WordPress WordAds vs Google Adsense- Requirements to Get Earnings via this Payment System

WordPress WordAds vs Google Adsense – Earn with Your Blogging Platform

Earning online with WordPress has become a little easier for some bloggers who use the platform. WordPress is highly regarded in the blogging community for its easy of use, flexibility and the ease with which posts rank highly in search results.

Of course, the ease of ranking in search depends on whether the pages of the site are optimized for their topic. However WordPress makes this easy as well, offering suggestions for tags, related links and even images that can be used freely with your other content.


WordAds Pre-Requisites

Some bloggers use the free version of the site, that is, WordPress.com. They will now be able to make use of WordAds. The option has been made available to all users of WordPress.com, the free version of the platform.

With WordPress.org, you can choose your own domain name related to home decor, fitness or another topic and self-host your site. With WordPress.com, you do not have to self-host but you have the freedom of paying a fee to use your own domain name if you so desire. Customizing your domain name has its advantages. For one thing, you get rid of the clunky identifier that is attached to blog names for sites on the free version.


Using Savings for Financing a New Online Business

Using Savings for Financing a New Online Business


In addition to that, when you pay for a domain name you are more likely to get what you want. Often, when you want to choose a name on the free platform, someone else has already taken it.

WordAds will make it possible for WordPress.com users to generate direct income using their health, or fashion blog, once they own a domain name. People who use WordAds get paid via PayPal and can deposit money form PayPal to their bank account. Learn more about WordAds in the official FAQ.

I think that just as people who use Blogspot, the free version of blogger, have access to Adsense ads, it is good for food bloggers who use the free version of WordPress to also have access to their ad network. It gives advertisers access to as wide a network as possible.

I think this move makes WordPress more competitive. It gives them greater reach and allows them to post advertisements on more secure content online.

Remember, if you self host your WordPress blogs by downloading the software from WordPress.org, you will not be able to use WordAds. WordAds is only for blogs on WordPress.com that have a unique domain name that does not include “.wordpress”. Hopefully, this will change in the future.


Important Points – WordPress WordAds vs Google Adsense

WordAds is actually for WordPress.com bloggers. You can apply at WordAds.co.

Bloggers on WordPress.com who need a domain name can pay $18 per year to get it. This is a paid upgrade that is available to WordPress.com users.

You will not lose any of your traffic. Traffic from the old address will be redirected to the new custom domain.

If you already have a blog on WordPress.com, all you’ll have to do is click on the link that invites you to upgrade to your own domain name. Since your blog is already hosted on WordPress.com for free, you will not have to pay for hosting anywhere else.

To get your domain through WordPress and continue getting hosting for free, click on the Stores tab when you are logged in. Click on My Domains, then click on Register a Domain.

If you want to get your domain name through another provider, WordPress makes it easy to map that domain name to your blog. You do not have to get a domain name through WordPress but doing so will be less work for you.

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