Skylanders Superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers is here just in time for the Holidays and sure to be one of the hottest video games of the year. Every year the Skylanders series adds in something new to keep the game-play fun and fresh and this year is no exception with the addition of vehicles.

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Skylanders Superchargers Starter Pack And Characters

We are big fans of the Skylanders series so this is always one of the top things on the Christmas list in our house. Last year we got the Dark Edition for the Trap Team starter pack and we were, and still are, extremely happy with it. We have a Nintendo Wii and my daughter still plays all the Skylander games on a pretty regular basis, especially with the colder weather.
This year there is some good news for Nintendo fans as they have added a few special Skylander characters in to the mix exclusively with Nintendo sets, Donkey Kong and Bowser. The bad news however is that the Nintendo Wii and 3DS do not offer the traditional adventure game that the other consoles do. For those 2 systems you can get Skylanders Racing, which as a stand alone game that looks to be a lot of fun with exclusive gameplay for those systems.
We also have an Xbox 360 so there is a good chance we will get the Skylanders Superchargers starter packs for both systems since we really like the adventure game and I have a feeling she will love the racing game as well. Truth be told I will probably like the racing game too and it is something we can play together which is always good.
Skylanders Superchargers is available for all the major game consoles, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii U and iPad. There is also a Skylanders Superchargers Dark Edition for all of the above mentioned consoles other then the iPad. The Dark Edition offers special dark characters as well as a second vehicle and a Chaos Trophy to unlock special Chaos gameplay.

Last year we got the Dark edition for Skylanders Trap Team and it was a pretty good deal. It is usually about $20.00 more for the Dark Edition but what you get is worth more then what you spend so this may be the starter set for you. If you are just looking to keep it simple then you can usually get a really good deal on the regular edition during the Holidays.skylanders superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers Pros And Cons:

New vehicles, land sea and air.
Fun new adventure
Cool new characters
Appropriate for most ages and fun for all
Adventure game not available for regular Wii and 3DS
All in all it looks like another home run for the series with the newest addition of Skylanders Superchargers. If you liked any of the previous games or even some of the other games that are similar like Disney Infinity or Lego Dimensions then you are going to really enjoy this chapter from the Skylanders series.

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Skylanders Superchargers

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