Shopkins Toys Sale And Review

shopkins toys sale and reviewOne item that could easily be one of the hottest Holiday toys for 2014 is Shopkins Toys. If you have never heard or seen Shopkins toys don’t be surprised as there popularity is mostly through YouTube.

What Are Shopkins?

They are small collectible toys from a YouTube cartoon by a company called Moose. You can buy Shopkins Toys Here!

Check out this short episode.

Shopkins Cartoon – Episode 1 “Check it Out”

These food characters have different names and personalities which is part of what makes them so collectible.

I never even heard of these before my daughter mentioned them but she was all excited about them. She was watching YouTube videos like the one above as well as ones where people are opening there boxes. She wanted to get some herself so we went to a couple of stores and, they were sold out.

Now here is what makes me think these will be extremely hot this season.We actually kept calling the stores and they never seemed to have them in stock. This was not a casual call every once in a while either. My daughter asked to call every day for a couple of weeks.

The crazy thing is it is now August so most people are busy doing outdoor activities as well as getting in their last vacations before school starts. I honestly can’t remember any toys being this popular during the summer months at all.

We finally ordered them online and she got her first ones just a day ago. They are very simple toys but again, crazy popular. She absolutely loves her Shopkins and has big plans for collecting more of them soon.

Check Out This Shopkins Toys Unboxing Video

Part of the fun is not knowing exactly what you are getting and kids are really eating this up. It reminds me a little bit of collecting Baseball cards you can see some of the ones you are getting with the clear packs but not all of them.

As of this writing there is only season one Shopkins and I do not know whether there will be more seasons added but, I would guess they might just before the Holidays.

Season 1 has a total of 148 different characters ranging from common, exclusive, limited edition, rare, special edition and ultra rare. They can also be categorized by groups (also known as teams) such as Dairy, Bakery, Fruits and Veg., ETC.shopkins toys sale and review

There are also a few Shopkins play sets as well. We started out with the Fruit and Vegetable play set but, there is also the Supermarket and Bakery play sets as well and they also have a Shopkins Vending machines and large shopping cart to store all your characters. Each play set and storage unit comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins characters as well.


Shopkins Toys Review

There are many ways for kids to both play with and collect Shopkins toys. They promote imaginative play as well as teach kids a little bit about typical items you would find in a grocery store.

The Shopkins characters themselves are pretty small and so they are recommended for children 5 and up. Younger children should probably not play with these unless closely supervised by an adult.

Over all we really like the Shopkins Toys as they are:

  • Well made
  • Fun
  • Collectible
  • Not Expensive
  • Promote Imaginative Play
  • and most importantly, kids love them!

Check out some of the great Shopkins Sale prices here before they become that hard to find Holiday item. Beat the Black Friday rush!

Here is the most popular Shopkins Video On YouTube Right Now

Here is a Full Shopkins List For Season one:

Some are simply different colors so although the names are the same they are still different characters. This Shopkins list is in numbered order!

  1. Apple Blossom (red)
  2. Rockin’ Broc (green)
  3. Strawberry Kiss (red)
  4. Pineapple Crush (purple flower)
  5. Melonie Pips (pink)
  6. Miss Mushy-Moo (red top)
  7. Posh Pear (green)
  8. Apple Blossom (green)
  9. Rockin’ Broc (blue)
  10. Strawberry Kiss (green)
  11. Pineapple Crush (pink flower)
  12. Melonie Pips (yellow)
  13. Miss Mushy-Moo (green top)
  14. Posh Pear (blue)
  15. Tommy Ketchup (red)
  16. Nutty Butter (orange)
  17. Peppe Pepper (purple)
  18. Sally Shakes (blue)
  19. Sugar Lump (pink and blue)
  20. Breaky Crunch (pink)
  21. Alpha Soup (pink)
  22. Gran Jam (purple top)
  23. Coolio (green)
  24. Tommy Ketchup (green)
  25. Nutty Butter (brown)
  26. Peppe Pepper (blue)
  27. Sally Shakes (aqua green)
  28. Sugar Lump (blue and White)
  29. Breaky Crunch (white)
  30. Alpha Soup (yellow)
  31. Gran Jam (pink top)
  32. Coolio (blue)
  33. Bread Head (red and white)
  34. Creamy Bun-Bun (orange and pink)
  35. D’lish Donut (pink)
  36. Cheese Kate (white)
  37. Mini Muffin (yellow and purple)
  38. Flutter Cake (pink and yellow)
  39. Kookie Cookie (pink)
  40. Bread Head (blue and yellow)
  41. Creamy Bun-Bun (brown and yellow)
  42. D’lish Donut (brown)
  43. Cheese Kate (yellow)
  44. Mini Muffin (brown and pink)
  45. Flutter cake (brown and blue)
  46. Kookie Cookie (orange)
  47. Bubbles (pink)
  48. Candy Kisses (blue)
  49. Le’Quorice (pink)
  50. Cheeky Chocolate (orange)
  51. Candi Cotton (pink)
  52. Lolli Poppins (purple)
  53. Mandy Candy (pink)
  54. Jelly B (blue)
  55. Miss Twist (red)
  56. Bubbles (green)
  57. Candy Kisses (aqua green)
  58. Le’Quorice (green)
  59. Cheeky Chocolate (pink)
  60. Candi Cotton (yellow)
  61. Lolli Poppins (green)
  62. Mandy Candy (yellow)
  63. Jelly B (yellow)
  64. Miss Twist (green)
  65. Chee Zee (yellow)
  66. Swiss Miss (yellow)
  67. Spilt Milk (blue)
  68. Ghurty (blue)
  69. Millie Shake (pink)
  70. Flava Ava (pink)
  71. Dollops (purple)
  72. Googy (white)
  73. Chee Zee (blue)
  74. Swiss Miss (pink)
  75. Spilt Milk (aqua green)
  76. Ghurty (Aqua green)
  77. Millie Shake (white)
  78. Flava Ava (brown)
  79. Dollops (blue)
  80. Googy (yellow)
  81. Crispy Chip (blue)
  82. Pretz Elle (brown)
  83. Wobbles (green)
  84. Rainbow Bite (orange)
  85. Wishes (pink)
  86. Frank Furter (orange and pink)
  87. Sippa (red)
  88. Fairy Crumbs (white)
  89. Cheezey B (dark brown)
  90. Soda Pops (pink and green)
  91. Crispy Chip (aqua green)
  92. Pretz Elle (dark brown)
  93. Wobbles (blue)
  94. Rainbow Bite (brown)
  95. Wishes (yellow)
  96. Frank Furter (orange and brown)
  97. Sippa (green)
  98. Fairy Crumbs (yellow)
  99. Cheezey B (white)
  100. Soda Pops (pink and light blue)
  101. Scrubs (green)
  102. Lippy Lips (pink)
  103. Curly (purple)
  104. Shampy (white and aqua)
  105. Silky (blue)
  106. Bubble Tubs (pink)
  107. Chap-Elli (blue)
  108. Polly Polish (red)
  109. Suds (purple)
  110. Toofs (green)
  111. Scrubs (blue)
  112. Lippy Lips (green)
  113. Curly (blue)
  114. Shampy (yellow and pink)
  115. Silky (purple)
  116. Bubble Tubs (blue)
  117. Chap-Elli (aqua)
  118. Polly Polish (orange)
  119. Suds (blue)
  120. Toofs (blue)
  121. Ice Cream Dream (orange)
  122. Popsi Cool (orange)
  123. Yo-Chi (orange)
  124. Cool Cube (green)
  125. Pa’Pizza (green)
  126. Snow Crush (green)
  127. Fishtix (orange)
  128. Freezy Peazy (green)
  129. Ice Cream Dream (pink)
  130. Popsi Cool (pink)
  131. Yo-Chi (pink)
  132. Cool Cube (blue)
  133. Pa’Pizza (blue)
  134. Snow Crush (blue)
  135. Fishtix (pink)
  136. Freezy Peazy (blue)
  137. Cupcake Queen
  138. Buttercup
  139. Tin’a Tuna
  140. Twinky Winks
  141. Papa Tomato
  142. Sunny-Screen
  143. Pumpkinella
  144. Coco Nutty
  145. Rolly Roll
  146. Hot Apple Pie
  147. Margarina
  148. La’Lotion

As you can see the last 12 Shopkins do not have a color variation so I did not note the color.

Buy Shopkins Toys Here



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