Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Great Phone but Needs a Cover

Two months ago, I broke my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was out of its contract by this point and I was due an upgrade. I just hadn’t made the choice on the phone I wanted. By breaking it, I had to quickly make a choice.

In the end, I chose to stick with Samsung and get the Samsung Galaxy S6. It was a smaller screen but I found that I didn’t really need the larger phablet handset as much as I thought.

Now that I’ve had it for a couple of months, I’m ready to share my full Samsung Galaxy S6 review. Overall, I do recommend it but it really needs a cover!

Far Too Slippery

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Great Phone but Needs a Cover

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I’ll get the bad out of the way first. The only issue I’ve found with this phone is that it slips out of my hand, my pocket and off surfaces far too easily. Companies have spent all this time getting their phones to look modern that they’ve forgotten about protection.

Running around after a toddler has meant my phone has been dropped on hard surfaces far too often. Thankfully, the phone hasn’t broken but it does have scratches on the screen. It’s better than the Note 3, though. I dropped that a week into having it and ended up with a large scratch all the way across the screen. It didn’t affect functionality but there was that reminder for two years. At least the S6 is durable enough to only put superficial scratches in that I only see in certain lights.

The only thing I need is a cover for my phone. In the car, I now has a dashboard mat and have a little holder for when I’m following the sat nav. I’ll get a cover eventually when I find one that I really want. I’m a little picky when it comes to spending money.

Great Size and Weight

The size of the phone is perfect. I’m back to having a phone that I can use with one hand and quickly type. This was something I missed with the phablet Note 3.

It’s also a great size. I can sometimes forget I have it because it’s so light. Having a light phone has become important for me. My phone does more than call or text people. I use it to take photos and videos (personal and for work) and to listen to music on the go. I need something that is easy to store and carry around.

Fingerprint Access

I know this was taken from the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rate it. I love having the fingerprint access, and there’s the passcode backup just in case it doesn’t work.

It takes time to set up the fingerprint access and there are times that it can be picky. I need to get my thumb on the phone just right and hold it on there for just long enough. If it’s wet or sticky, the phone can’t recognize anything. But then, that’s what the passcode option is for. When I first got the phone, I was annoyed that it meant I could only unlock my phone with one hand, but I’ve gotten used to that now.

One of the benefits is that nobody else has access to my phone. They either need my thumb print or they need to know my passcode. My husband knows the passcode but it does mean my daughter no longer pulls my phone out of my bag and starts using it without my permission or knowledge. She has to come to me to ask if she can watch Peppa Pig or use her “yellow app” (the CBeebies app).

Easy to Transfer Everything Across

One thing I did worry about—and something that put me off getting a new phone—was having to reinstall all my apps and add all my contacts back in. Samsung has certainly made things easier.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Great Phone but Needs a Cover

Image from Amazon

Everything was done within an hour with Samsung’s own transfer app. I could just connect the two phones by Bluetooth and leave them to do their work. I was a little worried about losing items, but I’ve not noticed anything wrong.

I still went through my phone afterwards and got rid of a few apps that I didn’t need. The main thing was that everything transferred effortlessly.

Battery Life Pretty Decent

I heard negative reviews about the battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and I wondered whether its predecessor would have them. I didn’t get the Edge because I don’t like the curved screen edge, not because of battery life issues.

In the end, the battery is definitely worth mentioning in this Samsung Galaxy S6 review. I’ve found it good for everything that I do. It will last me at least 24 hours unless I’ve been using the sat nav for hours at a time (I sometimes do for work). There have been times recently that I’ve made it last up to 48 hours, and that’s with normal use.

The Note 3 was starting to struggle to last 24 hours, so I’m really glad I have this better battery. I’m not sure how long it will last. One downside is that it is all encased, so once the battery starts dying I can’t just go and get a new one. I’m hoping it’s better than the iPhone! I hated that for poor battery life.

As I said when I started, I really do recommend this phone. I like Samsung products, and the Galaxy S6 hasn’t disappointed me yet. The only thing I don’t really like is how slippery it is, but a case will solve that issue. If you’re looking for a new phone, consider the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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