Jelly Thong Flat Sandals: A Versatile Summer Footwear

I recently received a random gift from my sister-in-law. No event whatsoever, just a gift for no reason. Ain’t that really sweet? It’s a pair of violet jelly thong sandals.

Jelly Sandals

Although violet is not really part of my wardrobe color scheme, I can always find a way to make use of these jelly slippers. The chrome metallic beads and the patterns add a festive appeal to the set. It can be worn with white cotton blouse and denim shorts or it can also be worn with a simple sleeveless dress.

In the coming week, there will be a pool party in the neighborhood. These will be perfect for that event. I don’t have to bring an extra pair of slippers. These jelly thong flat sandals will do the job. From the pool side to the event area where the buffet table will be set, I just have to slip on these jelly sandals, cover up with an extra large scarf, and I am fully dressed!

In this side of the world, summer is just around the corner. If you need to pack light and you wish you could only bring one type of footwear to the beach or to an overnight event at a pool resort, this is an ideal choice. At the beach, you can easily shake off the sand once you leave the beach. By the time you get to your hotel room, your sandals look clean already. Go ahead and wear these with a pretty dress for the party later, and it would still look nice unlike those rubber flip flops that do not look expensive anymore after being coated with beach sand and soil, which you will have a hard time removing.

We do know that fashion styles just keep coming back, only in slightly modified forms. These days, footwear designers will still consider functionality when creating new product designs because that’s what majority of consumers look for. They want more value for their money. This is perhaps the case with jelly thong sandals. They were introduced many decades ago. Now they’re back, for the Nth cycle with some style modifications, and they are still among the best selling items both in department stores and online stores.

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