Supernatural Season 1 Review: Rewatching From the Beginning

Supernatural season 1

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For Christmas, my husband bought me the Supernatural boxset. Rather than getting the current season 1-8 boxset, he’s buying me each season separately each month. I adore the Winchester brothers, and we ended up rewatching the first season of Supernatural within three days. Yes, 22 episodes in three days! Not healthy but so worth it.

There are a lot of sayings that I remember from season one of Supernatural. One of those became a rule for my car: “driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” It was one that I used on my husband before he became a Supernatural fan and then smirked when he realized where I got it from.

The Story of Two Brothers

One thing that attracted me to Supernatural in the first place was that it was a fantasy show focusing on two brothers. I’d grown up with Charmed just before this, and that was initially about three sisters who happened to be witches, so the sibling bond pulled me in.

It’s great to see that even watching the original episodes, I didn’t make up the relationship the two actors seemed to have on screen. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki portrayed the brothers’ relationship perfectly. Making it so that they were reconnecting after a couple of years of not talking certainly seemed to help the fact that the two actors were only just getting to know each other.

Urban Legends and Scary Stories

There were some great storylines in the first season of Supernatural. The urban legends and scary tales we used to tell around the campfires were all there. They included the likes of Bloody Mary and the Hookman.

It’s something that I miss from the recent seasons of Supernatural, but there will be more to come on those when I get to the later seasons.

One thing that I really enjoyed with the episodes is that it was possible to learn more about the urban legends as the boys were. One would have some information, but not know it all. The clues would all end up coming together by the end, and there were times that we could only speculate like the brothers did. They didn’t always have all the answers, which made it seem more realistic (even if it is a fantasy show).

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Not all the episodes in season one were great. I remember watching a special episode where Eric Kripke and Robert Singer admitted that they were running on a low budget, and had some terrible costumes and storylines.

My least favorite episode is Bugs. It was boring with a storyline that was easy to guess. I usually love stories with Native American curses, but that episode just didn’t do it enough.

There were also some amusing bloopers and mistakes throughout. It took us a couple of attempts, but we heard Ackles called the character Sam by Padalecki’s name during one episode. Yes, I kept rewinding and playing again until both my husband and I were certain that was what we were hearing. There was another point where the night vision was used on the camera and then the boys had torches…oops!

My favorite episode of Supernatural season one has to be Home. It brought out more of the overall storyline, and I adore Missouri as a character. Will they ever bring her back, do you think?

If you’re looking for a new TV show, Supernatural is definitely one that I recommend you get into. Yes, it may be 10 seasons in right now, but I’m rewatching the series from the start. It’s never too late to start. Once you start watching, you’ll find it difficult to stop.

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