Pretty Little Liars Review: FrAmed

Pretty Little Liars Review

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FrAmed pushed the storyline forward a little on Pretty Little Liars and I was grateful for that. One thing that did annoy me is the introduction of yet another questionable character, with Clarke’s seeming questionable. I know that it’s all to do with the next episode and big reveal, but something about it just annoys me. It’s almost like a character can’t be brought into the show without seeming suspicious in some way.

With that in mind, here’s my Pretty Little Liars review to share the good and bad points of this episode.

Hanna and Spencer at the Carissimi Group

The Carissimi Group came up again in this episode. It wasn’t that surprising that Hanna decided to give up the scholarship money. I expected it after she found out the connection to Radley. It did mean that it introduced the new character Rhys Matthews, who looks suspiciously like Jason DiLaurentis.

While usually I wouldn’t mind something like this, I am a little annoyed considering the amount of red herrings that have been thrown into the show. It’s really easy now to just assume everything is going to be a red herring. Maybe the writers should have thought about that before doing it too much.

Part of me thinks that this one is a genuine lead, but I just don’t know and I refuse to let myself get drawn into it because of that. I’ll just wait and see how it all plays out. I still suspect Wren in some way and that suspicious is not going to go until someone outwardly says it is definitely not him.

Red Coat Is Back

I have a feeling I know who Red Coat will be—and no, not Sarah! I actually think that Cece Drake is going to make a reappearance. Now, I know that I’m two episodes behind and there has been a lot about Pretty Little Liars shared online, but I’ve decided to actively avoid any spoilers. I don’t know how it all plays out, and Cece is just a theory of mine.

You see, Cece made it look like she was going to France. She befriended Alison quite convincingly, and found out so many secrets. It would make sense for someone so close to be able to get messages to A. And by Cece leaving, it means fewer viewers are going to suspect her. It’s one of the reasons I still think Wren is involved.

Red Coat being back is interesting, though. It proves there are still two players in this. I really don’t think Red Coat will turn out to be A, and I wonder if that is going to be the big reveal in the mid-season finale instead of actually seeing what Charles looks like. It leaves more open to reveal later on in season six, considering there is still another season.

Ally Destroys Her Trust With Lorenzo

This relationship had so much potential, and Ally had to go and ruin it. Part of me isn’t surprised, although she wasn’t very good at sneaking around considering the amount of practice she’s had! She wants answers, and will go after them. It doesn’t matter who is put at risk any more.

I find it difficult to follow her thinking. I’m more on Hanna’s side that while Charles is Ally’s brother, it doesn’t stop him from being the person who has tried to kill them numerous times and locked them in the dollhouse. But I guess the show is showing all sides and all different personalities. That is something I’ve enjoyed this season.

There’s no way that Lorenzo will ever trust Ally again, and I hope this opens up some sort of dialogue between Toby and Lorenzo. There is still so much that could be said between the two of them.

Speaking of Toby, will he face any repercussions from the previous episode? It’s almost like nobody even realizes that the marijuana was in the gummy bears that were meant to be for Spencer.

Aria Finally Breaks Down

Well, she doesn’t quite lose it, but we finally see what she’s been bottling up. While the others seemed to have dealt with their trauma, I knew that Aria was bottling hers up. I looked forward to the moment that it all finally came out. It was quite fitting that it was to Ezra, who just sat and listened. It’s a shame there’s no relationship between the two of them anymore. Ezra is clearly someone who cares for Aria and wants to help her with this.

Seeing her break down after the art show was great. It was perfect for her character. She’s not one to cry her eyes out and shout from the rooftop, so to just sit and tell Ezra about how cold she was so quietly made sense. I hope to see more of that relationship in the next episode. She needs someone she can talk to, and Ezra does make sense.

Overall, I found the episode more enjoyable than previous ones. I’m glad I’m still watching. I just really want it to move forward now already. It’s like the writers are really struggling to drag this out further. Only one more episode and then there’s the big reveal. Watch out for my Pretty Little Liars review on that.

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