Sleep Interrupted Book Review

Sleep Interrupted is a professionally written book by Dr. Steven Y. Park. Dr. Park has dedicated his career to sleep studies and how they relate the varying physical and mental maladies that many of us are afflicted with. His views on sleep apnea, in particular, are of note because it is all too often a major component when referring to each individual’s sleeping issues.

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Dr. Park’s overall objective in this book is to discuss what he calls a “sleep paradigm”: The way a person breathes during sleep and the correlation it has on affecting and treating illness. The way the Dr. describes his discoveries and actions are quite enlightening and laid out in a manner that even the most entry-level initiate can comprehend.

After the discoveries and profound insights presented in the first half of the book, Dr. Park describes common conditions from the view of his sleep breathing paradigm, including everything from high blood pressure all the way to clinical depression.

From that point, in the third section of the book, he proceeds to describing the diagnosis and varying methods for treating the conditions, such as sleep apnea, that he believes have come about from detrimental sleep breathing conditions.

This goes a long way toward getting the reader to take action in order to understand the anatomy of their own conditions; perhaps influencing one to take the necessary steps of discovery in order to find the cause of their problems.

For anyone seeking to find a statistics inclusive, easy to read, and practical book on the power of sleep and its affect on health, this book is a strong candidate.

Even though it doesn’t provide direct or up to date treatment of sleep issues, it does provide a map for finding out if this is what’s going on and, if so, what to do about it. For any individual that may have sleep apnea or sleep related issues, Sleep Interrupted is an outstanding first step.

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