Supernatural Season 3 Review: Saving Dean From Hell

Supernatural Season 3 Review: Saving Dean From HellWhen someone asks me about my favorite season of Supernatural, I always tell them that it’s a toss between seasons one and three. Now that I’ve rewatched the seasons, that hasn’t changed. There are some great episodes in the third season of the show. It was just a shame that it was the shortest season.

Season three aired when the writer’s strike hit. Supernatural wasn’t the only show that suffered. If you look at the majority of shows that aired in the 2007/2008 season, you’ll find that the number of episodes were cut. Supernatural was cut from the usual 22/23 episode seasons to just 16. Part of me really felt that there was more that could have been done with characters, but the writers did the best they could with the number of episodes they had left.

The Introduction of Female Leads

Supernatural season three was the first time that female leads had been introduced into the show. I wondered whether they tried to do that with Jo and Ellen in season two, but people just didn’t like the idea of love interests for either boys. To be honest, Ruby and Bela weren’t exactly welcomed that well by some of the female fans.

Personally, I loved both the characters. I liked Bela more, and would have loved to have seen her get more episodes than she did. She was a little like a female Dean, just focusing on using the supernatural world for her own personal gain than saving people. With her type of upbringing, it wasn’t exactly that surprising. It would have been nice for Dean and Sam to realize just why she had her parents killed when she was 14, and I wonder whether they would have if the show had got its full episode season.

Ruby on the other hand was an interesting character. Katie Cassidy is a great actress, and I’m really glad that she got Gossip Girl and Arrow off the back of Supernatural. I’m not going to go into how Ruby turned out in season four right now, but I had high hopes for her during season three. She seemed like a character that could be trusted (I know that’s what it was supposed to look like) and I really wanted her to turn out like that.

The introduction of female leads also helped to expand the show and the mythology. It led to the introduction of other male leads from season four onwards. It really is just a shame that so many female fans were so against female characters.

Bringing in Lilith

As soon as Lilith’s name was mentioned in the show, I knew who she was going to be. The show had been very good with mythology up to this point, and there was no way the writers were going to miss out on the fact that Lilith is supposed to be the first ever demon.

Of course, that wasn’t really brought up in Supernatural’s third season. She was just the most powerful demon the Winchester brothers had ever faced.

One thing that I loved about her was that she inhibited children. There is something about evil children that is more creepy for me than evil adults. The girls that they got to play her—especially the second actress—were excellent. Their ability to go from sweet to evil in a matter of milliseconds is something that will help them in the future. I would have liked to see more of them throughout the season, but again I believe that was partially due to the writer’s strike, so I won’t complain too much.

The Best Season Finale to Date

The season three finale is by far the best to date. While I really loved season one with the major cliffhanger, the season three one made it clear that anything could happen.

Throughout the whole of season three, I was wondering when Dean would be saved. How would Sam get his brother out of his deal without dying himself? I’d read a few fan fictions that offered different versions, but I really wanted to see how the Supernatural writers were going to do it.

I had a feeling that it would be left to the last minute, but I never expected what happened next. It’s been the only time that I never expected a season finale (bar the first season) to end the way it did. They actually killed Dean off and sent him to Hell.

For the whole break I wondered how they were going to continue. Would we see Dean in Hell? Would he somehow claw his way out like John did and become a ghost? Would Ruby somehow save him? There were lots of questions that came up.

Of course, we know how it turned out, and I did enjoy it at first. I’m not going to go into my thoughts about later seasons yet. For now I’ll just say that the twists brought in had me going for a while. It was clear that Eric Kripke had a big plan and the show needed all the first five seasons to explain everything. Dean going to Hell was just part of that larger storyline.

Season three had a mixture of overall storylines and standalone episodes. Some of my favorite episodes come from Supernatural’s third season, including Bad Day at Black Rock and Jus In Bello. It is a shame that it was cut to just 16 episodes, but there is a good reason for that and the writers worked with what they had quite well. It really has set the bar high for future seasons in my opinion.

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