Review: The Prince’s Boy by Paul Bailey

The Prince’s Boy – elegant storytelling
This book is sad, funny, romantic and nostalgic. It concerns a young man, Dinu, who is sent to Paris in 1927 from his home in Bucharest. His father has sent him for this sojourn so that he can broaden his horizons and learn more of the world.

His father, a wealthy man, believes that a young man will truly find his character in Paris – and certainly have some fun at the same time.

Dinu, having literary ambitions, is determined to make the most of his stay in Paris but it isn’t quite as his father would have wished. Paris is often called the ‘city of lovers’ and yes, Dinu does find the love of his life but not in a way, or situation, that his father would have wished.

His father had assumed that like any young man, his son would sow his wild oats in one of the more liberal establishments of Paris. But these are not the sort of establishments that interest Dinu – his romantic feelings tend more towards his own sex.

Searching for satisfaction, he visits an all-male establishment where he finds an older man, Razvan, who reciprocates his feelings and soon, their love blossoms. Razvan, an educated and sophisticated man, gradually reveals the strange story of his birth, his upbringing and his past to his new young lover.

But of course, Dinu has to return to his father’s home. He discovers that his widowed father has remarried and that he too is expected to make a profitable and suitable marriage himself. Dinu is missing his lover, he is still mourning the death of his mother and trying to hide from his father his affections do not lie with the opposite sex. After all, his affair in Paris was something that was still in those days. But he pines for Razvan.

It would be wrong of me to spoil your enjoyment of this book by giving away any spoilers but it is truly a remarkable, atmospheric and at times very funny book which I highly recommend.

You can read more and order the book using the link below but please try to resist reading the reviews – don’t spoil your pleasure of this wonderful story.

The Prince’s Boy: A Novel

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