Pretty Little Liars Review: Last Dance [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars Review: Last Dance [Spoilers]

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The storyline of Pretty Little Liars is finally back to moving at a descent pace. This episode saw the truth about Clarke come out and the mothers of the Liars realize just how much their daughters have been through. And it was prom! Woohoo! Here is my full Pretty Little Liars review for episode 9, Last Dance.

The Girls’ Dreams Come True

Okay, not all of their dreams were coming true. It was a good balance of dreams coming true and some of them not really having a plan anymore. Aria finds out that she is going to L.A. for a summer internship and Hanna finds out what Caleb has been keeping from her for the episode—and why he went to New York. There was an “aww” moment there.

I’m glad that it’s still unclear what Spencer and Emily will be doing, though. This makes it more realistic. It would have been really easy to have them all go off to follow their dreams or have some sort of plan. After everything they’ve been through, not having a plan suits both Spencer and Emily.

It’s Finally Prom

It’s been far too drawn out over the last six seasons. I’m really glad that Last Dance finally featured a prom, and I’d have really loved to know the theme. My guess that it was Little Red Riding Hood considering the red caped servers, but who came up with that idea? I’m really surprised nobody commented on that.

The downside was that the girls wouldn’t be allowed to go, but when has that ever stopped them? The school may as well have just let them! At least then they would have all been safe once they got there. Instead, someone got Ally. I’m not even sure it was Charles. I think it’s Red Coat that got her, because she certainly looked like she recognized the person underneath the mask. I guess it’s the next episode that we all find out who it is.

The Mothers End Up In a Trap

Rhys Matthews is become more and more suspicious. I just really hope that this isn’t a red herring anymore. He definitely has some connection, because he was able to get into the house way too easily. The only reason the Liars’ mothers were in there was because Veronica had a key. Speaking of Veronica, it was nice to see her sort of lose it during the episode.

By being in the house, the mothers fell for one of A’s traps. At least, we are led to believe it was a trap set by A. I’m a little confused at why A would trap them in the DiLaurentis basement when the girls were already at prom by this point. I guess maybe it was a way to teach them a lesson.

It did mean that all four could realize just what their daughters had been through the last five and a half seasons. That’s refreshing, considering they haven’t really known or even considered all of it. While they’ve worried about them, they’ve not realized the amount of mental strength it has taken for Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna to get through it all.

Clarke’s Identity Is Revealled

As the episode went on, Clarke’s identity was starting to become obvious for me. I knew that he couldn’t be working with A, because that was just too obvious from the start. Remember, I’m no longer assuming anyone is working with A. I assume the opposite because there are far too many red herrings. I never assumed Ezra was A and I knew that Toby was playing along to get into A’s mind and keep Spencer safe.

So, to finally find out who Clarke was ended up being a little anti-climatic for me. As soon as I saw the gun I’d jumped to the right conclusion, and I didn’t really need that to give it all away.

I would like to know what he was doing at the doll factory and what he knows about the Carissimi group. This better be a conversation he and Aria have at some point, or even him and Toby.

Toby Just Instantly Forgives?

The only thing that didn’t sit right with me in this episode was how Toby has just instantly forgiven Spencer for the gummy bears incident. He’s being suspended, but it’s like he doesn’t really care.

I know that he joined the police force for the wrong reasons. He wanted to be on the inside to find out more about A rather than keep the peace, but this was his job. It’s surprising now that he didn’t take being suspended more seriously.

Lorenzo’s attitude was perfectly reasonable and understandable. I’m not too sure how I feel about him turning up to prom at the last minute, considering how he felt and what Ally did.

Something about it all just rubbed me the wrong way. I expected more anger from Toby, but I guess that could come later.

Overall, I did enjoy the episode. I’m glad it’s moving forward and I’m looking forward to watching episode 10, the mid-season finale. Watch out for my Pretty Little Liars review when I do get to see it.

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