Kasoori Methi Leaves Health Benefits and Uses for Hair

Kasoori Methi Leaves Health Benefits and Uses for Hair

Kasoori methi leaves have numerous health benefits. In several parts of the world, kasoori methi leaves are also valued for their use as a cosmetic aid. Whether you use methi for health or to look young and feel good about yourself, it is a valuable herb.



Methi for Health- Nutritional Benefits of Methi

Both adults and children can experience the benefits of methi for health. The spice is rich in the following nutrients:


Natural skin exfoliator with Fenugreek / Methi powder & curd


Methi for Health- Benefits for Women and Men

Methi is helpful for diabetics and people with heart problems, since it helps to control blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Since it also contains an estrogen like compound known as diosgenin, it is helpful in treating conditions such as PMS, enlarged breasts and menstrual back pain.

Methi is used in some parts of the world to help with male libido and it is frequently applied for skin problems such as boils and sores.


Glamour Modeling Pictures

Glamour Modeling Pictures


Methi Uses for Hair Growth in Men and Women

Methi uses for hair growth has made the herb popular among both women and men. As people become a little older, they may develop a problem with hair loss along their hairline or on other parts of their scalp. In several cases, this hair loss can be slowed down or stopped completely.


Methi Uses for Hair Growth- Apply Directly to the Scalp

Herbs such as methi can be used to moisturize the scalp and promote the health of your skin. If your hair loss is partly due to having an irritated or dry scalp, using methi for hair growth can help you. Using methi can encourage the growth of new hair, so even if hair growth is certain parts of your scalp may seem to have slowed down, this herbal treatment for hair loss can restore your hair to its regular thickness and fullness.

Methi powder can be mixed with water to form a paste. The paste can be applied to your skin and used as a hair conditioner. Use this one a week for half an hour and then rinse it out of your hair. Don’t use it more often than that. You can also use coconut milk and saw palmetto for hair growth.


Methi Uses for Hair- Why Does Methi Improve Hair Growth?

Methi can be effectively used to stimulate hair growth because it contains essential ingredients which improve the health of your scalp and hair. These include:

  • Lecithin- Lecithin prevents hair from becoming dry, brittle and thin
  • Nicotinic acid or niacin- Niacin is a B vitamin which can help to revitalize hair follicles
  • Proteins- the right balance of protein is essential for healthy hair and glowing skin

A diet that is too high or too low in protein can affect your hair and skin negatively. Ensure that whether you are vegan or consume animal products, you have the right amount of protein for your needs each day.








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