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Mobile gaming on either tablet or phone is growing every single day. Mobile Gaming is a major market and Gameloft’s Spider-Man Unlimited is one of the many free to download games out there you can get your hands on. Yet what makes this different than the other games out there? Spider-Man Unlimited is using the concepts from Spider-Verse, a recent Marvel Event involving every Spider character that’s ever existed. Add in the fact that the game mechanics are deceptively simple, punch bad guys and dodge obstacles with a boss fight mixed in for good measure. You have special events that pop up too that you can do to get more Spider-Men and Women from the Spider-Verse event in meeting certain goals. Now the gameplay is fun and easy to get into as it is a basic running, dodging, and punching game.  This is also the dreaded freemium style game, meaning it is free to play but there are extras that are not necessary but you have to pay for them. Yet that isn’t a big deal in a strange sense for Spider-Man Unlimited, it’s a freemium game that can actually be played completely free. Crazy right? Not as much as you’d think.

It struck me odd about Spider-Man Unlimited that you can easily enough play the game free. It may take you awhile to get anywhere at certain points but it is easily playable without paying for anything extra. The way you get extra stuff is by ISO-8 and you can get it easily enough. There’s also extra boosters that you can  pay for and you really don’t need to do that. I’ve seen some scores on there that seem to be naturally possible without any boosters. I’ve gotten a 500K plus run without having to pay for anything extra so it is doable. There’s also the in game currency of vials that you get on the field that you can use to get Standard Spider-Men and some boosters as well. Again for some of the more exclusive Spider-Men and Women you’re either ranking in events or getting ISO-8. I’ve actually done okay for myself in Spider-Man Unlimited without buying any ISO-8 and playing the game.

Spider-Man Unlimited is a fun game and while the option is open to buy extras, not needed. It’s a freemium game but easy to get into and not be forced into buying extra stuff. The sales that pop up there are easy to ignore but they do remind you that yes you can buy extra stuff if you want to. They don’t make you do it and waiting for energy isn’t that bad either as they don’t make you pay for that either, usually takes under an hour to get energy fully recharged after 5 runs. It’s a good game overall and I’m enjoying it. I play it a couple or so times a day and it is perfect for time killing. If you want to download it and see for yourself it’s on the Google Play store for Android or on all Apple devices.

Image Credit: Pixabay via image author Nemo


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