Pretty Little Liars Review: Game Over, Charles [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars review

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The mid-season finale of Pretty Little Liars season 6 promised to reveal A. It turns out that the big reveal was partially one that I expected. I realized that a certain character had something to do with it all. One thing that I wasn’t counting on was the intricate storyline to describe how it all happened. In this Pretty Little Liars review I share everything I liked and didn’t like about the episode.

The Big Reveal

For once, the big reveal wasn’t an eye-rolling one. I’d guessed the person that was going to be revealed—Cece—but I didn’t guess how it was going to happen. I really thought Charles and Red Coat were going to be two different people and that Wren had something to do with it all. It’s a shame that he wasn’t included in the big reveal, considering his attachment to Radley.

In the end, it turns out that Cece was Charles. That’s right, he was a she all along. Having the episode explain it all did help. It was great to see how Cece became the person she was and who she got involved along the way.

I Knew Sarah Wasn’t Innocent

This was obvious from the season premiere. I kept saying that Sarah had something to do with it, considering how long she had been trapped in the dollhouse. It would be interesting to know whether she was actually kidnapped or not. Something about the whole story makes me think that it was all an act from the very beginning. She ran away and joined with Cece when the time mattered.

Emily punching her was great, but it’s a shame that there was nothing really mentioned about her. Yes, she was released from the hospital, but was that it? Did she end up in a mental institution or had she been taken to jail? That’s something I really want to know. The same applies to Cece. What happened to her after they coached her down from the ledge?

Too Much Focus on the Story?

Part of me wonders whether too much of the episode was focused on the big reveal and backstory. Yes, it was needed but I guess it could have been explained in a different way. I know this is sometimes the things that writers struggle with in TV shows, and Pretty Little Liars certainly isn’t the only show to disappoint me with this.

The really disappointing part was not seeing Jason or Kenneth’s reactions. Also, what actually happened to the Liars’ mothers? They were trapped in the basement during the episode, and then we never saw them get released. It was as if they ran out of time to even deal with that, or maybe even forgot about it after the initial cut to the basement.

The Five Year Jump

We all knew it was coming; the show was jumping five years into the future. That doesn’t surprise me and I’m glad it’s happened. It gives the girls a chance to grow up, considering they’ve played 16-18 year olds for the past five and a half years! The time jump has set it up for the rest of the season.

It seems that “he” is back, but I have to wonder if they really mean Charles. Surely, knowing that Charles is now Cece, they would have said “she.” There’s clearly someone else out there now after Ally. Considering Ally was writing “Mrs…” on the blackboard, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is something to do with that.

What Happened to Mona?

Another question I have is about Mona. She stayed to hear the end of the story, and it’s clear the girls were angry at her involvement and willingness to play the game. They’ve never really trusted her after finding out that she was initially part of the A team.

What happened to her after the episode? It would have been nice to see if she had ran away, or if she remained at the Carissimi group to take over it in place of Cece. After all, nobody really knew who Rhys’ employer was, so it would be an easy option. I guess that’s something that will be left for the rest of season 6.

Overall, the episode was good. I liked the non-traditional story and the way Cece was brought back. There were a few bits that left me disappointed, but overall it was definitely worth the wait to see how it all pieced together. I look forward to January when Pretty Little Liars is back. Watch out for a Pretty Little Liars review around then.

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