Lladro Figurines Gift Guide

For more than 60 years, the beauty of Lladro figurines has enticed collectors to buy these unique pieces of fine art. Back in 1953, the Lladro brothers created these works of art in a Moorish furnace that was built into their Valencia home.

The three brothers–Vincente, Jose, and Juan Lladro–worked in a tile and crockery factory before setting off on their own to make their unique pieces of art.  Their work continued with these highly collectible works of art until 1984 when their children entered the business.

The Lladro family expanded their workshop from their original space inside their home to the Professional Training School in Tavernes Blanques. This new site allowed the family to share their vision and artistic talent with a new generation of artists. Teaching the creation of the Lladro figurines has been a passion of the Lladro family for several generations.

Retired Lladro Figurines

Lladro Santa’s Midnight RideCheck Price

 Lladro Holy FamilyCHECK PRICE Nao by Lladro The Holy FamilyCHECK PRICE Nao by Lladro The HolyCHECK PRICE

Retired Lladro figurines are those that are no longer available for purchase from the Lladro catalog. These figurines are generally older and have been removed from the firing process in order to make room for newer models and designs. The retired Lladro figurines are highly collectible, and they offer a perfect place to begin a figurine collection.

The retired sculpture pieces are limited to distributor sales or are found in fine porcelain and antique shops around the world. These items are in high demand and include the most sought after pieces like Little Pals and the ballet and circus representations. Of all of the Lladro figurines available, the retired Lladro figurines are the most prized. Although the figurines have been removed from the original catalog, they can still be found listed in the price guides published by Lladro itself.

Lladro Figurines Pricing

 Lladro Forever YoursCHECK PRICE Lladro the Happiest DayCHECK PRICE Lladro I Love You TrulyCHECK PRICE

Pricing on Lladro figurines varies greatly depending on the condition of the statue, its age, and its relative popularity. Some figurines were produced with variations in color and finish, making gathering an entire set of this particular sculpture a source of pride among collectors.

The firing of new figurines is extremely limited, and many are fired in lots of less than 1000 sculptures. This means that items like the Goddess Lakshmi with its firing of only 750 pieces are expected to increase in value very quickly. This limited firing number makes the Lladro figurines a wonderful purchase for the new collector who cannot afford to begin a collection with a retired figurine purchase.

At $675, Lord Krishna is an original Lladro with potential to increase in value but without the more expensive retired figurine price tag.

Lladro Holiday Statues

Among the most collectible of all of the Lladro figurines are the holiday statues. These include Jesus and Joseph with its distinctive soft brown shading, and religious favorites like the Choir Boys statue and Saint Joseph. These statues can be purchased for $1200 to about $1900 in excellent condition.

Though the religious figurines are among the retired firings, they are still some of the most recognizable when it comes to the Lladro style. Holiday statues include holiday bells and holiday balls as ornaments for Christmas trees. These are not quite as pricey as some of the standing figurines and can be purchased for under $100. The holiday balls and bells are another excellent way to begin a Lladro collection.

From humble beginnings in the 1950s to amazing value in the 2000s, the Lladro porcelain figurines are the perfect addition to any collection. These elegant figurines offer the grace and delicate beauty that any collector will appreciate in a statue.

The Lladro figurines offer an excellent increase in value from the purchase price for almost every statue, and they are fun to collect because of the variety of genres and styles. From modern Lladro to retired Lladro, these figurines are a must-have for porcelain collectors.

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