Pretty Little Liars Review Season 6 Premiere: Game On, Charles [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars reviewI found most of the fifth season of Pretty Little Liars slow. For the last five years, all we’ve wanted to know is who A is, with various theories doing the rounds. I had hoped that there would be more clues during season five, but it was only towards the end that it picked up.

I’m glad to say in my first Pretty Little Liars review of season six that it doesn’t seem to be the case this year. We have an idea of A’s identity and some sort of reason behind his mind games and deadly actions. But there are still plenty of questions to be answered over the next two years. Yes, the show is definitely getting a seventh season.

Game On, Charles was the season six premiere, and quickly got into where season five left off. And it certainly had plenty of action to keep viewers entertained. Here’s my full review of Pretty Little Liars season six premiere.

So Many More Questions to Move On To

I did worry that finding out an identity would mean fewer questions; that it would take some of the suspense away. Instead, it’s created more.

While we have a name—Charles DiLaurentis—we don’t have a face yet. That means it could be absolutely anyone. The police believe it’s Andrew, but I wonder if that’s a red herring put in for the viewers. Andrew doesn’t seem old enough based on the videos. I still believe Wren has something to do with it!

The episode brought out so many more questions. This Charles guy clearly has some sentimental value. He wanted to save his belongings from the fire, even though he knew it meant that his victims would likely escape and he wouldn’t get Ally.

There are many other questions brought up throughout the episode. Why had he taken and kept Sarah? What was he planning to do with her and Mona once he got Ally? Why did he make the girls appear as if they were back at the time before Ally’s disappearance initially? What happened to the girls while they were in that room, because all four were traumatized?

Toby, Caleb and Ezra Work With Ally

I knew the tracker in the shoe wasn’t going to work the whole time. A is just far too smart to let anyone possibly track him down. But part of me wondered whether that would mean Ally would be taken. Would season six be all about finding the five girls?

Seeing Toby, Caleb and Ezra all working together and with Ally was fitting. It made sense, considering how much all three males know about A, and the roles they can play. Poor Ezra must have felt slightly left out as driver, though. Caleb did all the tech stuff and Toby was there to divert the police and get them there when necessary.

It was a stupid plan, though. Surely making sure the police had an idea that Ally was when she ran away would have been a better idea. What if they did completely lose her?

A Little Too Dark in Places

Because I always watch on the computer or laptop, I do often find dark shows a little too dark. And I mean that in terms of lighting; not content. This episode of Pretty Little Liars was certainly a little too dark for me.

For once, though, the sound was just right. I didn’t have to keep turning it up and down when the girls did their whispering. Part of me knows that it is due to watching on the laptop—and watching during the day—but it would be really helpful if producers acknowledged the amount of people who watch on mobile and computer devices rather than the TV now. The lighting settings could be changed with that in mind.

I’d been putting season six off because of how long and drawn out I found season five. It was because a friend said that it was worth watching that I decided to actually follow it, and I’m really glad I did. The Pretty Little Liars season six premiere was full of action, quickly picking up from where last season left off and getting straight into the drama. I look forward to the next episode.

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