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Honest Reviewz User Guide

Hi kudos writers! I know this should have been up ages ago! But now it is here so please do ask if you have questions!

Ok basics…

Ways to earn:

  1. Promote Amazon or other affiliate products. Try to promote stuff you actually know about or have done some research on. You can use the theme tools to make your products look nice (see the Resources link at the top of the page for a video) or you can use the Easy Product Displays tool or the Squidoo Niche Blaster tool (http://www.imarketingtool.com/toolbox/squidoo-niche-blaster.aspx) .
  2. Add Adsense, Chitika, or another banner that you can earn with. How? Just hover over the Profile link in your dashboard and click on Advertising. You’ll find the instructions there.

Posting Guidelines

  • Aim for 300 words. You don’t HAVE to have 300 words if you’re not using any affiliate links but the more content you have the better you’ll get indexed by Google. If you’re using any affiliate links at all 300 words is the bare minimum required and in that first 300 words you can have 12 links/products. Want more products? An additional 100 words for each product is required.
  • As with DTC/WE please only use tags with two words or more. This helps us with search engine optimization and lowers our bounce rate.
  • We’re going to ask that you choose only from one main category. You can choose the main category and a sub-category from that main category but please don’t choose Everything Else and Home.  When you do this it puts your article on the front page twice, which isn’t fair to others.  So, one main category only please.
  • We are going to add sub-categories under everything else if you want them. If you have written 3 reviews on a topic and there’s not another main category that fits it, we’ll put your new sub-category under Everything Else

This first HR video introduces you to the tools that come with this theme: