Pretty Little Liars Review: Songs of Innocence [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars Review: Songs of InnocenceThe second episode of Pretty Little Liars’ sixth season quickly picked up where the last one ended. One thing that I really liked was that it didn’t go too quickly, but went fast enough to keep the story going. In this Pretty Little Liars review, I’ll go through some of the parts of the episode that I really enjoyed and some that I didn’t quite like so much. After all, no episode is going to be perfect.

Each of the Girls Handles the Situation in Their Own Way

People are always going to handle trauma in their own way. During the episode, we find out that they were there for a little over three weeks. The four girls had no idea how long they were there, though, and it was great for Emily to point that out; time had no meaning underground.

Seeing how each of the girls handled their trauma was great. Hanna wants to change her room—which I think is how I’d handle it—while Spencer struggles to sleep and Emily just wants to feel protected. Aria is the only one who doesn’t seem to be dealing with it all that well; more like bottling it up. It’s difficult to see whether she is going to be one to suffer worse as season six continues. The way she told Ezra that she didn’t want to write it down and just wanted to make sure Andrew was locked up made me feel like she focusing too much on the short term.

Yes, all the girls have focused short term initially, but the other three are opening up a little more. I wonder whether Aria will just open up more as the next couple of episodes progress.

I can see Spencer going the drug route again. I hope they don’t do that, and that she admits that she needs help.

Ally Seems to Be Hiding Something

I’m always going to be suspicious of Ally. There’s just something about her that I can’t help but doubt. She seems like she’s hiding something, like she knows something about Charles DiLaurentis.

By the look of her dad’s face, I’m sure he’s lying about there being no Charles in the family. He’s protecting someone, whether it’s Ally from the truth or himself from retribution. Either way, it’s like Ally knows he’s hiding something; like she can remember something from the past. Looking through the picture album at the end, at all the photos that have clearly been removed, helped to strengthen that.

For once, I’d like her to be innocent in all this; not know anything. Or just have those vague memories that she can’t quite talk about at the moment. I wonder if her blossoming relationship with Lorenzo will lead to her opening up about something.

Why No Mona?

The only thing I didn’t really like was the lack of Mona. The girls didn’t even mention her to talk about how she was doing. I at least would have liked to have seen her in the hospital.

Pretty Little Liars have a bad habit of forgetting to mention the odd character now and then. Most of the time it’s not a big deal, but this really was. Mona was down in that bunker for a lot longer than the Liars. She would be going through much more. As the audience, we at least need to see that.

She may not have been through the same traumatic experience, but she’ll be handling it in some way. Mona is a character that I really grew to like. Initially manipulated by A, she now seems to be on the side of the Liars; wanting to take A down.

Believing Andrew Is A

So, the girls are adamant that Andrew is A. I’m still not buying this theory, and I’m glad to see that Toby isn’t either. Nobody had brought up something, even though it was mentioned in the episode.

Andrew is a high school student. At least, that’s what he’s always been portrayed as. If he was a high school student, he would have been around the same age as Ally in the home movies. Instead, he was around the same age as (who I presume to be) Jason. That would have made him a college student or older.

I just think it’s a red herring. All the information links to him, but we all know that A has forged information before. What’s to say that he hasn’t done this to make police think that A is Andrew, who conveniently was right there in the park when the girls were found? Why has nobody brought any of this up?

The girls I can believe is because they just want it over and done with, but the others? The adults? No, I’m sorry but I don’t believe for one second that they would just blindly believe that it was him. I definitely don’t think the police would. As I said, at least Toby seems to think that it might not be him after all.

What’s Sarah Planning?

I also don’t believe any of Sarah’s story. I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars for far too long to even think about believing it. She was down there for two years. If Stockholm Syndrome wasn’t going to play a part, just the idea that she was taken because she looked similar to Ally and because of the five friends would be enough to play with her head.

We never got to see her mother, so I can’t help but wonder whether A has someone else involved to play that part. Maybe her initial story was a lie, and her real mother is actually dead.

When I first saw her, I actually thought she was going to turn out to be the other girl…Rebecca was it? I can’t remember her name. I actually forgot all about Sarah until the girls mentioned her. She’s a character that they just forgot about to conveniently bring her in now, so something is definitely up with her. She’s planning something.

Overall, I really have enjoyed the episode. It moved at a great pace, showing the way each of the girls is dealing with the trauma. There are a few things I’m not too sure about yet and I don’t like the way Mona hasn’t been mentioned much, but overall the episode has been good enough to keep me watching even more.

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