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Ladder Ball is a simple yet fun game that can be played almost anywhere. It is probably one of my personal favorites among some of the many yard games that are out there now.

We have had our Ladder Ball set for a few years and still enjoy playing it on a regular basis in the summer. Check out the video below on how to play

How To Play Ladder Ball Ladder Golf

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As you can see the rules are pretty simple. Ladder Ball has been compared a lot to horse shoes in many ways.

While the rules are pretty simple they can also be adjusted to make the game move along if you have a larger group playing with teams waiting in the wings. Just skip the whole one cancels out the other rule and play to 21 or even less to keep the game moving.

This game is also appropriate for almost all ages and again, can be adjusted for younger players by moving the Ladder targets closer together.

Originally I remember trying to find this game and I didn’t know what it was called. Some Call it Ladder Ball, Ladderball or even Ladder Golf. Ladder golf probably has to do with the bolas which look like golf balls with a string in the middle.ladder ball

No matter what you call it this is one of the best yard games for parties, casual get togethers or just a little family fun outside. Some sets like the one pictured in this article come with a convenient carrying case which makes it easy to bring anywhere as well as makes for easy storage.

One thing you do want to watch out for is going for some of the cheaper models. While you may save a couple of bucks in the beginning in the long run, you will wind up having to replace it as the cheaper ones do break with a lot of use.

We originally got one of the cheaper ones and it broke fairly easily, without rough play just regular playing of the game. We then bought a better set and it has lasted us for quite a while and, we do use it a pretty good amount so it is getting plenty of play time.

Bottom line is this, if you are looking for some great yard games that you can not only play at home but also bring with you where ever you go, Ladder ball is a great one to have. it’s easy to set up, take apart, store and play. More importantly is whether you are calling it Ladder ball or Ladder golf, it is a really fun game that everyone can enjoy.

You can a great Ladder Ball Set Here for a great price. This is one of the better sets and is very durable.

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