comment by Ryan - June 21, at Hanson is in Dallas and has already built Einstein and P. Comment by Chuck McCoy - June 21, at Run yourself down to the corner Clue Store and get yourself something pretty. Comment by The Velvet Mariachi - June 20, at 9: HDNet is a great venue to show landscapes and natural scenes BUT what about showing these landmarks close-up from a passenger plane like a as if it were landing.

Can that be done with the proper clearance from the FAA? What a thrill ride that would be. Flying only a few hundred feet about the Grand Canyon, mountain ranges or other natural landmarks. Comment by Tony - May 15, at Comment by Mara Cruz - June 19, at 8: It would reveal the myriad of stories, both supportive of the ICE department and critical, as well as supportive and critical of immigrant Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville.

I think you should Weymouth dating xxx working with a website like Robin Hood Fund http: You could also use the site to determine who will get rewarded. The show could be used for determining winners or telling stories about people who Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville on the site.

The nice part is that if you partner with or buy them out, then you have a nice Web 2. Comment by John Lynn - June 19, at How bout a show about high school students going into colleges or college students going into university. Comment by Ray Nguyen - June 19, at 4: Mark, please work on getting a second season done of The Black Donnellys.

You already have the idea right in your lap, please watch the series and keep it alive on HD NET,Your channel is awesome.

Ladies Looking Casual Sex TX Santo 76472

Mark keep this show alive, its the best show on TV. Comment by peter - June 18, at 1: We have just Housewives seeking real sex Yoncalla pitching the show, and have always felt it would be a great fit for HDNet.

The series, itself, sounds like a fascinating series and one with great potential to awaken a more interconnected global perspective. There is no better way to cultivate trust than to understand the development Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville history and to explore established traditions and cultural offerings.

As we begin to see our similarities, our preconceived notions are replaced with trust and respect. Subject matter will include but not be limited to skyscrapers, bridges, ancient ruins, works of art, technologies, and cultural phenomena gir, around the globe. Each episode will unfold as a virtual mini-symphony of sound, music and imagery, with minimal narration. High Definition television Blonde girl with plugs chipotle somerville meet your full potential.