Purple Black Carrots Health Benefits for Inflammation Enjoy Cinnamon for Swelling and Honey for Sore Eyes

Purple and black carrots can help to fight inflammation. People who took purple or black carrot extract regularly found that the biomarkers of inflammation were reduced.

By reducing inflammation, men and women may reduce their risk of developing illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and some types of cancer.

Purple and black carrots contain many of the phytochemcials that are found in orange carrots. They can help with pain that is caused by arthritis, just like using guyabano leaves for arthritis. However, they have higher levels of some of these chemicals. For example, they have 28 times the amount of anthocyanins that are found in orange carrots.


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Anthocyanins fight damage in different parts of the body and are beneficial for the skin. They help the immune system to function more effectively when fighting different types of infection. These antioxidants are also found in fruits such as black currants and grapes.

When you enjoy recipes with purple carrots and black carrots, you also experience the following benefits:
1. Prevent potentially cancerous cell mutations due to ultraviolet light
2. Have wounds heal faster
3. Have viruses killed when anthocyanins simulate macrophages to produce tumor necrosis factor


You can enjoy purple carrots in a wide variety of dishes and sweet treats:
1. Carrot cake
2. Tossed salad
3. Roasted purple carrots with garlic


If you don’t have time to use purple carrots in your kitchen in order to experience the benefits, there are other ways to gain from them. There are several companies that produce the extract.

However, this is not as easy to obtain as the raw vegetables are in some communities. In some areas it is fairly easy to get this type of produce at a farmer’s market.

It is always best to buy this type of food when it is in season, since you get it at a good price then. You can store carrots for up to about six months at home.

In fact, for the first five months the Vitamin A content will increase. Make sure you protect the vegetables from both heat and light and prevent them from losing moisture.

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