Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet Review

Wacom Intuos Tablet ReviewThe Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet is the perfect tablet for professional design work or home photo editing, no matter how large or small your project. This easy to use tablet offers plenty of editing options to make simple photographic edits that will stand up to even those professional design tablets.

The Wacom Intuos5 Touch offers a multi-touch surface so that you can zoom, pan, lip and navigate without being stuck with that boring mouse or cumbersome keyboard.

The intelligent Expresskeys offer the user complete control and customization of the Wacom Intuos5 in a single, simple step. Pen pressure sensitivity is so refined that digital editing becomes more of a thought than a movement with this tablet. The Wacom Intuos5 is a fantastic product for the casual photo editor to the professional photographer.

What’s great about the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet?


The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet is absolutely a large tablet. With over 102 square inches of surface working area, this tablet makes the editing process more of a pleasure and less of a chore. The working area offers plenty of pixel space so that you can see even the finest of work without straining yourself. The tablet offers this amazing amount of workspace without the heavy body required for a dedicated laptop or other editing device.


The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet offers plenty of input options for your specific editing requirements and makes it perfectly simple to transition between custom editing functions and creating your own artwork. The supremely sensitive touch pad makes creating those intricate designs or editing single pixels about as simple as you can imagine editing would ever become.

The range of input devices offers you the additional benefit of making this tablet an editing helper rather than just a design board. The Grip Pen and touch pad combination make the tablet sensitive to the slightest movement. Replacement nibs that are included with the tablet give you even more options when it comes to making art from your photos or increasing your graphic design potential. The nibs come in stroke and felt tips to create the finest brush strokes or even to simulate writing or text designed with a marker.

 Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet (PTH850)

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Express Keys

These eight keys offer a memory function not found on most tablets in this price range. The ExpressKeys are customizable to initiate your most often used editing applications at just the touch of a button. They also provide on-screen reminders for function settings and offer a time saving shortcut for your design processes.


The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet is ergonomically designed and offers a comfortable working surface no matter which hand you prefer. Right-handed or left-handed, the reversible design makes it easy to spend those editing hours in relative comfort. Its lightweight body and cordless pen make the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet extremely usable. Although the screen and work area are quite large, the tablet does not have the heavy weight that you might imagine with an editing device of this size.


Everything that you need to begin and end your editing process is included with the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet. That is definitely a wonderful bonus when it comes to tablets since many other brands force you to purchase extra devices for PC or Mac compatibility.


The price tag is not small when it comes to the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet. Though the tablet offers plenty of space for your design work, and offers premium editing capabilities, this product does come with a hefty price tag. The average touch tablet is priced lower than the Wacom Intuos5, but remember that this is a supremely flexible tablet. You can edit using your intelligent pen, the flexible touch pad or your own ExpressKeys programmed to suit your needs entirely. This range of input makes the Wacom Intuos5 one of the most flexible of all editing devices.

Is the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet a great purchase?

Yes, the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet is an excellent purchase for the professional website designer, the weekend photographer, the professional photographer or even the graphic designer. This tablet offers ergonomic form combined with workhorse function that is found in no other tablet of this size on the market today. The Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet has smart options like the ExpressKeys and interchangeable pen nibs that make this tablet an excellent performer and a valuable tool. Whether you are going to spend your time creating family albums of beautiful photos or are running your own graphic design business, the Wacom Intuos5 Touch Large Pen Tablet is an excellent addition to your creative editing arsenal.

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