Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Movie Review

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is a movie about this scientist named Will Rodman (played by James Franco) who is experimenting with this drug that is supposed to be able to heal damaged brain tissues. He is hoping that this new drug will be able to heal his father who has Alzheimer’s Disease. The scientist uses the Apes to experiment on but one Ape, who ended up inheriting the genes of the drugs through his mom, ends up super intelligent and the threatens the humans way of life. This is the first movie in the Planet Of The Apes series.

rise of the planet of the apes movie review

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I think this movie was very well done for being an introduction film to start off a series of other movies. It shows just how fragile humans can be and how tough and adaptable the Apes species is in life. When Caesar, the main Ape, is communicating with Will in sign language you can see the relationship between the two and makes you really feel a connection with them.

There were some scenes that were difficult to watch. For example, the scene where Caesar is being taken away by animal control due to a misunderstood incident where the Ape is trying to protect Will’s father from someone he saw as a threat. It made me frustrated because most people see the act of violence and don’t realize that something actually triggered it. Yet at the same time it is just generally a terrible situation where you realize that Apes and humans have a hard time coexisting in the same environment.

I think John Lithgow did an excellent job playing the part of Will’s father. He showed the pain of not being able to remember simple things very well. The relationship between his character and the Ape was thought of a close knit pair. Caesar wanted nothing more than to protect his human” grandfather” from annoying and pesky neighbors. It was sad to watch the disease progressively take over his mind and entire life.

While Rise of the Planet of the Apes seems slow at first there is a lot of action that happens near the end. That is understandable being that this movie is just a set up for the rest of the franchise. You may be bored at first but if you stick with it you won’t be disappointed with the big fight scene at the end. Overall it was pretty decent for a set up film but that’s really all this one was….an introduction to a beautiful sci fi action series.

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