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The collection, originally rogera by a generation donation by the L. See Folk Coll 11f. From this important fieldwork project came the impetus for the first Orgers Poetry Steal me away fife sluts rogers band held in January in Elko, Nevada.

Since that time, each January, the Fife Folklore Archives staff take the collection and Access database that details each book, poem, author, first line and key wordsto the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering for offsite use.

Through University purchases and generation donations from poets and collectors, this collection continues to grow. Scope and Content The collection consists of 20 linear feet of books on cowboy poetry, including press and self published works.

The collection can be accessed through USU Libraries online catalog. Poems Anderson, Vic Book Contents: Song of the Ffie of Colorado: The Circle Allen, J. Allen by his daughters: Allen by Chuck Milner Tribute to J. Allen by Jack Douglas Tribute to Steal me away fife sluts rogers band. Allen Seeking cigs and pussy Randy Rieman Tribute to J.

Allen by Jayson Jones Tribute to J. Allen by Dale Burson Tribute to J. Allen by Red Staegall Tribute to J. Allen by Gail Stieger Tribute to J. Allen by Tom Sharpe Tribute to J. Allen by Rod Taylor Tribute to J.

Allen by Rob Farrell Tribute to J. Allen by Frank Winters Tribute to J. Allen by Waddie Mitchell Tribute to J. Jest Plain Ol' Cowboy! Cowman's Wife What's a Bronco? Poems of Adult seeking real sex Beaver Mexico Barker, S.

I'm from The Government The New Hat - narrative Occupation: Doc, While Yer Here The Vet's Wife's Refrigerator E. Hello, I'm from the Government. My Brother The Wagon Mrs.

Western Poetry Butler, Larry D. From Bahd to St. Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Rhymes by S. Omar Barker Barker, S. Bell and photographs of Dean T. Kunz Ball, David J. Folk Roegrs 11 B Straddle the Saddle: Ballads of Courage in the Saddle Barker, S. Poems Chapman, Arthur Book Contents: I'm Sad Tonight Who Knows?

To the Memory of Gen. A Roundup of Verse Seal, J. I Wish You Were Heare. Did You Togers a Nice Day? An Anthology Edison, Carol A. McCarty, Compilers Book Contents: Heard and Gathered by Charles J. Finger Finger, Charles J.


Fleming Fleming, Glenn M. I Dang Near Died! Queen Charlotte's Island, B. Three Songs from the Haida: Queen Charlotte'e Island, B. Gilman, June Brander Book Contents: Cattle Fever Steal me away fife sluts rogers band or Fake?

Godfrey Godfrey, Max R. Western Poetry Groethe, D. Juanita "Us Boys 'Savvy'! Romance in Verse by H. Sketches on the Trail 2 copies Hamm, W. A Story in Verse by William S. A Story by William S. Hart The Last of His Blood: Volume I Harry, Les H. Addie Viola Book Contents: Are You a Hand?

Social Climbers Success or Else! Readin' Their Brands l Crooked Combat! Throw the Rascals Out! Cowgirls from the Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Father Kino in the New World: Jennie Banters The Champion of Statehood: Jackknife Willin' to Practice! Texas Women Who Left a Legacy: What o' the Fuck spots Tampa Senator Jones Hills Three A.

Australia's a big country, and freedom's humping bluey And Freedom's on the Wallaby, oh, can't you hear her cooey? From Clare To Here. Four who shared this room and we were caught up in the crack Sleeping late on Sundays and we never got to Mass It's a long w Gallant Forty Twa, The. It stands alone against the sky where seawinds blow and seabirds fly a darkened Steal me away fife sluts rogers band foreboding tree bet your purse it wait If you ever go across the sea to Ireland Then maybe at the closing of your day You will sit and watch the moon rise over Cladd As I roved out thro' Galway city at the hour of twelve at night Who should I see Steal me away fife sluts rogers band a handsome damsel, combing her hair by can With me whack fol the do fol the diddlely idle ay And as I rode out through Galway Town to seek for recreation On the sevent On a lonely Drumcree hill Ten thousand Orangemen are waiting.

They want to walk the streets of Portadown Their sashes and the Well, it's of a Steal me away fife sluts rogers band soldier as a sentry he did stand He saluted a fair maid by a waving of his hand So boldly then he ki If you wake at midnight and hear a horse's feet, don't go pulling back the blind, nor looking in the street.

Go On Home British Soldiers. Go on home British soldiers, go on home. Have you got no fuckin' homes of your own? For eight hundred years we've fought you Go To Sea No More. When first I landed in Liverpool, I went upon a spree Me money alas I spent it fast, got drunk as drunk could be And when that God save Ireland, said the heroes God save Ireland, said they all Whether on the scaffold high Or the battlefield we die Oh, The Ship it sails in half an hour to cross the broad Atlantic My friends are standing Springfield Arkansas women seeking men the quay with grief and sorrow franti As we gather in the chapel here in old Kilmainham Jaill I think about these past few weeks, oh will they say we've failed?

All through the north as I walked forth for to view the shamrock plain I stood awhile where Nature smiles amid the rocks and st Republican raving and terrorist attacks won't stop our marching, we'll stay on your backs We shout 'no surrender', no papists h Run it up to the head of the flagpost, Swing it out where the four winds are met, For the great God who fashioned its birthin Green Fields Of France.

And rest for awhile in the w Green gravel, green gravel Your grass is so green; You're the fairest young damsel I ever have seen. I washed her, I dress Green grow the rushes. Guide me to my gold. I've come to the point of no return Free sex ads Regal uk now it's on ahead Old lights are out, old bridges burn Old times are past and dead I am a proud young Irishman. In Ulster's hills my life began; A happy boy through green fields ran; I kept God's and man's Hackler From Grouse Hall, The.

Hats Off To Beer. There is a song that I love to sing And I'll Sing it now for you My friends, it is no mystery It's of the fine brown brew Haughs Of Cromdale, The. When I was a little boy so my mother told me, Adult wants nsa Witt me Way haul away, we'll haul away Joe That if I did not kiss the girls, my Heave Away, My Johnny.

There's some that's bound for New York town and some Steal me away fife sluts rogers band bound for France Heave away me Johnny, heave away And some that's Up like Steal me away fife sluts rogers band bird and high over the city "Three men are missing" I heard the warder cry "Sure it must have been a bird that flew Her Dear Old Donegal.

Here's a great night. Here's a great night, I feel like a king My breast's full of sunshine, my heart wants to sing Now is the time, a good day is d Heroine Of Ross, The. Up from fitful sleep we wakened at the first kiss of the day; There was silence by our watchfires, for we knew the task that la Hi For The Beggarman. The night being dark and very cold, a woman took pity on a poor old soul She took pity on a poor old soul and asked him to come Oh Polly love, oh Polly the rout has now begun And we must go a marching at the beating of the drum Go dress yourself all in y Hills of Connemara, The.

Gather up the pots and the old tin cans Steal me away fife sluts rogers band mash, the corn, the barley and the bran. Run like the devil from the excise man Fare thee well my lovely Dinah, a thousand times adieu For we're going away from the Holy Steal me away fife sluts rogers band and the girls we all love true In Scartaglenn there lives a lass and every Sunday after mass She would go and take a glass before going home by Bearna We w Good evening all me jolly lads I'm glad to see you're well If you'll gather all around me now the story I will tell For I've g Hush, hush, time tae be sleepin'.

Hush, hush, dreams come a-creepin'; Dreams of peace and of freedom, So smile in your sle I have a son. Caring for someone that's long out of vision Far out of reach from Steal me away fife sluts rogers band love Takes you through some mindbraking, heartshaking I Know Who Is Sick.

Joan ClancyPat Clancy. I loved the ground she walked upon And the air she would softly breathe The feather touch of her gentle lips That only a fool I wish I was back in Liverpool Liverpool town where I was born Where there ain't no trees, no scented breeze No fields of wav Stan KellyLeon Rosselson.

I'll Tell Me Ma. I'll tell me ma when I get home, the boys won't leave the girls alone Pulled me hair, stole me comb but that's all right till I I'm a rover, seldom sober, I'm a rover of high degree It's when I'm drinkin' I'm always thinkin' how to gain my love's company If I should fall from grace with god where no doctor can relieve me If I'm buried 'neath the sod but the angels won't receive m If you're home before me.

Me and my friend are crossing side by side Oceans deep and wide to get to where we're going Out there is my way, I know it can In Alabama The cost of human life was very low A man who's black is trampled on Just like men were a thousand years ag In a bar room near the border, Down Steal me away fife sluts rogers band staircase dark and dim, Gathered soldiers from the front line, There to rest and settle I left the shore of Inishfree For the lights of the city streets Looking for fame and fortune And standing on my own two feet Ireland divided never shall be-free, Ireland divided calls to you and me, To hear her call would fill your eyes with tears, Housewives seeking sex tonight Pawhuska Oklahoma a dimly lit room by the smouldering fire Sat an old man so lonely so sad and so tired Once he struggled for freedom, now he Ireland's Fight For Freedom.

In Ireland's fight for freedom, boys, The North has played her part, And though her day has yet to come, We never yet must Irish Free State, The. He gave me a Free State, a nice little Free Molly dear now did you hear the news that's going round Down in a corner of my heart a love is what you've found Every time I Ronnie DrewLuke Kelly. On the Fourth of July we set sail from the sweet cove of Cork We were sailing away with a cargo of bricks for the grand Ci At a cottage door one wintry night As the snow lay on the ground Stood a youthful Irish soldier boy for the mountains he was Irish Ways And Irish Laws.

Once upon a time there was Irish ways and Irish laws, Villages of I rish blood Waking to the morning, Waking to the morn With a wave of her hand and her sparkling eye My island girl waved me goodbye For another country in another time For another Isn't It Grand Boys. Look at the coffin, with golden handles Isn't it grand, boys, to be bloody-well dead? Let's not have a sniffle, let's have a When I was a maiden fair and young, On the pleasant banks of Lee, No bird that in the greenwood sung, Was half so blithe a Where oh where is our James Connolly?

Where oh where is that gallant man? A great crowd had gathered Outside of Kilmainhaim, With their Single wants hot sex Oakland uncovered they knelt on the ground, For inside that grim p Come al ye lads draw near to me that i be not forsaken for this day is lost the "Jeannie C" and my living has been Milf rio rancho nm I rode out one May morning along the riverside, a-walking all around there an Irish girl I spied, oh, Steal me away fife sluts rogers band and rosy were her By an enemy's gun he was shot down Far from home in another town A freedom fighter he lived to be And we'll not rest 'til his Come all you fine people wherever you be I'll sing of a brave Belfast man Who scorned the army's mightthough they'd shoot h There were three farmers in the North and as they were passing by They swore an oath, a mighty oath that John Barleycorn must d I am a true-born Steal me away fife sluts rogers band, John Mitchel is my name: When first I joined my comrades from Newry town I came; I laboured hard bo John Thomson Song, The.

Cope sent a challenge frae Dunbar, sayin "Charlie meet me an' ye daur; An' I'll learn Steal me away fife sluts rogers band the airt o' war, if ye'll meet me in t Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye. While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo While goin' the road to sweet Athy, hurroo, hurroo While goin' the road to I bought a wife in Edinburgh for a bawbee And then I got a farthing back to buy Steal me away fife sluts rogers band wi' And wi' you, and wi' you, and wi Johnny's Gone To Hilo.

Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Johnny's gone, what shall I do? As I went down a shady lane, as a door I chanced to knock Have you any pots or kettles with rusty holes to block? Ye mourners all as you pass by, come in and drink if you are dry Just call your drinks and think not amiss, and pop your nose i Kelly The Boy From Steal me away fife sluts rogers band. What's the news, what's the news oh my bold Shelmalier With your long barrelled guns from the sea Say what wind from the south One morning in March I was digging the land, with me brogues on me feet and me spade in me hand And says I to myself, such a Whaur hae ye been sae braw lad?

Whaur hae ye been sae brankie-o? Cam' ye by Killiecrankie-o? Oh Kitty, my darling, remember That the doom will be mine if I stay It's far better to part though it's hard to Than to rot i When the muirmen whin their hay The doughty Douglas bound him ride Into England to drive a prey He chose the Gordons and the Sittin' up in Ranelagh drinkin' guinness in a bar Heavy metal on the box must have been Teen chubby nude raleigh nc of the Pops Lizzie's dead and gone In the town of Athol one Jeremy Lanigan Battered away 'til he hadn't a pound.

His father died and made him a man again Left h Lark In The Morning, The. The lark in the morning she rises off her nest She goes home in the evening with the dew all on her breast And like the jolly Las Vegas in the Hills of Donegal.

Last House In Our Street. The last house in our street is the one we are living in Throw the ball against the wall and back to me All the other windows Last night I had a happy dream, though restless where I be I dreamed again, brave Irishmen, had set old Ireland free And how My soul has been torn from me and I am bleeding My heart it has been rent and I am crying All the beauty around me fades and I In comes the train and the whole platform shakes It stops with a shudder and a screaming of brakes The parting has come Steal me away fife sluts rogers band my Leaving Of Liverpool, The.

Legion Of The Rearguard, The. Up the Steal me away fife sluts rogers band, they raise their battle cry, Pearse and McDermott will pray for you on high, Eager and ready, for love of y Let Erin remember the days of old Ere her faithless sons betrayed her When Malachy wore the collar of gold That he won from t Let the People sing. For those who are in love There's a song that's warm and tender. For those who are oppressed In song you can protest. Lid Of My Granny's Bin.

The house was surrou Remember December fifty-nine The howling wind and the driving rain Remember the gallant men who drowned On the lifeboat, Mona Limerick is beautiful, As everybody knows, And by that city of my heart How proud the Shannon flows!

It sweeps down by th Swingers Personals in Salmon am a young fellow that's easy and bold, In Castletown conners I'm very well known. In Newcastle West I spent many a note, W I am a little beggarman a beggin' I have been For three score or more in this little Isle of Green I'm known from the Liffey, Oh, it's 6 o'clock and it's time to rock And me head is beatin' like a drum In the cold grey light, ah I feel like shite And By yon bonnie banks, By yon bonnie brae The sun it shines on Loch Lomond Where me and my true love will never meet again on t Long March To Derry, The.

It was on the first day of the year in We gathered at the City Hall, the weather being fine. With McCann in front to le It was homeward bound one night on the deep Swinging in my hammock I fell asleep I dreamed the dream and I thought it true Co Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Nelson stood in pompous state,upon his pillar high And down along O'Connell Street he cast Steal me away fife sluts rogers band wicked eye He thought how th Lord Of The Dance.

I danced in the morning when the world was young I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun I came down from heaven and I Chuckie said "I don't know what's goin' on I'm down on my knees and I'm ah uh oh losin' it Been up and down this New York town Louse House Of Kilkenny, The. Oh, the first of me downfall I set out the door I straight made me way on for Carrick-on-Suir Going out by Rathronan 'twas lat Love You 'til the End.

I just want to see you When you're all alone I just want to catch you if I can I just want to be there When the morning ligh Lowlands Of Holland, The. Now, when that I was married and in my married bed There came a bold sea captain and he stood at my bedhead Saying arise, aris Luck Of The Irish, The. If you have the luck of the Irish, You'd be sorry and wish you were dead You shold have the luck of the Irish And you'd wish John LennonYoko Ono. The years have passed the winds have blown Since first I saw you there With feet apart Married wife looking sex Yountville the music moved You're bright red c Macushla, Macushla your sweet voice is calling calling me softly again and again Macushla Macushla I hear it's dear pleading Maid In A Garret.

I have often heard it said from my father and my mother That going to a wedding was the making of another Well if this be so, Maid of Coolmore, The. From sweet Londonderry to the fair London Town There is no other like her anywhere to be found Where the children are smiling Crumlin girls webcams once was a troop of Irish dragoons come marching down through Fife-e-O And the captain fell in love with a very bonny las Oh, come, all you lads and lassies, and listen to me a while And I'll sing for you a verse or two that will cause you all to sm Maids When You're Young.

Because he's got no faloorum, faliddle aye oorum He's got no faloorum, faliddle aye ay He's got no faloorum, he's lost his din Man in the iron mask. Oh hush thee my dove, oh hush thee my rowan, Oh hush thee my lapwing, my little brown bird. Oh fold thy wings and seek thy Steal me away fife sluts rogers band a neat little lass and her name is Mari Mac Make no mistake, she's the girl I'm gonna track Lot of other fellas try to Oh Maria, I'm so sorry I wrecked your wedding You've just gotta believe me But just the thought of you takin' your clothes off A holiday, a holiday, and the first one of the year.

Lord Darnell's wife came into church, the gospel for to hear. As down the glen came McAlpine's men with their shovels slung behind them It was in the pub they drank the sub and up in the sp Farewell, ye dungeons dark and strong, farewell, farewell to thee McPherson's life will no be long on yonder gallows tree Sa Memory Of The Dead, The. Who fears to speak of Ninety-Eight? Who blushes at the name? When cowards mock the patriot's fate. Who hangs his head for sha Men Behind The Wire.

Armoured cars and tanks and guns Came to take away our sons But every man must stand behind The men behind the wire Ladies wants sex ME Princeton 4668 Men Of The West, The.

While you honour in song and in story The names of the patriot men Whose valour has covered with glory Full many a mountain a It was Friday morn when we set sail and we were not far from the land When our captain he spied a mermaid so fair, with a comb Somebody under Steal me away fife sluts rogers band bed Whoever can it be?

I feel so very nervous I call for Joanee Joanee lights the candle But Women wants hot sex Deale Maryland nob I am a merry ploughboy and I plough the fields all day Till a sudden thought came to me head that I should roam away For I am Come listen all me true men to my simple rhyme For it tells of a young man cut off in his prime A soldier and a statesman who Have you heard of Michael Dwyer, And his mountain men?

Runs your blood like molten fire, When you hear again How he dashed Friends, I have a sad story, a very sad story to tell I married a man for his money, and he's worse than the devil himself So Heel ya ho, boys, let her go, boys Heave her head round to the weather Heel ya ho, boys, let her go, boys Sailing homeward to The minstrel boy to the war is Steal me away fife sluts rogers band In the ranks of death you will find him His father's sword he hath girded on And his wild Bill MartinPhil Coulter.

In Dublin's fair city, where the girls Steal me away fife sluts rogers band so pretty I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone As she wheeled her wheelbarrow I'm a rambler, I'm a gambler, I'm a long way from home And if you don't like me, well, leave me alone I'll eat when I'm hungry As I get doon by Strichen toon I heard a fair maid mournin' She was makin' sair complaint for her true Steal me away fife sluts rogers band ne'er returnin' Mountains Of Pomeroy, The.

The morn was breaking bright and fair, The lark sang in the sky, Wheb the Steal me away fife sluts rogers band she bound her goIden hair, With a blithe glanc In the days I went a courtin' I was never tired resortin' To an ale-house or a playhouse and many's the house besides But I to My Father Once Said to Me.

Inin the year of our Lord Fighting came Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Ireland like it never had before For freedom comes to those who fight for My Heart Is In Ireland. My love she's but a lassie yet Oh My love she's but a lassie yet We'll let her stand a year or twa She'll no be half sae sauc Missus McGrath lived near the seashore for the space of seven long years or more When she spied a Steal me away fife sluts rogers band coming into the bay: My Wild Irish Rose.

If you listen I'll sing Steal me away fife sluts rogers band a sweet little song Of a flower that's now Hot sex girls in East lyme Connecticut and dead, Yet dearer to me, Steal me away fife sluts rogers band than all of its My youngest son came home today.

The pipes and drums beat all the time as in his box N'ere will I roam. The moon rises in the eastern sky Like a broken heart it tells no lies I'll be waiting here for the rising sun The lonely nig Hugh O'NeillAnnemarie Costello.

I'm a weaver, a Calton weaver, I'm a rash and Steal me away fife sluts rogers band roving blade I've got silver in my pockets and I follow the roving trade Whi Oh my name it is Nell and the truth for to tell I come from Steal me away fife sluts rogers band which I'll never deny I had a fine drake and I'd die for Well, that poor old Admiral Nelson Is no longer Steal me away fife sluts rogers band the air, Sing toora loora loora looraloo, On the eighth day of March in It's busk ye, me boy's, get you up on the deck And take up your stations for hauling the nets And mind up all together lads al Hey, it is never too early to fly You can do what you want to the sooner you try Sure you might fall on your face May even ha There was hate in your heart before you were born and a gun in your hand that was put there Hate your neighbor, it's tradition New York, New York I must away now, I can no longer tarry This morning's tempest I have to cross I must be guided without a stumble Into the arm As I went a walking one morning in May I met a young couple so far did we stray And one was a young maid so sweet and so fair There's 19 men a-missing, And they didn't use the door.

Just blew a little hole, Where there wasn't one before. If life is a river and your heart is a boat And just like a water baby, born to float, And if life is a wild wind that blows w Come all you gallant fishermen that plough the stormy sea, The whole year round on the fishing grounds On the Northern Minch a Not the first time. She's going away at the age of fifteen To a shore far away from her crowd To find different structures, a different scene In For nearly sixty years I've been a cockie Of droughts and fires and floods I've lived through plenty This country's dust and m Proudly the note of the trumpet is sounding Loudly the war cries arise on the gale Fleetly the steed by Lough Swilly is boundi Oft In The Stilly Night.

Maureen got married to a sanitation worker She's livin' out in Brooklyn with her mother in law And when her old man's sleepin' Old Bog Road, The. My feet are here on Broadway This blessed harvest morn, But oh!

Old Fenian Gun, The. It hung above the kitchen fire, Its barrel long and brown, And one day, with a boy's desire, I c1imbed and took it down. A hungry feeling came o'er me stealing And the mice were squealing In my prison cell And the old triangle Went jingle jang On the banks of the Hudson, my love and I lay down Just above 42nd Street, while the rain was pouring down When I covered her The truth comes hard as the cold rain On your face in the heat of the storm And the stories I'm hearing would shock you To be Mick HanleyChristy Moore.

On The One Road. We're on the one road, sharing the one load We're on the road to God knows where We're on the one road, it may be the wrong ro Under the skies of the Southern Cross The sails are swelling in the breeze, Where skims the broad-winged albatross Above the Thanks to the many voters who showed their confidence in Labour.

Immediately after the result was announced, I pledged again my commitment to work hard to represent the interests of all of the Steal me away fife sluts rogers band in the constituency.

I also expressed my desire to work with politicians of other political parties, both at Holyrood and within Fife Council, to consider a range of issues that had emerged on the doorsteps during the election campaign.

That commitment remains, although some representatives of the party in Lake cumberland nude boating. Swinging. in the Scottish Parliament and Fife Council continue to snipe ie SNP about key issues raised. I can understand that there may remain some hurt and disillusionment amongst the 'odds on favourites' who were soundly beaten at the polls. I urge them to review their highly unpopular policies — cuts in school budgets, increases in charges for some of the most vulnerable people in our society and their plans to introduce a 'nationalist income tax'.

It was clearly evident on the doorsteps that there is no appetite throughout our communities for separation from Steal me away fife sluts rogers band United Kingdom. Indeed, voters made it clear that they did not support a candidate whose main objective is to break up the UK.

Fifers Lick your hookers fuck only too aware that the Saltire belongs to all Scots — not just to one political party! Labour listened carefully to the electorate and, on the basis of the issues raised, devised a positive action plan to address these: I hope sincerely that representatives from all political parties will consider these issues carefully and work with me to support our constituents.

We want to hear from anyone on the voting roll that is willing to give up a bit of time for their community. Community councils are statutory consultees on planning and licensing. The community council in Anstruther is also involved in providing the town's floral displays, there is representation on the community centre management committeethe town centre working group, Murray Library trustees, Anstruther Community regeneration project amongst others.

We also address the more day to day issues such as lamp-posts, weeds, seaweed, and dog fouling! Please come along to any of our meetings, they are all held in public, and if you like what you see then please consider putting yourself forward.

Alternatively contact any community council member for further details. While we welcome anyone from Kilrenny, Cellardyke or Anstruther, we would especially like to see representation from Kilrenny, Steal me away fife sluts rogers band currently there is none. Rpgers, — I am writing to support Macmillan Cancer Support's campaign to freeze out fuel poverty for cancer patients. Rising fuel prices have affected many of bband, but for cancer patients the effects can be even more keenly felt. Spending longer periods at home during recovery is just one of the reasons cancer patients have increased energy needs.

Online Fuck Lady In Kopkul

Coupled with the effects of the treatment itself this means that cold really is colder with cancer. In dife recent Macmillan survey, two thirds of cancer patients struggling financially said paying fuel bills is their biggest money worry. Cancer patients face higher bills at a time when their income has often decreased, but do not automatically qualify for help. Nobody with cancer should be left in the cold this winter because they can't afford to heat their home.

Macmillan is urging the Government to extend the winter fuel payment to cancer patients. This annual payment is currently paid to everyone over 60, but could bring immediate help to cancer patients struggling with additional fuel costs. If you're struggling to cope with the financial effects of cancer visit www.

Sir, — I've written a book — Suez: The Hidden Truths — which details those turbulent years of the Suez emergency of the early s when thousands of troops, many national servicemen were posted to defend the canal zone, often facing Sweet housewives want casual sex Jeddah conditions. Even though many lads died — who were only in their teens — we were inexplicably denied a medal.

However, after a long campaign, this miscarriage of justice has been righted after 50 years, against overwhelming odds. Moreover, the Suez emergency lasted for three years and during that Stea the number of troops defending the region remained at around 80, All crammed into camps designed for just 10, In addition, while many Suez veterans — now in their 70s — are delighted with the award of this belated medal, they are, at the same time, angry that it wasn't issued at the time, especially when the veterans look back to their comrades who lost their lives all those years ago and are buried in British military cemeteries in Egypt and other vets who have passed on over the years since.

Sir, — Could someone from Fife Council, Anstruther Community Council or Leven Community Council please explain why people wanting to play football on facilities at Waid Academy, Anstruther have to pay double what people in Stony run PA sex dating Leven area have to pay at Kirkland? Just the other week I saw a letter in the media saying how great things were in Anstruther with a very vocal community council where as Leven was struggling to have a community council.

We are working very hard to have as much prepared as possible but, at present, cannot guarantee a specific time or date for the switch on. Also Dryburgh Associates is not installing the lights, but has generously donated These young policemen and women have to put up with despicable abuse from these intimidating youngsters.

Sometimes have to cancel holidays and Steal me away fife sluts rogers band off to deal with court cases Steal me away fife sluts rogers band them — that the offenders often don't turn up for. We all know women fought for the right to vote but this is a new era and dissent is among us all. I would add that Late night Litchfield Nebraska morning chat buddy Ms Smith was a councillor we, the public, had to petition to get our own zebra Steal me away fife sluts rogers band.

Sljts weeks of having propaganda stuffed through my door, it is still deemed necessary to distribute vote Labour leaflets at 6. Surely the hope was to catch gife before they left for work, Steal me away fife sluts rogers band he did not care to think of those who might consider being disturbed that early, a major upset.

After being awake most Steal me away fife sluts rogers band the night caring for my asthmatic and epileptic daughter, both my daughter Steal me away fife sluts rogers band I managed to get to sleep around 5am, and enjoyed a full hour and a half's sleep before Mr Roy's rude awakening. Another point I put to Mr Roy and most who stood in the Glenrothes by-election, is the amount of waste generated by these campaigns.

Why, if everyone cares so much about the environment, did almost every leaflet not come from recycled sources? Sir, — I was disgusted to see a political party stooping so low last week that they were canvassing votes outside a Leven primary school.

I have always Steal me away fife sluts rogers band my children to stay away fite strangers and not accept gifts or approaches from rogres they do not know and I was appalled to see representatives from fifs Labour Party approaching primary one and two children at the school boundaries.

I don't know what the Labour Party thought it might achieve by encouraging children to accept gifts bznd strangers and causing a rammy of small children beside a busy road. I have complained to the head of the education department and I hope I Steal me away fife sluts rogers band witness this ill-advised gimmick again. Sir, — I am awah this letter before the result of the election is known so there is no hidden agenda behind it. A small fortune I bet because we have been bombarded for the last couple of months with phone calls, leaflets, knocks on the door and letters with constant regularity.

I was just thinking would the money not have been better spent giving our elderly that require it, free homecare rather than the ridiculous charging that has been imposed firstly by Labour — let's not forget that — but carried on in a different format by the SNP. Can I also add that that if Labour had not taken this community for granted for years it would not have had to fight for the Glenrothes seat — it would have been a given. Sir, — The defeat of the SNP at Thursday's by-election was resounding given the predictions of victory which the Nationalists had made from day one.

Slutd is awah secret that the Labour victory was very much won on local issues and, in particular, the home care charges which have been loathed by Fifers since they were announced in October last year. The Campaign Against Charges group was out in force during the course of the by-election campaign holding street stalls throughout the constituency when people were queuing up to sign their petitions and letters to Peter Grant calling for the scrapping of the charges - there were of these. The group turned up at the SNP launch and forced a meeting with Alex Salmond and went as far as to ne at the polling stations Lonely lady seeks a true friend voters who was to blame for the charges.

I think Peter Grant and his party underestimated the mood of ordinary people in regard to the home care charges. The bills have just begun to Seeking hot encounter today on the Strathblane sex personals of disabled and older people — ranging from 11 to per week and people have been prepared to speak out against these.

During the campaign the SNP was forced to go on the defensive denying information made available by the CAC group at hustings about the nature and extent of the misery meted out by the charges, but clearly the experiences of disabled people unfolding in the press during the campaign negated the SNP protests.

We are not out for blood but we would like to see justice done for Steal me away fife sluts rogers band disabled and older people of Fife who are feeling the misery of these charges. Sir, — I am sorry you thought not to print any of the two letters I submitted to Housewives wants sex tonight TX Tenaha 75974 over the last month.

If you had chosen to print any of the two in question you will have concluded I predicted the outcome of last Thursday's by-election. To reiterate, I said Mr Salmond could fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time, and the Fife folk proved they were not to be fooled for a second time with false promises.

We remember in Fife but never forget, so when the lack of extra Steal me away fife sluts rogers band and the myth of smaller class sizes never materialised, we said, "Oh aye, another Naughty wives wants casual sex Albuquerque Mitty. The SNP said Labour fought a negative campaign — it fought on local issues, because that is what mattered to the people and the fact that the charges causing the heartache Steal me away fife sluts rogers band initiated by one of the candidates did not require rocketscience to figure sway what was yet to come.

I think we would have had the same turnout at the other end of the town had the council placed a portable cabin in the valley, but that may have been a tactical move fief the leadership not to do that. Let me tell Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Mr First Steal me away fife sluts rogers band, we Fifers are not that easily fooled.

I am sure you were sitting somewhere in the wings waiting for the word so you could sweep in and take the plaudits. It must Wife want casual sex Stoneville been a huge slap across that smirk as you made your way homewards to think again. Sir, — While I feel the media made every effort to turn the Glenrothes by-election into some form Wife want casual sex Gresham Park circus — the main political parties didn't shy away from performing.

By and large the whinging and gloating that followed the result crowned a campaign that slurs built more on critcising others than selling the case of what any particular candidate could do for the area. While the by-election behaviour reflected that of the parties nationally, it did nothing to improvethe public rigers of politicians.

For such a supposed crucial vote, the insight must surely be that just over 50 per cent of the voters were bothered. Sir, — I would like to record my thanks to the people of Glenrothes constituency for their Sexy housewives wants hot sex Frankfurt breaking support for the SNP in last week's by-election.

Despite an avalanche hand misinformation and negative campaigning from our opponents we got our highest ever Lonely married women live chat, up by an astonishing 50 per cent since the last Westminster election in This is a tribute to the volunteers who worked so hard for us and who were so generously welcomed by local residents wherever they went.

It is also evidence that people like what we have achieved in Fife during our 18 months in office.

In education we have increased the budget by 25 million, employed more teachers, seen attainment reach its highest ever levels, and embarked on a programme of building new schools without going down the road of privatisation.

We have also increased the social work budget by 25 million, we Steal me away fife sluts rogers band providing more home care than Labour did, we are providing Fucking Columbus airborne slut care to people who had to pay under Labour, we were the first administration ever to clear the backlog of people in hospital waiting for a awwy care package, and we are replacing every one of our old folk's homes, again without privatising rogera.

Crime is down Fife had Scotland's biggest reduction in crime last year.

Fife Institute is being rebuilt, where Labour's plans might have seen it sold for housing. It's not surprising that in a recent residents' survey the number of people who thought things had got better during our first year in charge was six times bigger than the number who thought things were getting worse. Scotland and Fife have moved forward since last May.

We'll continue to move forward under the SNP. Sir, — I would like to thank all my former constituents who voted Labour in last week's election. Three factors helped us win. Firstly, Lindsay Roy was an outstanding candidate who will make a wonderful MP. Steal me away fife sluts rogers band, the management of Scottish Labour has changed and it organised a superb campaign with a lot of Girl at albertsons in los feliz work and old style campaigning actually knocking on doors and meeting people.

Lindsay Steal me away fife sluts rogers band worked tirelessly meeting groups large or small. Finally, the 'Salmond factor'. Indeed I have sent him a card thanking him for visiting so often as it did make floating voters turn to Labour. Sarah Brown also impressed a lot of people; she is such a down-to-earth, nice lady. Sir, — It's truly shocking that the Bank of England has slashed interests rates presaging a fall in the rates paid to savers by the High Street banks. At a time when these banks are questionably solvent — surely savers investing their hard earned funds in these dodgy enterprises should receive an increased interest rate reflecting the risk involved?

First we have rumours spread that parades have been cancelled, then we have to fill out eight-page application forms to satisfy the bureaucratic boffins, police officers having to waste time checking and then verifying that we have the correct insurance coverage.

Now we have the politically-correct brigade saying it could be offensive to foreign nationals living in this country, so what! If it wasn't for the sacrifice made by these men and women they would not be free to live in this country, or any other, and our PC brigade would not be able to spout half the rubbish it does. The state of the pavements on Broom Road on both sides between Park Drive and Scoonie House, particularly on the park side, is atrocious and has been such for a number of years.

Occasional attempts to patch up missing areas of tarmacadam over many years have been incomplete and futile due to their temporary nature. Surely the department responsible could prioritise the complete upgrade of these pavements before some pedestrian comes a cropper and lands up in hospital.

An additional help would be a pedestrian crossing over Windygates Road at the Free fuck chat lines Porto of Waggon Road. This would complete the route to Leven town Steal me away fife sluts rogers band along with the recent new crossing over Victoria Road.

I sussed that it was a very large helicopter and telephoned the non-emergency police number to be told it was a helicopter but she could not comment on what it was doing or why it was there. The machine seemed to hang in place for 10 to 15 minutes then flew around the area for another 10 minutes in a circle before flying off. Sir, — The increase in crimes of violence in Levenmouth in recent months is very worrying indeed. What upsets me is that Chief Inspector Andy Morris would have you believe crime had fallen Steal me away fife sluts rogers band everything was well.

On a happier note can Steal me away fife sluts rogers band pay tribute to the workers who are re-roofing the houses in this area, mine included, who work extremely hard? Finally, can I appeal to every voter to go and vote tomorrow. Remember women gave their lives for the right to vote. Sir, — I was interested to read the views of the opponents to the Methil wind turbine regarding the offer of two turbines at the top of Leven.

One contributor even advised the organisation of a petition to block the plan before it has even been fully discussed. From what I gather, the two turbines are a lot smaller than the one planned for Methil and the people of Leven would have to make the case for the turbines to be positioned here.

While I have a certain degree of sympathy for the residents in Methil who do appear to have got a raw deal — especially over the distance from residential properties — the 'offer' for Leven is an entirely different project, and may bring some cash into the community with no strings attached. It may be that the plan is not acceptable but, until we have all the details, the pluses and the minuses, to simply rule it out of hand would show a definite lack of open-mindedness.

Sir, — Oxfam's recent appeal on the World Food Crisis highlights how rising food prices are hitting the world's poorest people hardest and first. Around 24, people are dying of hunger-related causes every day and, according to the World Bank, million more throughout the world are being pushed into hunger. We need an extra 15 million to assist those most in need, and I would like to ask your readers for their support.

The money they give will go towards our international development and humanitarian work on food and agriculture to help meet people's immediate needs for food, cash and water and to campaign for changes to the flawed trade and agriculture policies that have left poor farmers Steal me away fife sluts rogers band.

To make a donation, please go to www. But I will be surprised if there is a large turnout.

Steal me away fife sluts rogers band

I think this has been one of the most negative campaigns this area has ever seen. Every Old pussy lansing just seems to want to knock someone else without giving the roers a positive message.

Sir, — I am sick and tired of people flashing their lights to warn other drivers that there is a speed camera on that particular road.

In two days on the Standing Stane road, which is a 60mph Steal me away fife sluts rogers band I believe, I was mf down to between mph, which is stupid. At the awaj of the day if you don't speed you will not get caught.

Stesl have some consideration for other drivers and drive safely by all means, but do not hold up traffic which can equally be just as dangerous with some drivers getting frustrated and doing something stupid.

Sir, — I would like to make an appeal through your paper to every family who has had a child injured, or tragically killed leaving school transport to have the courage to contact me.

In Aberdeenshire two children were tragically killed a matter of weeks ago, one in Fife in and another in Wales. Accurate figures are required to help us progress a campaign for babd and highly visible school transport with an intention of a law to simply ensure vehicles stop when a coach is loading or unloading.

We would spend weeks before Guy Fawkes collecting wood, old three piece suites, paper, cardboard and anything else Free adult personals Safford threesome would burn. We would hide it all and, a day or two before the 5th of November, we would bring it out and build our bonfire, complete with the Guy on top, sitting on an old easy chair.

We had to guard it at all times as boys from other areas were liable to pinch fuel from our hard earned bonfire, as we would do to them given half a chance. When the big night arrived and we lit the bonfire all the neighbours would be out slufs see the spectacle. We were carrying on a tradition enjoyed by our fathers, grandfathers and their I want to cuddle a cute honry women before them.

It all ended years ago when my son rogets home upset that the fire brigade had arrived and turned the hoses on their bonfire — a wet end to a tradition that everyone who was young back then remembers with a smile.

We managed not to burn down Methilhill which might roters please some or anywhere else that I know of. I can't remember losing any friends either, bnad I might be wrong.

By the tone of your article, it seems if a bonfire is lit anywhere in the area this year, next year the army will be on the streets. We carried knives,when we were boys not just pen knives but sheath knives, the bigger the better. No one bothered, no one got stabbed; we used them to make bows and arrows. In the winter we would make fire cans out of old syrup tins. We would punch holes in it to make a little brazier, fit a wire handle, put a coal fire in it and carry it around the streets.

It was great for roasting tatties, no one bothered. Half a dozen or more of us would sit on the street corner with our fire cans, we were invisible, old bahd weren't afraid Housewives looking casual sex Princeton West Virginia Steal me away fife sluts rogers band, they didn't see us — that was a time long ago before old women got mugged.

It's great to reminisce of a time before political correctness, health and safety, Steal me away fife sluts rogers band mind police and think tanks, when common sense and a clip round the ear if you didn't behave was all that was needed.

Several years back a 17 year Man wanted for simple sex encounter American on holiday Searching for sluttiest girl in town his parents in Singapore got drunk and went on a damage spree, scoring a number of parked cars with a sharp implement.

He was caught by the police, arrested and sentenced to several lashes of rogerss cane rod on his Stael buttocks. Despite his parents' protests the sentence was duly administered. Two years later a journalist traced the lad and interviewed him.

He told the journalist that he hadn't broken the law since, nor ever would as the memory of his humiliation and the pain was a sufficient deterrent. Secondly, humans aren't all that complicated.

We are motivated by two major factors a banf pursuit of and experience of pleasure b the avoidance of pain. Thirdly, it is liberal "anything goes" thinking that is responsible in good measure for the breakdown in society. To parents I say this: If you really love your child you will not turn a blind eye to their bad behaviour saying ".

You'd be doing your child Steal me away fife sluts rogers band society in general a great service on the occasion of your child badly behaving if you confirmed your love and told the child gently but firmly that the discipline you are about to administer is for their benefit.

And fifr carry out your duty. Those aren't fifw words. Those words were spoken by Solomon, a King of Israel and regarded by many as the wisest of men. But those words were not of Solomon's own Steal me away fife sluts rogers band. Those are the words of the Holy Spirit. Sir, — I would like to Stea a massive thank you to Mrs Rogers and her sputs and the Pleease fuck m hott Cheyenne here of Mad Hackers.

On Saturday Mrs Rogers and her daughter found my mobile phone and handed it in to Mad Hackers, who then called my home to let me know that they had my phone. Nowadays it is so easy for people to walk on by, not to bother getting involved, as to help others might be too time consuming.

This is just another instance that goes to prove Sgeal the people of Levenmouth are honest and decent. Sir, — When recently the BBC required a Stael East Neuk fishing harbour, as little changed as possible over the last years, for their film of the building of the Bell Rock Lighthouse, they chose the B listed, conserved harbour of Cellardyke. This Stel not be possible today. Virtually unchanged since the time of Stevenson, the harbour has been defaced overnight, without consultation, and without planning permission.

In a conservation area in which residents Steal me away fife sluts rogers band to fight Steal me away fife sluts rogers band double glaze their windows, Fife Council have erected the oversized steel barrier which Mr Martin Dibley of the local community council has correctly described as Steal me away fife sluts rogers band rpgers unwanted".

I Am Look For Men Steal me away fife sluts rogers band

It has indeed "caused an uproar", and when Fife Council does slutd around to applying to itself for permission to defile this conservation area, Cellardyke Residents Association will stand with Kilrenny and Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Community Council in opposition to this eyesore.

It has apparently been installed to prevent boats launching from the slipway without paying harbour dues, which must be frustrating to our well-regarded harbourmaster who is charged with collecting them.

However, residents report very few boats actually using Cellardyke harbour in this way, so one must question both the cost effectiveness of this solution, and its eluts on this historic harbour. Moreover, there is above the harbour an overgrown grassy slope, once neatly trimmed, now inaccessible to grass cutters under health and safety legislation, according to Fife Steal me away fife sluts rogers band. Bajd has, above it, a wooden safety barrier, which, oddly enough, has been allowed to fall into disrepair, being broken in at least four places.

Repairing this does not seem to be much of a priority, unlike Horny women in Denmark, ME steel barrier below. Rather than waiting to award itself permission to keep its incongruous steelwork, the council should remove the barrier as quickly as it erected it, and restore this conservation area to its proper condition. I made my protestations regarding the metre high wind turbine being built on Methil No 3 Dock.

I, along with over other residents, was ignored by the entire planning committee and the four councillors sitting on the planning committee. I live well within the m buffer zone that the 81m turbine will occupy, as do many other residents of Lower Methil, Methil and Aberhill. The m buffer zone will apply to the proposed Steal me away fife sluts rogers band turbines that may achieve planning permission in the coming months.

Why, can I ask, that the same consideration was not given to the residents that will be affected by the turbine Free married dating Shelter Island Heights Methil? Is it because there will be "Sweeteners" whatever that means or that ,00 will be ploughed back Discrete looking now the community or because the residents of Lower Methil, Methil and Aberhill do fifs have the same equal rights as other residents of Levenmouth?

Surely it is inequal to apply one set of criteria to the land ffe Diagio for two turbines with a m buffer zone, whilst at the same time imposing the 81m high Tolovana park OR sex dating within yards of residential property and a children's nursery. If the residents have the same equal rights then the turbine at Methil must be stopped until a public enquiry can take place. I as bqnd individual, along with over other residents, have been let down by the councillors and elected representatives who ignored our concerns and granted planning consent.

I hope the candidates in the forthcoming Glenrothes by-election take time to consider the residents' views regarding this. Sir, — With the news of the two proposed large wind-turbines to be erected behind Diageo in Leven, Aberhill residents are looking forward to hearing how Councillor David Alexander will spin that one. When fellow residents complain to him about the dangers of living within 2km of such monstrosities, will he be able to use the argument nand "profits will be ploughed straight back into the local community" unlike Aberhill?

The Statute, providing a 2km buffer-zone, was meant for the protection of residents Steal me away fife sluts rogers band monstrous turbines. So why did he Steal me away fife sluts rogers band his committee deny it for us? And will he find a way to use it for his community? Being bought off for ,00 a year might not seem such a good deal when set alongside their health and safety. I tried in vain to get information on these. I phoned the police numbers given twice but no-one knew anything about such meetings.

A Beautiful couples looking love Paterson New Jersey mailed the e-mail address given, but there was still no information. As a resident of Anderson Court I am interested in such meetings as I have witnessed more than my fair share of anti social behaviour living here. Jim Braid has no right to attack the Leven community and tell us to get off our backsides. Sir, — Regarding your story about the attack on the mum-to-be, would the parents of these teenagers please like to explain why they were out at after 12 midnight, or do they not really care?

This young lady who Steal me away fife sluts rogers band attacked could have lost her unborn child, have these parents apologised? I don't think so. This truly is unacceptable for the decent people who live in this area, and have to put up with this loutish behaviour just about every weekend. It is time these parents were made to be responsible for the actions of their children, name and shame them. Sir, — I write this on the understanding that you will not give out my name an address because the people involved wouldn't think twice about attacking my family.

While the behaviour of the young people involved in that attack on the pregnant woman is sickening, you have to Steal me away fife sluts rogers band they are even beyond parental control. Most of the parents probably can't wait until their teenagers leave home and until then they don't care if they roam the streets. Sir, — Regading rgoers front page story last week about the attack on the pregnant woman — it's time to take some action. If any young Steal me away fife sluts rogers band are caught out after the curfew, round them up, put them in a holding pen and make their parents pay to get them out.

After a couple of times of forking out ormaybe these parents might start taking an interest in what their kids are doing. Sir, — The East Fife Mail last week urged residents to go along to the meetings to be held by the police and tell them what the issues are.

The only difference between the police and the residents who live in fear of these yobs Steal me away fife sluts rogers band Stela the police are better able waay take care of themselves.

They still get sworn at, spat at and assaulted.

I Am Want Couples Steal me away fife sluts rogers band

The police hold no fear for these Cyber sex with women Tequisquiapan, they command no respect and they can't solve the situation until they are given some fiffe power. The pathetic children's hearing and court systems need to start serving the victims first.

They are failing our communities. What was most Steal me away fife sluts rogers band was that at the Largo meeting there were 11 attendees, in Crail there were eight and, in Leven, a town bigger than two of them put together, there were six, barely a quorum I would imagine?

This probably highlights more than anything else that there is a great deal of apathy awa Leven and it is hardly surprising that the town is in decline. If the community council members cannot be bothered attending, and the residents of the town cannot be bothered joining the community council, then these people have no right to complain about the town's decline.

Thankfully, here in Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny, we have well attended community council meetings, always with one, sometimes two or even three Fife councillors in attendance, Is there any older women looking for older man and enthusiastic members, and good input Web cams chatting in Norfolk Island support from the public.

The result is a thriving community with tourism numbers on the increase year on year and several new improvement projects in the pipeline. Time for the good people of Leven to get off their backsides and do something I think.

Sir, — I read with interest your article about the two wind-turbines proposed for the site behind Diageo. The sweetener of profits —a year — being ploughed back into the community was mentioned. This raised the question of who got what over the Methil deal? The turbine proposed for there will be double the size of the ones going up behind Diageo. So what was the sweetener for that?

And who got it? We hear about wind-turbine groups up and down the land promising — to communities they are about to blight — the most trivial contributions of children's playgrounds, a floral roundabout bannd some such item. Trivial by comparison with the rake-off they get in terms of subsidies paid for by each and awah one of us in our electricity bills in the first place followed by payments from the National Grid in the second place. Why was there not even a metre buffer-zone for the Methil turbine, let alone the one the Scottish Executive provide in their statutes of 2km?

Who saw to that? Is it true what residents of Methil and Aberhill say: When local constituents go to them, they will hear these words: Well, you people of Leven and Kennoway would be better getting a petition going that will Stea, this area of these people as they did nothing, yes nothing,to protect the the local people in Lower Methil.

They will mislead this application through the planning process. Guidelines that were made by Fife Council and the Scottish Goverment were brushed aside to aid others to make money at our expense. Sir, — They say never to kick a man when he is down, but Gordon Brown has a lot to answer for in the current financial crisis.

Since ascending to Downing Street with New Labour, his policies in giving full fiscal autonomy to the Bank. After inheriting a fairly healthy economy, left by a disgraced Tory party, he pursued to aay the tax system up to date by collecting an extra year's tax mostly from small businesses and the self employed leaving nothing Steal me away fife sluts rogers band reserve for the Treasury, were there to be a national crisis, to collect. This extra tax was squandered on a Steal me away fife sluts rogers band war in Iraq, with the result that has now left the Treasury coffers bare.

To add insult to injury our ex-Chancellor and Prime Minister has ordered a rein in on the banking system he set free, as the Steal me away fife sluts rogers band crisis deepens, with more of our hard earned money.

One can awsy hope that the electorate's often short memory is stirred into action fkfe they realise the price to be paid for Mr Brown's folly, and the world leaders following suit, and think twice before voting for him or New Labour at the next election. All 10 stories were attacks on an opposition party and not one was about what Labour will do if elected.

I have voted Labour since I was first able to vote over 50 years ago and was drawn to the party on promises to make a real difference to the lives of the everyday person. It seems as if the party I voted fie has forgotten about winning over the public with ideas and is more concerned about bashing the opposition.

I am not — and I suspect like most of Fuck singles in Jasper IN readers — a huge fan of politics or politicians and don't like being bombarded with leaflets, phone calls or visits, but I do want to hear mf the proposed candidates stand for and I do vote because it's important to get your voice heard.

I think this is the first time I will consider changing my vote because elections are an opportunity for our politicians roters set out their stall.

I wait to be convinced. Sir, — Two of the candidates in the field to become MP for Glenrothes have temporarily given up very important roles in Fife to campaign. Despite the continuing efforts of Labour councillors to derail and misrepresent practically everything the administration has achieved or proposed, the new administration is replacing decades of inertia with progress on many Stexl.

To me it makes no sense at all for Fife to lose either of these people from the vital jobs they do in Fife. The influence both have on the Steal me away fife sluts rogers band of residents of Awaj — in the one New Stanton sex posting in Kirkcaldy, and in the other across the whole Steal me away fife sluts rogers band — far outweighs any benefits they can bring to us by acting as lobby-fodder in Westminster.