Plaque Psoriasis on Fingers and Hypo Pigmentation of the Skin

The plant known as Bishop’s Weed is indigenous to Egypt. Medicinal properties attributed to its fruit have made it valuable. It is known to naturally aid in improving the appearance of the skin in people with hypo pigmentation. Europe, India and Asia are some of the regions in which the plant has been cultivated successfully.

People across the world suffer from hypo pigmentation. This condition causes concern among both men and women who feel concerned about how it affects the way that their skin looks.


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Research has been done into the effects of Bishop’s Weed when it is used to help people with hypo pigmentation tinea versicolor. After eating a specific quantity of the fruit, patients with irregular pigmentation stood in sunlight for an hour. Within a week, patches of low pigmentation on their skin turned dark brown.

The active ingredient in the fruit, xanthotoxin, can also be used independently to treat hypo pigmentation. Patients have been able to take synthetic xanthotoxin orally in order to experience the same benefits that they would obtain with Bishop’s Weed.

Applying xanthotoxin to the skin also works. In clinical trials, liniments containing xanthotoxin were applied daily to affected areas. Patients involved in the trials exposed these areas to sunlight for half an hour. Normal pigmentation returned to the skin after several days.

Similar results were obtained when patients were exposed to ultraviolet light (UV light) after consuming Bishop’s Weed fruit. The duration of the exposure to UV light was much shorter and did not go over 120 seconds in most cases.

In both of these cases, affected persons first exhibited signs of second degree burns in response to sunlight and ultraviolet light. For example, the leukodermic patches were red and oozed. Doctors treated the skin as such. After healing began, the skin developed normal color.

Bishop’s Weed and long wave UV radiation therapy is helpful for people who are affected by plaque psoriasis and idiopathic vitiligo. Even when xanthotoxin is used in bathwater or applied directly to the skin, it works just as well as when it is taken orally. Research has shown that bath treatments with xanthotoxin have less adverse effects.

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