Pretty Little Liars Review: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars review

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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou looked like it was going to quickly move the story along. There was the chance that we would get a glimpse at who Charlie really was. Instead, I was left disappointed with far too many eye-rolling moments. I share all in this latest Pretty Little Liars review.

Claire Returns and Sarah Goes Away

It seemed like perfect timing for me. There’s still something about Sarah that I don’t trust, but those suspicions never extended to Claire, the friend who had come looking for her previously. In fact, I’d forgotten all about the friend until I saw the “previously” clips.

The storyline with Sarah was starting to get a little stale and predictable. I guessed that she and Emily would kiss but I don’t fully believe that Sarah is doing this because she likes Emily. This is all to draw Emily in, and maybe A has realized that it isn’t working.

We’ve found towards the end that Charles is definitely working with someone. I have a few suspicious who that could be, and they include Sarah and Cece. It would make sense for it to be Sarah, as I keep saying in previous reviews of Pretty Little Liars.

Hanna’s Scholarship Money

I know that the girls need to move on. For the past six seasons, they’ve not really aged, so it is about time that they get out of Rosewood and go to college. I can’t wait for that five-year time jump just for that reason. The problem is that now them moving away is becoming all about A.

Would Hanna really have thought twice about that scholarship money? She said she recognized the name, but surely there are that many companies that other names would have come up. It’s almost like the writers are now forcing ways to connect the girls and anything related to the girls to A. I guess this scholarship money is going to play a part in the next episode at least.

Spencer Lying to Toby Yet Again

Was it really that surprising that Spencer was back to lying to Toby as soon as he walked through the door? Surely by now the girls have learned that telling their boyfriends/girlfriends can help. I’d love to see one time when Toby, Caleb and Ezra all find out about everything to help the Liars. They’ve already proven their ability to help!

Instead, Spencer lies and gets caught out because they finally decide that he needs to know. She’s also not telling him whole truths when it comes to her wellbeing, and of course that leads to future problems in the episode.

Right now, I think Toby would be better off without Spencer. I wonder if her lying to him will lead to Toby calling their relationship off. It would certainly open the door for Dean to come back in.

The Plan Goes Wrong…Big Surprise!

Finally, the big plan to catch A goes wrong. Of course, A was always one step ahead. While he nearly got caught, it was clear that it wasn’t all going to work out. For one, Toby ended up high because of Spencer’s sweets that weren’t meant to be for him. I do look forward to the next episode just to see the fall out for him. That could really end his career.

Ally really didn’t help matters, but it’s understandable why she called the police. In fact, she was the only one who went through with finally telling the truth to someone. I’m glad someone did. Her character is slowly warming on me. It’s like she finally wants to help solve the mystery. Before now, she’s always played a victim card with an ulterior motive. I’m glad to see that character development, along with her and Mona sort of working together. I hope more of that comes in future episodes.

Overall, the storyline was just too slow-paced for me. The start of season six was so promising, but now it’s like the writers are really struggling. I guess that’s what happens when you have to drag out a storyline for a year and a half longer than initially planned. I can’t wait to get through the next couple of episodes to see who is behind the mask. I don’t think the real A is going to be revealed, but someone working with Charles.

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