Pamela Mordecai Poems and Biography- Pink Icing

Jamaican Authors such as Pamela Mordecai are known for contributing to the body of work that can be described as writing for children, as well as to other forms of writing. Her stories for children have allowed her to build an audience of loyal fans, many of whom first met her, in a sense, many years ago through a children’s book.

Pamela Mordecai writes on topics that are universal. Her subjects are those that are easy to relate to, whether you were born in the Caribbean or another part of North America. The author currently resides in Canada but still makes her contribution to Caribbean writing through plays, short stories, poetry and other literature.


Pamela Mordecai Poems and Biography- Pink Icing

Pamela Mordecai Poems and Biography- Pink Icing


She is active in the creative community and has worked with other Caribbean writers to produce several textbooks and other non fiction books. Her True-True Name is a Caribbean text on women’s writing that was prepared by Ms. Mordecai along with her sister Betty. This book contains work from more than thirty female writers from the Caribbean. She has also helped to prepare other anthologies of Caribbean writing for publication.

Pamela Mordecai has published more than 28 books so far and she shows no sign of stopping. People who enjoy a good story will like her books. She always showed an interest in writing and as a little girl in Jamaica, wrote her first story at the age of nine. She owns a publishing house with her husband and helps to promote Caribbean authors. The publishing house is located in Canada and is called the Sandberry Press.

Along with Jamaicans such as Professor Edward Baugh, she has graced the stage at Woodstock. The Woodstock Poetry Festival is held in New York. Jamaican writer Kwame Dawes has also performed his poetry at the festival.

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