Pretty Little Liars Review: Don’t Look Now [Spoilers]

Pretty Little Liars Review: Don’t Look Now

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I’ve finally managed to finish episode four of Pretty Little Liars season six, Don’t Look Now. The episode was interesting, but I did get annoyed at a few parts. It seems that the writers have tried dragging something out rather than just explain things all together as would seem normal. Anyway, here’s my full Pretty Little Liars review to share my thoughts.

Learning More About Charles

This episode we got to learn more about Charles. Ally’s dad finally opened up more about the son, to the point where he explained why they had Charles institutionalized. I have to admit that I saw the reason coming. It was obvious; maybe from watching too many movies and TV shows that have similar storylines now and then.

The part that annoyed me was how dragged out this was. Why wouldn’t Kenneth just tell them as much as he could straight away? It was clear Ally wasn’t going to let it go. Why would she? And then there was Jason. Considering he’s spent years believing he had an imaginary friend, it makes sense that he wanted to know more.

If I was the parent in this, I’d sit my kids down and explain just what had happened and why. I’d make it very clear that this wasn’t going to be easy, but still break it to them in one go—or as far as they would want me to go. When they were ready to hear more, they could then ask. It’s about time the parents in this town are more open!

Seeing Reactions of Those Close to the Liars

It’s refreshing to see others’ reactions and feelings now that the Liars are back. Caleb did take it a little too far by tagging Hanna’s car, but I understand why he did it. I can also understand why Aria’s dad would double check where she was. It looks like Caleb wasn’t completely in the wrong for tagging, considering that ending!

They would have gone through hell, as Caleb explained to Hanna. At least both the girls have acknowledged that they understand that. For once, Aria seems to respect her dad enough to do as she says she will; even if it did mean A still finding her. It’s a shame Hanna is handling it the way she is, but we’ve not yet seen everything she had to deal with while locked in the room.

It will be interesting to see more of this play out as time goes on. For Emily, it was clearly something to do with her time on the swim team, because she ended up in her swim uniform. For Hanna, I’m not too sure. I look forward to seeing that storyline.

Spencer Struggles to Sleep

Well, this was a storyline that was obvious. Spencer was clearly going to be the one to struggle to sleep the most, and I could tell from the minute her mom said that she asked the doctors not to give Spencer the anxiety medication that she was going to go into a drug addiction storyline. It is going further than I thought, but it’s still a little eye-rolling for me.

When will the girls learn that their secrets will be used against them? Spencer must know that the truth will eventually come out. Why bother giving A more ammo?

Finding Out Charles Is Really Dead

By getting to Carol’s, they finally found out that Charles has a burial plot. Notice I’m going to say plot, and not that he was actually buried there. Hanna was going to dig it up, and everyone convinced her not to. Jason pointed out that the headstone couldn’t have just been placed there.

Well, that’s fine. The headstone may be old, but that doesn’t mean Charlie is actually buried there. I still wonder whether his death was faked. Surely a mention of his death would have been in the Radley file otherwise. I have to wonder whether Ally and Jason’s mom hid the full truth, trying to protect her eldest child.

There was certainly someone at that house when Jason went visiting after the fall down the elevator. It would make sense that Charles would be there, and had always been there; maybe he’d been the reason Aunt Carol died when the girls were in 10th grade? I’m speculating there, but I just can’t take Pretty Little Liars at face value.

If Charles really is dead, then A will be someone he knew at Radley. My bets are still on Wren right now. Either he is Charles or he’s the person taking up Charles’ vendetta. I do wonder whether Charles killed someone at Radley, it was faked as Charles’ body and then Charles got to escape…maybe in the form of Wren.

I guess my speculations will continue throughout the series, until we find out what is really going on. As you can tell from this Pretty Little Liars review, I have plenty going around my head. Episode five is next, and I’m definitely still looking forward to it. I just really want to move on with the season and find out more about A.

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