Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner is an easy glide

Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner

Eyeliner that stays- click below to learn more

To be totally honest with you, I’m not 100% impressed with any waterproof eyeliner that I’ve used.I have yet to be ‘knocked-out’ by any of the supposedly waterproof liners, I’ve used.

Lancome eyeliners are great but they too aren’t 100% in the staying power department, even though I love their mascara and eyeshadows. When I use a waterproof eyeliner I expect it to be waterproof, smudge-proof and fade-proof. I’m funny that way. And so far, each and every one I have tried has not lasted the way I want it to. Of course, I’ve always had a problem  with eyeliner and eye makeup lasting on these lids, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. But when I read waterproof, I expect to be able to cry, swim, blink and express myself without the liner disappearing in a few hours.

The Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in a twist pencil did impress me though, with it’s staying power, super colour choice and easy-glide tip. I was able to glide it on even using the makeup mirror in my car one day. It smoothed on like a dream and I absolutely love the “Stingray” charcoal colour I chose.Plus, it did last longer than the others. Even the Lancome pencils didn’t last very long and became hard and did not release colour as they pulled at delicate eyelid skin during application.

Note:I can also vouch for Stila’s gorgeous eyeshadows below which also have staying power and are available in delicious colours.

Any woman who uses eyeliner would appreciate a Stila smudge stick in their stocking this Christmas and right now they are available at Amazon for a reduced price!

Stila smudge stick’s are available in so many exciting and vibrant colours- like Triggerfish,Ultramarine, Purple Tang, Sienna, Midnight Blue and so many more! Just click on the image of the smudge stick below and then click on the colour choice to see them all!

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