Malta Drink Jamaica – Review and Health Benefits

Malta drink is produced in Jamaica by Red Stripe, the same company that makes Red Stripe Beer. I am a fan of Red Stripe and Guinness. Both beers have a rich dark taste that I love. Malta delivers that same rich hops flavor, without the alcohol. For that reason, it’s a nice drink to have when I want the flavor but don’t want any alcohol in my body.

Jamaica Malta drink health benefits hops

Jamaica Malta drink health benefits hops

Like Red Stripe, Malta drink is brewed from hops, barley and water. However, it has not been fermented so there’s no alcohol in it. Caramel is added for flavor and sweetness. People who like the taste of molasses may notice that Malta has a taste that is reminiscent of that. While some people add ice to their Malta drink, I prefer to have mine straight from the bottle.

Malta comes in several flavors, two of which I like more than the rest. My favourites are Malta Original and Malta Velvet. Malta Original is the one that most people are used to. The brand also makes Malta Velvet, a slightly less bitter version of the original blend. Red Stripe makes Malta Light as well, which I plan to try eventually but am not in too much of a hurry to have. I am satisfied with the two I currently enjoy and I wonder if they’ve cut back the flavor of the hops significantly in Malta Light. There’s only one way to find out.

There are other natural malt beverages that I want to try. One is Karamalz Classic. The other is Malta India, which you can check out via the link below.


Malta Drink Health Benefits – Nutrition Facts
The famous reggae band Third World did a song promoting Malta drink, describing it as a “great energy giver” that has “vitamins for your health”. Of course, those statements are completely accurate. Malta drink is considered a good food for:
The elderly
Nursing mothers
Recovering patients

Malta drink has a lot of B vitamins and this is one of the primary reasons why it is through of as a good food for people who need or would benefit from extra vitamins. Jamaican Malta drink also has protein and calcium. All in all, it’s a healthy, delicious drink that’s easy on your stomach at any time of the day.

Malta Drink Jamaica – Review and Health Benefits




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