Phone me – using your gloves

2014-11-15_1010I thought it was a joke at first. But it’s true.The man you see on the right is talking to a friend on the phone – using his gloves.

You know what it’s like – you’re out shopping, it’s freezing cold and your phone rings. You have to take it out of your pocket and remove your gloves in order to answer the call. Brr.

But with these magnificent gloves, you can simply use them to chat and take the call. You won’t have to remove your gloves and your hands stay beautifully warm throughout.

As you can see in the image, the thumb of the glove contains a speaker and the microphone is concealed in the little finger.

They are available for men or for women. The fingertips of the gloves have a special connectivity fiber built in, so there’s no need to remove them to dial or to accept a a call.

Even if your phone is a few feet away, this will still work.

2014-11-15_1013Now if you think that this is one of those gadgets that will work for a few weeks and then go wrong, you’ll be delighted to know that the company guarantees all its products for life. Remarkable but true. ¬†Even if you give these as a gift, your recipient can return them should they ever fail and get a refund, a replacement or a gift card to the equivalent value.

This is truly a gift you can give with confidence. Or why not buy a pair for yourself? Wherever you are in the cold and the snow, you can be sure that you can stay in touch.

The battery in the gloves will give you a full twelve hours of talk-time. Recharging is quick too – normally this just takes about half an hour. When you’re at the site,check out the video of these in use.

These are such a splendid gift to give – or to receive.

You can see more about these amazing gloves here

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