Pretty Little Liars Review: No Stone Unturned

Pretty Little Liars reviewNo Stone Unturned brought up some of the points I’d been thinking about in the journey to find out who A is. I think this has been my least favorite episode of the season so far. I found myself checking the time to see if it was almost finished yet. I’m going to share why in this Pretty Little Liars review.

Jumping to Conclusions Yet Again

Have the Liars not learned that they can’t just jump to conclusions? It happens every time, and rather than play a wait and see game, they go all out to find ways to make someone guilty. They did it with Andrew, and they’ve done it with others in the past. Look at how they treated Toby in the first season! Now it’s all about Leslie.

It was obvious that she had more of a story and still has a story to tell. Those cages weren’t going to be for the Liars. It was a red-herring added to make the viewers wonder. Honestly, I really am getting a little fed up of so many red-herrings in episodes. It’s time they just focus on one person—A—and by them, I mean the writers.

What really gets me is that Spencer didn’t think about the amount of drugs Charles was on and the organ donation. I thought it was strange when I watched the last episode, especially when medical records have been falsified and changed in the past. For Spencer to not check the list of medication and notice the liver was on the list of body parts donated was just ridiculous. The other girls I could just about understand.

Mona Knows More

I’m sure that Mona still has things she’s hiding, which is really starting to get annoying. By you, you would have thought she’d just open up to the Liars about everything. They were all trapped in that dollhouse together; Mona for longer.

I can’t bring myself to like or feel for the character at all, and I really think it’s because of the deceitfulness. One thing I’d really like to see in this season is for Mona to finally start working fully with the Liars. That would mean the Liars would have to let her in, too. It does work both ways.

The Microchips Finally

I didn’t mentioned anything about the microchips in my last Pretty Little Liars review, but I’d guessed A had done something. It didn’t take the writers long for the girls to find out about them, and I was surprised that it was this episode. I did giggle a little at the way Spencer moved Hanna around to test the electronics.

It was clear that Leslie couldn’t have anything to do with A because of that. As soon as I saw the electrical equipment, I 100% ruled her out; until then there was always that possibility and I wanted the show to do something that would completely rule it out.

Now it’s all going to come out about Mona and Sarah. Do they have microchips? I’m guessing neither of them do. A is really only interested in the four Liars and Ally. But I still think Sarah is part of it, and that really cemented in my mind when she said yes straight away to Leslie’s car.

Toby-Spencer-Dean Love Triangle

This season may be the one that I really roll my eyes at Pretty Little Liars. I’ve said in reviews of shows in the past that I really hate love triangles, especially two guys fighting for the same girl. It’s overused and frankly quite boring for me to watch. And the idea of Dean falling for Spencer was obvious from the start.

It’s clear that this is going to lead to something. Spencer will either go out of her way to see Dean or Dean will break the vow he’s clearly made to himself and go out of his way to see Spencer. Either way, there’s going to be a kiss eventually and Toby will find out soon enough. I know that the second half of season six is going to be set five years into the future, so I wonder if this is going to set it up for Toby and Spencer to break up.

Overall, it just didn’t seem that much of a progressive episode. The Liars are back to where they were just two episodes ago, and really the viewers have nothing new to keep them entertained. The Liars are looking stupider as the episodes go on because they’re just jumping to the same conclusions time and time again. I really hope the next couple of episodes pick up, because right now, it’s heading in the same direction as season five for me.

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