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Caution: if you haven’t watched this episode, you won’t want to read this. It is full of spoilers. You have been warned!

Now that I’m caught up, I can stick to single episodes for each Nashville review. Hopefully, I’ll stay caught up throughout the rest of the season. At least, until the mid-season finale.

This week quickly answered all the questions I had about the end of season six. There were questions about whether Jeff would survive. I didn’t think he would, but I always like to get the confirmation first. Watching the trailer also made it very clear that he wasn’t going to make it out alive.

It was interesting to see how everyone dealt with the consequences, along with Colt’s way of dealing with seeing it all happen.

If you haven’t seen the episode, you can watch it now on Amazon. Episode seven of Nashville season four is definitely worth catching.

Juliette Remembers Throughout the Episode

It wasn’t surprising that Juliette forgot everything that happened. Considering the amount she’d drank and all those pills she’d taken, I was surprised she was even able to stagger back to her room. I liked seeing her remember gradually, and it was clear that she didn’t remember anything at first. This wasn’t one of her games, but she genuinely didn’t realize what had happened on that roof.

The turning point was right at the end. Not only did she admit to Luke that she remembered everything, but it was clear that she wanted help. I am interested to hear the spin that they will use for her stint in rehab. I wonder if they will go down the post-natal depression route or exhaustion from the tour and being a new mom. Both would be much better than saying she had a drink and drug problem.

Will this change things for Avery? Sometimes I wonder whether the writers are turning Juliette and Avery into the Rayna and Deacon of their time. The way Rayna wanted to help Deacon but had to pull away, Avery wants to do the same for Juliette. Will it lead to Avery keeping her close but only a platonic relationship until he finally can’t hide his feelings from her anymore?

Layla Tries to Make Sense of Everything

As much as I’m not a fan of Layla, seeing her in this episode made my heart ache. She spent the whole time not just trying to make sense of it all, but also trying to deal with Jeff’s clearly self-absorbed, highly pushy family. Juliette would be able to help Layla get to the funeral, and having another person close that door could clearly lead to her having a relapse.

One thing that I am glad to see is that Will is still there for her. He felt awful for hurting her so much, and he’s willing to push his own heartbreak down, so he can help his ex-wife. They show that exes can still be friends, and there’s nothing wrong with leaning on a previous love. I’m just glad that Layla was able to open up to someone.

Then there’s Rayna who is like a mother to Layla; like she tried to be for Juliette at one point. I love seeing how she wants to help people, but knows when to cut her losses. It’s just a shame that she has so much else going on in her life when others need her to be strong for them. It isn’t easy for the label head.

Colt Wants the Truth Out

Out of everyone on Nashville, it’s Colt that I really feel sorry for. He just wants the truth out. While he was drunk, he wasn’t as bad as Juliette. The problem is that him telling the truth would mean another scandal for Luke, as his under-aged son was drinking when he saw it all.

Luke needs to protect his image and brand, but Colt doesn’t understand that. Or maybe he does, but he also sees how unethical that is. Jeff’s family is left to believe that he killed himself, but he really died being a sort of hero. He died to save someone else’s life, even if she didn’t want to be saved. This is definitely something that will affect the father-son relationship, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out during the rest of the season. Will it also make Colt and Maddie get closer? From what I’ve seen of the trailer for episode eight, she will be back at logger-heads with her mom.

Deacon Buys Into a Bar

I thought this was going to be the worst decision for Nashville. Why would you put Deacon in a bar? I’m sure it’s something that will hit hard later on, but right now it seems to be working out. Not only has Deacon been able to turn it down, but he didn’t even seem tempted by the alcohol. I did like his point about his sister dying to give him that liver, so he wasn’t going to mess it up now. It looks like he really is ready to turn his life around.

Of course, something is going to happen. I wonder if his former sponsor and now business partner will want to buy the bar back. Or maybe he’ll hate what his business has been turned into. He didn’t look too happy during the episode when the place was filled. I can’t help but feel that Deacon is making all these changes without really thinking about the other person.

Overall, the storyline has moved forward. I’m grateful for the way the Nashville writers have handled the death of Jeff and how other characters are handling it. They are all grieving in their own way, while they try to handle the aftermath and what it could do to Luke’s business. I look forward to Wednesday night for the next episode and to share my next Nashville review shortly afterwards.

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