MelodySusie 24W Lamp Acrylic Nail Dryer Curing Light

Gel nail polishes are trendy and tough enough for the hard working and hard partying woman. When this is the nail polish choice, a LED lamp or nail curing lamp is needed.

I got this MelodySusie 24-watt LED lamp from Amazon at a sale price of $69.99 last month and I because of this, a review is in order.

The lamp comes in 3 colors: black, silver, and white. You can choose which one blends well with your room decor but you are limited to three. Anyway, I got the black one because it makes it easier to find on my dresser. This lamp is high quality that comes at an affordable price. The size is large enough to fit in five fingers.

Before this purchase, I used an ordinary UV lamp to dry my gel polishes. Now I am happy that it only takes half the time to cure. It also works with other gel nail polish brands like OPI. MelodySusie also has its own gel nail polish line which also provides excellent results.

I highly recommend the MelodySusie Gelish LED Lamp. Its affordable price beats the cost of many nail salon trips. It’s quite an investment but the the satisfaction lasts longer. You can DIY your nails or have a friend do it for you because is is perfect for home use. You can even take turns if you wish. The self timer makes it easier to manage your drying time so you can relax while waiting for the polish to cure.

MelodySusie 24watt LED Lamp

I would not recommend this for frequent use, though. Just like with any other LED curing lamps. The nail tends to curl a bit if used too frequently. It would be best to give your nails some rest from any chemical treatment and leave them bare for a week to allow them to breathe and get moisturized again.

Not really a gel nail polish fan? The MelodySusie LED Nail Dryer is also a perfect gift for girls and women who are crazy about nail art and those who are working in the beauty industry.


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