Whiskey Ball Ice Ball Mold

The whiskey ball ice ball mold is without a doubt the best way to keep your drink as cold as possible while not watering it down nearly as much, or as fast as traditional ice cubes or crushed ice.

Whiskey Ball Ice Ball Mold Video Review

I like the idea of adding food coloring to the ice ball mold for themed parties or using juice to add a hint of flavor to your drinks. While many people relate the ice ball mold to alcohol it is actually pretty practical for any of your favorite drinks. Get great deals on ice ball molds here!

If you enjoy soda you know how different a glass of it tastes when you first get it as opposed to when it is almost done. many times we will even pour the last bit of it out because it is too watery.

The whiskey ball ice ball mold is a perfect way to keep your soda cold and avoid that last bit being more water then soda.whiskey ball

making ice with the ice ball mold is also a great conversation piece. Although the whiskey ball is becoming much more popular and better known there are still many people who have not heard of it or at least seen ice from an ice ball mold. This will surely be a hot topic of conversation at your next gathering.

Here are some of the Pros and Cons of using round ice as opposed to cubes.


  • Melts slower so your drink tastes as good from the first sip to the last
  • Looks great in any drink
  • Inexpensive to make
  • Easy to make
  • Great conversation piece


  • They do take a little more work to make then regular ice
  • You will want to use bigger molds, 2″ or more so they will take up a little more space

Bottom line is, if you are serious about maintaining the flavor of your drink these are the best way to go in terms of using ice. You can get yours Right Here just in time for the Holidays

Just take a look at some Whiskey Ball ice ball mold reviews

Here is what one woman had to say:

I really love these ice ball molds. I actually freeze my favorite wine and use them to avoid watering down my wine when I am chilling it, these work great. We have also frozen soda to add to various cocktails and the taste us so much better!

Another happy customer had this to say:

The Whiskey Ball ice ball mold is so much fun. The kids love the unique shape making ice a lot more fun. It is always a great topic when we have adult guests as well and the love how it keeps their drinks from getting watered down.

And yet another great review:

When I got my ice ball maker I went right to work getting my first batch made. It too a little over 2 hours for everything to freeze and they came out perfect. After I made 4 more batches and have them in a freezer bag so I have plenty on hand. I am also getting ready to experiment with other things like freezing juices and other drinks. I never had so much fun making ice!

These are just some of the great reviews that people have put up about the Whiskey Ball ice ball mold. This is without a doubt the perfect Holiday gift and will also make for a great conversation at your next Holiday party.

Whether you enjoy an adult beverage or are just looking for a way to make your soda, juices and even water a little more fun round ice balls are a very unique and practical way to make all your drinks retain maximum flavor while keeping them nice and cool.

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We also have one more review for you from someone very special 😉

I thought that was funny but, if you are serious about getting the Whiskey Ball Ice Ball Mold then check out the great prices here!

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