The Everything Guide to Aloe Vera for Health – Book Review

Who knew that aloe vera could be so interesting? I bought this book because I was interested in learning more about this plant which, let’s face, we’ve all heard a lot about on the internet. There are lots of websites claiming that this plant can do amazing things, but there are very few that are actually provide you with historical context and scientific proof to substantiate those claims. This plant has an amazingly long history, not just in one culture, but across a wide variety of cultures, which, unlike many claims made about “newly-discovered” super plants, gives the claims made about aloe vera much weightier.


But this book doesn’t just talk about the history of aloe vera. It also discusses how it was and still is used in cultures around the world, and also talks about exactly how it is used today. It also talks about some of the modern research being done right now about this plant and how it can help individuals with psoriasis and even conditions like diabetes. Instead of just making claims, it references ongoing studies being performed on aloe vera, as well as studies that have already been completed.

One of the reasons this plant is so widespread is because it is so resilient to a wide variety of different climates. As it was taken from place to place, planted, and flourished, the native people learned about the uses for this plant and began incorporating them into their natural medicine. We all know that aloe vera is great for relieving the sting of burns and to help skin heal, but those who have not yet studied this book might not know all of its many internal and external uses.

This book goes much deeper into the history and usage of aloe vera than any resource you can find online. It gives you all of the information you need in order to not only understand this plant, but also how to use it relieve a number of very common ailments. One of the best parts of buying this book is that the author has also highlighted specific details and notes that are especially important, making it very easy to go back and find facts once you have read through the entire book. If you are interested at all in aloe vera and its medicinal properties, this is the book to buy!

The Everything Guide to Aloe Vera for Health: Discover the Natural Healing Power of Aloe Vera (Everything Health and Fitness)
by Britt Brandon CFNS CPT (2015)

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