Updated Lumia 630 Dual Sim to Windows 10

When I read from various forums that a Windows 10 update was rolled out for selected Lumia phones, I got excited when I knew that the Lumia 630 was one of the first Microsoft phones to receive this update.

For a budget phone such as the Lumia 630, it is pleasantly surprising that it can manage an upgrade. This will give it a chance to test its stability. Microsoft gave a fair warning that this Technical Preview may be risky if you are doing it on your primary phone. After backing up my files, I started out with a clean slate and updated the device to Lumia Cyan through the phone update command.

Following the instructions provided by the windows blog, I downloaded the Windows Insider App from the Store and followed the steps on the insider app. There were two versions to choose from and I chose Insider Slow just to be careful not to brick my phone.

Windows 10 Lumia 630    Windows 10 Lumia 630   Windows 10 Lumia 630

After the update and installation, phone showed Welcome to Lumia Denim. There weren’t any obvious changes, so I thought that the update was a failure.  About 20 minutes later my phone flashed a notice through the Windows Insider app saying that the “phone has been rebooted.”

Windows 10 Lumia 630 Windows 10 Lumia 630 Windows 10 update

A reboot followed as well as the image of two turning wheels, a very familiar sight among Windows phone users. After a few more minutes of waiting, my phone was finally updated successfully with Windows 10.

Windows 10 update Windows 10 update Windows 10 update Windows 10 update

You can see from the screenshots here the updated look on a Lumia 630 phone.

Windows 10 update  Windows 10 update  Windows 10 update

As my initial observation, I find the default text too small. The scrolling movement is not as smooth as that of the 8.1 version. It was like using a cheap Android phone. No offense meant for Android users, but those of you who have used Windows 8 know exactly what I mean by smooth movement.

Anyway, the update is still in its Beta version. I’m sure there will be more developments ahead. We’ll keep hoping for the best.





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