Smashbox Contour Kit Review

Fabulous Smashbox Kit

                  Fabulous SmashBox Kit

Well,  I would never have thought I would be a Contour Kit devotee. I started out just looking for a good natural blush to buy as my old one was almost gone. I must admit that I was in the mood for something new and I think that looking-for-something new persona radiated from me as I perused around the cosmetics section of the drug store.

The cosmetics consultant zeroed in on the possible sale (as they always do) and soon all attempts at browsing on my own ended and I was in her capable hands. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate some sales persons, especially in cosmetics where you need them and they’re always kept up on the latest, but I always wish that initial time on my own could be allowed to be extended about ten minutes. Anyway, she showed me some lovely blushes and then all of a sudden brought the new SmashBox Contour Kit with three soft and natural contour shades. Before I could get a chance to protest, she was applying it to my un-made up cheeks and I must say I was impressed! It did the job of a blusher but subtle, and completely natural!

I was surprised. Without the addition of a pink or a peachy brown blusher, I had a natural looking cheek with gorgeous contour that was so soft and attractive. I didn’t really need a coloured blusher because the contouring had a beautiful warm effect on the cheek area. And it seemed so easy to apply. So, yes, I bought it and use it now everyday although I must say, I did buy a soft peach beige blusher to add to the contouring on days I want a bit of additional colour, or just for a quicker application of blush. But I’ll tell you about that particular soft peachy-pink blusher on another day.

So here’s my Honest SmashBox Contour Kit Review: The SmashBox Contour Kit is cheeky and fabulous and does impart a beautiful soft and natural contour that looks like you have expertly applied your blush and makeup. It is easy to make a successful application with the  three step by step colours. And I’ve just heard it’s available in deeper shades for olive complexions!

 And so far, I’ve been impressed with all the SmashBox Cosmetics I’ve investigated.

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Click below to see what I’ve been talking about and have a look.

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