Supernatural Season 2 Review: The Start of the Longer Storylines

SupernaturalOne thing that I loved about Supernatural’s first season was the standalone episodes. I love overall storylines that aren’t the main focus of the show. Season one was all about finding their dad, but they helped various people along the way and much of the focus on was on the brothers’ relationship with each other.

Season two primarily focused on that, but it was the start of the longer storylines. It was when most of the larger arcs came in. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the season, but it’s not one of my favorites. Seasons one and three of Supernatural will remain my favorites for various reasons. But, since I recently finished watching season two of the show, it’s time to share my review.

What Happened to John?

For the start of the season, there was a big question looming over the top of everything. What happened to John Winchester? Viewers knew that he’d made some sort of deal and somehow that led to his death, but nobody really knew what that deal was. Sure, there were suspicions, but the answer wasn’t confirmed until a few episodes in with Crossroad Blues.

This was the first sign that there would be a Heaven/Hell storyline introduced to the show. Well, it was the sign that Hell would be introduced. Right away, the first time I watched it I knew how it would end. I knew the season would finish with one of the brothers selling his soul for the other; and part of me was sure it would end up being Dean since he was the big brother.

That’s not to say that I was disappointed in the end. But the writers have a bad habit of being overly obvious at times.

More Focus on Sam Winchester

There was a lot more focus on Sam in season two of Supernatural. It was all about his demon blood and what it would mean for him; why Azazel (Yellow Eyes as he was known then) did what he did.

When I first watched this season, I really didn’t like it. There’s something about Sam’s character that I don’t like. I’m a Dean girl and will openly admit that when people ask. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like the episodes that focus on Sam more. The problem is that it focused too much on Sam for me (and it’s a problem I have with later seasons).

That being said, rewatching the season has helped me enjoy it more. I found many of the standalone episodes entertaining, and I even found that I liked older characters again. By the season finale, I was sad that they killed Andy off (yet another character to die after meeting the Winchesters!).

The Unresolved Storylines

There are a few storylines in Supernatural season two that still remain unresolved. I know that the storylines were part of the bigger picture when seasons 1-5 are watched together, but there are still moments that I watch and wonder why things were added in.

One of those storylines is the Croatoan virus. The only other time I remember this being mentioned/used was in season five when Dean goes to the future. I’ve rewatched seasons three and four, and it definitely wasn’t mentioned in either of those. It’s like a storyline that could have grown into something bigger, and could still be used in the show. There are moments in the end of the croatoan episode that I still question, like why (I’m assuming) Azazel wanted to infect Sam in the first place. What would have happened if he did become infected and end up going on the killing spree? How did everyone suddenly go back to normal, when the disease ran like crazy in the season five episode?

I like storylines that are revisited later, but they actually have to be revisited. That made season two a weaker one for me.

Overall, I do enjoy the episode. It’s not my least favorite of the first five seasons—or of Supernatural as a whole. But it’s not one of my favorites. It’s great as part of the whole show, though, and is a necessary part of the first five seasons to get the brothers from hunting monsters to stopping the apocalypse. If you’re looking for a new show, I do recommend Supernatural.

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