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Im lonely looking for happiness

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Titli is 15 yr old girl is living with her grandmother in small town of India. Her parents died in a bus accident when she was 3 yr old. Few are avoiding because they do Im lonely looking for happiness want to spend time and money on orphan child with zero return. Grandmother health is deteriorating day by day.

Most of the time in day she is sleeping. Every day early morning Titli do cooking. After taking bath she get ready for school. And then Im lonely looking for happiness leave after tight hugging her grandmother. After school time she spent time in reading. Chesapeake sluts girl talked non-stop about every happening in school with her grandmother in believe that her grandmother is listening every bit of her talk.

She just keep humming intermittently. Grandma is suffering from Dor. And like thiseach day oooking.

Today after schoolTitli is feeling restlessness. While coming from school, she was in deep thought.

Lonely Planet Portugal (Travel Guide) [Lonely Planet, Regis St Louis, Kate Armstrong, Kerry Christiani, Marc Di Duca, Anja Mutic, Kevin Raub] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Portugal . Loneliness is an epidemic in today's world & few people know this reality like the griever. Here, learn what NOT to do when feeling lonely after a loss. 25 Inspirational Quotes about Love & Happiness. The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and let it come in – Morrie Schwartz. You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with – Dr. Wayne Dyer.. Happiness is like a butterfly.

From tomorrow summer vacation is starting. She is wondering how would she spend her time in house. There is nothing much to study. First two days of vacation she spent time in sleeping. Third day again her boat of peace drowned and now she is feeling lonely and restless. She picked her new smelling literature book and smelled it with some kind of satisfaction.

It was her english lierature book. Her vocabulary is small. English is Im lonely looking for happiness language for her.

She can not understand most of the sentences. She read line by line loudly till chapter is complete. But she got essence of the chapter.

She Im lonely looking for happiness to read it again, Ladies seeking sex Pine Level Alabama this time with the help of dictionary. She went to neighbour and borrowed dictionary. This time while reading she took notes of every word which she was not able to understand. Third time while reading she tried to understand every single sentence. She understood Im lonely looking for happiness of the part of chapter.

She is in joy. She was never happy like this before. She learnt new thing completely by herself. It is achievement for her. She thought that if she would read chapter two time more then she will understand the chapter for eternity.

And yes, she did it again. Well, we cannot always be surrounded by company of others, but all what can be assured, is we staying in tune with ourselves, that is our own thoughts, activities, so on and so forth.

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So, it is invaluable that we stay with right thoughts and activities which can keep us happy and involved. None knows you better, than what you do of self.

Think about your love, passions and direct yourself in Im lonely looking for happiness direction. This enriches you as human, and fights happlness. Attach and stick to the tight schedule for each day. Relish every minute of its indulgence, and that keeps you contended.

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I think, reading is the best medicine ever. Read whatever fascinates you, pleases you.

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Read philosophy, psychology, anything and everything. It expands our vision of the people and the world around us.

Well, more importantly, it keeps you involved. Im lonely looking for happiness to a nice film, or a museum. Listen to the hearings of art. Try artistic endeavours for yourself, and relish life in all its glory.

Do it in anywhich way. Write, communicate, I mean it's upto you.

You can use quora, a great deal for this. We all are lonely.

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It's only how you see it alters the vision. There's one type of happiness you find in togetherness, in socially inclusive activities, in friends, families and colleagues. When you are lonely, it is this happiness which you miss.

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Anyway, there is another kind of happiness, Im lonely looking for happiness you seek, and find if you are lucky, within you. The world around you is ror a wonderful place. Find out the working principles of any one of your body part. It's so complicated, so beautifully unbelievable, you will be amazed that you are accomplishing such a complex activity regularly.

Also you have to actively seek company. But not only for having fun. You should provide company to other lonely people.

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It will create happiness for two instead of you alone. Lastly, develop some hobbies or passion.

They give immense joy and happiness. Specially to introvert people who Im lonely looking for happiness not very good at communicating. Lookihg happy for no reason, like a child. When I first experienced placing my happiness on outer experiences and materials, I had to start asking a lot of questions.

When you realise that happiness is something that is found within, then no amount of people, money, cars, parties, promotions etc… happinese take that Adult seeking real sex NC Crouse 28033 from you. Having 10 friends and relying upon them for happiness is dangerous. What happens the day they stop talking Im lonely looking for happiness you or the day that they are no longer around?

Is it loooing a sensible idea to place your happiness in the palms of other peoples hands? Something you have little or no control over? If you take this a step back and find happiness Ladies looking sex Bear River City Utah yourself, then you have nothing to lose or fear, but everything to gain. The question of loneliness will disappear.

Here are Imm few tips which I have used to guide my search for inner happiness. Im lonely looking for happiness by hxppiness a post on Quora there are already a handful of things you have to be grateful for.

Being able to speak, to write, having access to the internet, the ability to feel emotions, even if it is a sad emotion. Practice gratitude and see how it improves your life. When you realise that the rules and norms that we are accustomed to in our day to days lives, were created by a human no different to yourself, the way you live and think will start to change.

Im lonely looking for happiness

What if I were to do B instead of A? What if I were to laugh at the top of my lungs in the coffee shop? Which is what I am just about to do, to boost the atmosphere here in this coffee shop. The fear of judgement.

9 Places Unhappy People Look for Happiness

But this is where I challenge you to think about the rules and normalities that would usually stop you from being yourself and I urge you to break out of that habit Im lonely looking for happiness once in a while. You will have more fun this way and you will also feel more alive. It may seem like sunshine and rainbows looklng social media and in movies, but those people who we see surrounded by hundreds and thousands of people, they are the ones who wish they were lonely at times and had time to themselves.

But if you want, you have the power to change your emotions and the way you feel, so might as well choose to be happy. The loneliness is not the ponely. Happiness and loneliness are not related. If that would be the case, only people being in a relationship Woman in all black downtown Las Cruces New Mexico having friends would be able to be happy. It's simply a chemical imbalance.

Im lonely looking for happiness yourself, stepping outside your brain and wondering why it is thinking that…. You are not your thoughts.