Tips for Designing a Good Business Card and Getting Inspiration

Always Promote Your Business

These tips for designing a good business card will help entrepreneurs who want to make the best use of this valuable promotional tool. Business cards are still an essential part of the modern business person’s toolkit.

A cleverly designed business card will continue to bring you new customers for a long time. It will also help you to cement a solid business relationship with a person who you may only spend a short time with at your first meeting.

Make Your Brand Noticeable

In order to make your brand noticeable, every document that carries your brand name must stand out. If your message is not plain, it will be passed over.

People who are given your business card have an option to either keep it or throw it away. By designing a good business card, you can help to ensure that they do the former.


Make Your Brand Noticeable


State What You Do

Those who keep your card may be motivated to pass on your information to others. They will do this if the card, or their personal encounter with you, convinces them that you have something that will help another person. For this reason, your card must state what you do and how to contact you.

Display Social Media Details and Other Contact Information

Many people nowadays use an email address to keep in contact with their clients. You should also have the address of your website, company blog or company FaceBook page displayed on the card. This makes it easy for prospective clients to check your product and business out online.

Choose a Great Design

People will keep a business card just because it’s attractive. People will ask for a copy of a card that is eye-catching. However they will pass over a card that appears cluttered or has other design mistakes. Choose good colors. Red is one of the colors that tend to stand out.

Those who don’t meet you or a representative of your company in person may see your card before anything else. They will use it to form an impression of you.

Think back over the cards you’ve kept or those that looked attractive to you. What colors did they use?

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