Pretty Little Liars Review: She’s No Angel [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars Review: She’s No Angel

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Mona returned in season six episode four of Pretty Little Liars, and quite frankly it was about time. Of course, it was clear that things weren’t going to be easy with her back. Here’s my full Pretty Little Liars review for She’s No Angel.

Mona Leads to More Questions

With Mona back, it meant the return of Leslie. I missed a few episodes of season five of the show because I started to lose interest, but I did remember reading about her. The only issue I have is that when a character returns or a new one comes in, they’re instantly made to look suspicious. Most of the time, it’s a red-herring, so I refuse to believe that Leslie is actually A; maybe just being forced to work for A like all the others.

The ending has cemented that idea for me. It’s not quite a coincidence that Leslie was at Radley with Charles, Bethany Young and Mona, but it would make sense for that connection with whoever made friends with Charles. Again, my suspicions still like on Wren, who would also have connections to most of them at least.

Ally Trying to Move On

I get that Ally is just trying to move on with her life. It’s strange that she’s not included in so many plots and theories, though; almost as if the Liars don’t trust her.

There’s still something about her dad that I don’t like or trust. I don’t think he’s A, but I think he knows more. His behavior wasn’t the typical behavior for a dad looking out for his daughter, who potentially has a new boyfriend. This was a controlling man, who has another secret to tell. Lorenzo seems to think he’s annoyed at himself, but I really can’t see that being the truth.

The Weirdest Opening Ever?

Was the opening to this episode of Pretty Little Liars just the weirdest one ever? I was really confused at first, but did guess that she was in Radley and not in the dollhouse. The whole place screamed sanatorium, but that’s since watching Supernatural and American Horror Story.

That young girl—good dancer, by the way—was creepy. I instantly got a vibe of The Ring, and wondered where the writers were going with this. Obviously, it’s Spencer’s head trying to remind her of a few things, but I wonder how far this is going to go. Was the young girl really a memory, or just someone she developed from that poster?

Spencer really is starting to annoy me, though. One minute she wants to tell her friends everything, and the next she’s hiding things. Why couldn’t she tell Hanna that the girl in the poster was the same girl from her dream? Why is that now a secret? It’s pointless!

Something Iffy With Sarah

I still don’t trust Sarah. When she saw the photo, I actually thought she was going to delete it. There was a scared look on her face, but more of a guilty scared look. Something happened to her in the two years that she was down there, and nobody seems to think that she could possibly be working with A. It just has to be everyone else.

When Aria first realized the hooded figure was a girl, I wondered whether Sarah could have done it. Then remembered she was with Emily at the time. That doesn’t change that I’m sure she knew something was going on, and is worried that the Liars managed to capture A on camera. This is a storyline that I’m interested in playing out more, but I hope it isn’t dragged out for too long.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. I still like exploring how the girls are handling the aftermath of the dollhouse differently. Mona being back makes sense, but I really wish it didn’t mean a possible new red-herring with Leslie. There’s something about it that just doesn’t sit right with me.

That’s it for this time. I’ll be back with another Pretty Little Liars review as soon as I’ve watched the next episode.

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