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2014-11-15_1102Imagine that you’re in a crowded airplane. You really need to get on with some work but you’re in a window seat, your iPad is stowed in the overhead baggage hold,the man next to you is fast asleep and next to him is a fat lady with her tray down tucking into lunch.

You’ll never be able to get to your iPad. But even if your device is safely stowed away you can still access it thanks to this ‘magic’ pen.

That’s just one scenario – imagine how useful this can be in so many different situations.

You can write notes, draw and thanks to the tiny transmitter that you see in the photograph on the left, your work is instantly transferred to your iPad or Iphone.

Not only do you now have a digital back up, you can also email it or share it on social media once you get back to your device.

This is a wonderful opportunity for artists or designers and it means that anyone can maximise their productivity even in the most unlikely situations.

That tiny transmitter will hold and transfer a hundred pages so, if you’re working on that book you’ve been meaning to write, that’s no problem. You don’t need to buy any special paper, any notebook or sketchbook will be absolutely fine. The pen, which looks and feels like a regular ballpoint, plus the transmitter will fit into the smallest purse or wallet – ready to be used at any time.

The item is also fully guaranteed so can be ordered with complete confidence.This is such a popular item that there is usually a waiting list as it sells quickly. Check the website for current availability. At time of writing, they are expecting to start shipping the next consignment in about three weeks so be sure to order well in advance.

This wonderful item makes a fabulous gift or a useful business purchase for yourself. See more info at the website linked below.

Learn more at the website.

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