Nashville Season 4 Review: Episodes 1-6 [Spoilers]

Nashville season 4 reviewI’m all caught up with Nashville season four now. Usually, I review each episode but when I realized that I had six episodes to get through, I decided to watch them pretty much back to back. It ended up being a good place to stop, considering how episode six finished and the break because of the CMAs.

Now I’m sharing my Nashville season four review for episodes one to six.

Started as I Expected


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Nashville season three ended with the cliffhanger of someone flat-lining during Deacon’s surgery. Part of me knew right away that it wasn’t going to be Deacon. The episode had set up for him to die far too much, and he is a beloved character on the show. I don’t always like his storylines but he is a great character to follow and someone with a lot of issues and potential storylines.

I just knew that it was going to turn out to be Beverley. Part of me is glad that she got the chance to wake up from the coma and make amends with her daughter and brother, though. It was needed for both Deacon and Scarlet. With shows like Nashville, a happy ending just isn’t possible though. I didn’t get my hopes up for some sort of happy ending for her.

Seeing the debate between Deacon and Scarlet and how it almost tore them apart was excellent. There was some great writing, as both were angry at each other but angry at themselves, too. For them to get the chance to make up before the show went on a week break was excellent, and I’m glad to see that they’re both in happier places where they can move forward with their lives now; and that they got to know the real Beverley.

Will Lexington Comes Out

Will’s storyline has been a major thing for Nashville. After all, it’s a big thing in the real world. Him coming out and struggling with his decision after that has been really well handled. I like the back and forth as he tries to find a way to be himself again. I just really didn’t like the way that it all ended in episode six.

Part of me doesn’t think that Kevin is being patient enough with him. It’s been a couple of months since he came out, and that isn’t enough time for Will to get his head around being dropped from his label, his dad completely turning his back on him again and potentially having to give up on his dreams. At the same time, Kevin was pushing him to be that spokesperson for the LGBT community, when it was clear that it wasn’t something Will was ready to even consider. It must have been a lot easier for Kevin as a song writer compared to Will as a country music star.

Something that I’d really like to see is Will be able to find someone who can help him accept himself completely. And help him get back on the stage properly. That is where he is happiest. There was that one chance, but the girls decided to have some fun. Will needs someone who will help him see that it was fun and accept that it will happen in the future; but see that he can still be the singer that he once was. Maybe it’s something coming with Rayna, as she clearly has no care about his sexuality and proved that by getting him in a selfie with her.

Rayna Struggles With Her Label

It was clearly going to happen. So much was going on in Rayna’s life that something had to give, and that just happened to be her label. I did wonder whether Marcus was going to pull it all down, but it seems that she’s been able to talk him round. I wonder for how long.

Maybe now that the Beverley storyline is coming to an end, it will give Rayna more of a chance to focus on being the head of a label. I would like to see that part of the music business, and Nashville has certainly opened up that possibility with having two country music stars become heads of their own labels (both Rayna and Luke). It has been fun to see how the two labels are doing against each other, and what it means to have the right artists and the right press.

Juliette’s Spiral Downwards

This storyline didn’t surprise me at all. I was expecting her to go completely off course before episode six, and actually thought that would be dragged out in some way; maybe with her hiding a drug problem from everyone until Jeff or Luke found out and tried to get her the help she needed.

I really feel for Avery right now. He’s trying to be the best father possible, but wants Juliette back. I can’t see him completely giving up on her, especially once her involvement in Jeff’s fall comes out. That’s clearly going to happen since Colt saw everything, even in his drunk stupor.

While I expected the storyline, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will play out with episode seven. I want to see the fallout after everyone realizes that she was there when Jeff fell; that he was saving her from a suicide attempt. Things looked positive for Layla and Jeff, and Luke had his CEO. Then there’s the chance that Juliette will spiral even further out of control, as she realizes that it was her fault.

We still don’t know if Jeff will survive. There’s a strong possibility that he won’t, but it’s strange for Nashville to have two deaths within episodes of each other. Next Wednesday will definitely be interesting.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed season four of Nashville. There have been roll-of-the-eye moments, but that happens with any show. This show has managed to take a step up from season three, and the music, as always, is fabulous.

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