Where to Get Nagauta Shamisen Accessories & Parts- Azuma, Sawari, Zagane & Kamigoma

Nagauta shamisen accessories are suitable for the individual who plays traditional Japanese music on instruments like the koto or shakuhachi. Azuma, Sawari, Zagane & Kamigoma and other Nagauta shamisen accessories are available at only a few stores online.



The shamisen is one of the more popular instruments that have been in Japan for a long time. It has been used in the creation of many well known pieces of Japanese music and is favored by musicians in the west who want to learn new instruments from Asia.


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Finding the Right Shamisen

The shamisen is available in several different forms. Shops that specialize in musical instruments such as guitars, violins and harps may sometimes carry it.

However, it is often easier to find the exact type of shamisen you desire by looking online at retailers that carry a wide variety of products from across the world. There are also specialist shops that focus exclusively on musical instruments from Japan.

Shamisens Vary According to Their Purpose

The type of shamisen you choose may depend on what type of recording first got you interested in this form of music. Modern shamisen music performed by the Yoshida Brothers has won many fans for this music across the world. People who like the beautiful music that the Yoshida Brothers play usually choose the Tsugaru shamisen when they want to learn to play shamisen music themselves.

Nagauta Shamisen

Fans of Japanese Kabuki and other theatre arts will be more likely to choose the Nagauta shamisen. Kameya Japanese instrument shop specializes in these percussion instruments. They have a wide variety of specialist instruments at a price range of between 57,000 Japanese Yen and 300,000 Japanese Yen.

Amazon has a wide selection of books and other learning material that are ideal for beginners. There is a smaller selection of instruments and accessories however they are affordably priced.

Shamisen Accessories

Nagauta shamisen accessories are all available at both of these stores. This means that you can find finger guards, a bag for your shamisen, a pick or bachi, hiza gomu and other items. Each of these can be ordered separately.

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