Pretty Little Liars Review: Songs of Experience [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars Review: Songs of Experience [Spoilers]

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Season six of Pretty Little Liars is getting better as the episodes go, which is a big improvement from season five for me. Episode three, titled Songs of Experience, delved further into how each of the girls are handling the experience of being locked away by A—or Charles DiLaurentis as we now know him by. Here’s my Pretty Little Liars review, with a look at details in the episode.

Finally We Find Out It’s Not Andrew

It took the police long enough to find out that Andrew isn’t A. I still dislike the idea that all the girls jumped to the conclusion that it was him. Doubts started to arise in this episode, but it was still clear they were happy to let a potentially innocent man go down just so they could feel safe. Aria’s point that it would mean the ordeal wasn’t over if it wasn’t Andrew was a great insight into her mindset, though.

Andrew’s reaction when he saw the girls outside the police station did surprise me. He clearly doesn’t believe that the girls were trapped by someone. It’s almost like he thinks they set it all up themselves. I’d like to see this storyline play out a little more. We get now that Andrew was there to try and find the girls—play the hero—but not how he put it all together that they were somewhere nearby.

Another Insight Into Ally’s Mentality

It wasn’t just the four girls that were locked away we got to delve into. In this episode of Pretty Little Liars, we got to look at Ally’s mindset a little more. She wants to believe her dad and she wants to stay out of the limelight, because she’s fed up of people hating her. I think this is a real turn for her character, but I’m not sure whether it’s for good.

It’s like season five was all a red-herring; setting it up for the audience to believe she had something to do with the girls’ disappearance. Now it’s like the writers want us to believe that everything was fake, and she is on the Liars’ side after all. I’m not sure how convinced I am yet.

I have enjoyed her character development in the last few episodes, though. It’s clear this is going to lead to a romantic relationship between Ally and Lorenzo, which could lead to all sorts of other issues. What will Toby think about it?

Still Something About Sarah

There’s still something that I don’t believe about Sarah. People are far too trusting in this town, especially the Liars. Considering everything they’d been through, I’m surprised they haven’t brought up the fact that she ran away again and just happened to turn up on Emily’s doorstep. That screams trap to me.

It seems convenient that A was in the house, threatening to attack Sarah. And then when they get there, Sarah had the bed made up to make it look like she’s there. Something tells me that Sarah is working with A to learn more secrets and lead them into a trap.

Who Is Charles DiLaurentis

It’s clear that there’s more to this Charles guy. I really feel for Jason right now. He was told that “Charlie” was his imaginary friend, which I guess makes sense considering how old he seemed to be in the home movie. Why would his parents make up an imaginary friend?

This is obviously going to continue into the next few episodes of Pretty Little Liars season six at least, and I can’t wait to see it all play out. What happened to Charles and where is he now?

You can probably tell from my Pretty Little Liars review that I’m going to watch the next episode. I’m really looking forward to it, and can’t wait to hear the explanation of who Charlie was. It’s finally looking like we’re going to learn the details of A, so season seven can all be about his capture.

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